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The American Dream Coalition presents
the second annual conference on

Preserving the American Dream

Airport Shilo Inn
Portland, Oregon
April 16-18, 2004

  • Learn the truth about so-called "smart growth" and rail transit
  • Hear the latest research from the experts
  • Exchange ideas with fellow activists
  • Attend workshops on how to protect property rights, mobility, and affordable housing

Portland, Oregon, is often considered the Mecca of smart-growth planning. But there are troubles in paradise, including some of the fastest-growing congestion in the nation, unaffordable housing, the nation's highest unemployment rates, and an increasing tax burden to pay for the subsidies to rail transit and high-density developments.

Despite these problems, planners in your home town are probably eager to follow Portland's example. By attending the 2004 Preserving the American Dream conference, you can learn how Portland's planning really works and how you can stop similar policies in your area.

The conference includes an optional tour of Portland-area transit-oriented developments and other smart-growth projects. You will hear about the subsidies going to these projects and whether they have succeeded in reducing auto usage and congestion.

The conference will be more than just Portland. The conference will bring speakers from New Zealand, England, and all parts of the United States to talk about a wide variety of issues. As the agenda shows, the topics will include New Urbanism and crime, the impacts of smart growth on minorities, how to build a new transportation coalition, value-based communications, and much more.

For Oregonians who don't have time to attend the entire conference, we are presenting a special workshop on Thursday, April 15, featuring many of the speakers who are coming to the conference. As shown on the agenda, the workshop will focus on Oregon land-use and transportation planning issues and is especially aimed at local planning commissions and others who are involved in local planning.

To register, download this brochure (168 KB) or a high-resolution version (4.4 MB), which includes a registration form, or register on line. When you make reservations to stay at the Airport Shilo Inn, be sure to mention the conference to get special rates.

Conference co-sponsors include the Cascade Policy Institute, Central Arizona Home Builders, Competitive Enterprise Institute, Heritage Foundation, Steven & Ingrid DeCarlow, Lowell Grattan, Home Builders of Northern Kentucky, Independence Institute, National Capital Chapter of the American Dream Coalition, Oregonians in Action, Sarah Scaife Foundation, Thoreau Institute, Washington Policy Center, the Windway Foundation, and New Zealand's Centre for Resource Management Studies. More co-sponsors are needed (and are tax deductible): If you are interested, please contact Randal O'Toole.