Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Let’s Break Up the Big Cities 

Howard Husack has written many good articles on the problems of centralized government countering the argument of Rusk and Orfield.
"Let's Break Up th Big Cities" is one of his articles published in the Winter 1998 issue of City Journal. Read the article at this link:


One of the main topics at this years American Dream Coalition Conference in Minneapolis, MN will be Regionalism vs. Decentralization of government.

Myron Orfield, a state legislator from Minneapolis and author of an influential text on metropolitan government, will argue in favor of regional consolidation of government and champion the views of David Rusk.
Randal O'Toole will be presenting the argument for decentralization.
Read the text of a paper on the subject by Randal O'Toole from a speech given in Durham NC at a Center For Local Innovation Workshop at this link:
The Case Against Annexation and Consolidation

Information on the Conference: http://americandreamcoalition.org/pad05.html

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