ADC Speakers' Bureau

Ted Balaker

Kathleen Calongne

Wendell Cox

John Forester

Peter Gordon

Rick Harrison

Steve Hayward

Randal O'Toole

Tom Rubin

Joel Schwartz

John Semmens

Cliff Slater

Sam Staley

American Dream Coalition Speakers' Bureau

The American Dream Coalition has gathered experts and speakers in a variety of land-use and transportation fields who can enlighten your audience, whether it is for a lunch or dinner event, a conference, or an educational workshop. The web page for each speaker includes a description of their expertise and other pertinent information to help you decide which speakers are best for your group.

Most of our speakers have provided resumes and sample presentations so you can get an idea of exactly what they may say. However, most of the speakers will gladly customize each presentation for your audience and circumstances.

Many of the presentations offer educational benefits that can be used for continuing education credits for planners, land-use attorneys, engineers, homebuilders, realtors, and people in other fields. To earn these credits, many members of your audience will gladly pay a small fee to help you defray the expense of bringing the speakers to your city. Contact your local planning, bar, engineering, homebuilding, and realty associations about how you can get these presentations accredited for continuing education.

Your organization may wish to invite these and other speakers on a monthly basis so you can educate local officials and opinion leaders. Or you may wish to draw upon these speakers to hold a one-day regional Preserving the American Dream conference in your city. If you need help or further suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact the American Dream Coalition.