Does Smart Growth Preserve or Destroy Livability?

The Vanishing Automobile and Other Urban Myths: How Smart Growth Will Harm American Cities helps people understand and respond to so-called smart-growth plans that threaten to increase urban congestion, housing prices, and taxes while reducing urban open space. The 545-page book includes:

"O'Toole is an articulate skeptic who marshals a formidable array of facts and figures to argue against the major tenets of smart growth. He lambasts planners' attempts to limit personal freedom and contends that few Americans freely choose the 'smart-growth lifestyle.' Planners who advocate smart growth to their communities should know, understand, and be prepared to respond to this compelling and well-documented dissent."

- The American Planning Association

Now Available on CD!

The Vanishing Automobile is now available in both print and CD formats and sells for $14.95 plus $4 priority mail shipping for the book and $1 shipping for the CD. The CD includes the entire book in Acrobat format along with data, charts, updates, and other files relating to the book. Discounts for multiple-copies are also available:

To order books or CDs, email the Thoreau Institute.

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