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Mobility & Transportation
Toward Creating Sustainable Transit – Ron Utt & Wendell Cox, Heritage Foundation
Are Toll Road Companies Getting Guaranteed Profits? – Robert Poole, Reason Foundation
Talk of I-95 tolls revive – News & Observer, North Carolina
GM puts on futuristic show – Detroit Free Press
Oregon Greenhouse Gas laws go into effect – Natural Resource Report
Dallas City Council considers charging a road-use fee – Dallas Morning News
The Reverse Commute – American Prospect
Reverse commute takes their time – Chicago Tribune
All about the mystery train – Albany Times-Union, New York
A Quick Kiss of Plastic, and Ready to Ride – New York Times
BART extension could impact other agencies – KCBS.com, San Francisco
Pinellas truly needs light rail – St. Petersburg Times, Florida
Fixing potholes could be added to Sonoma County car tax plan – Press-Democrat, California
Obama admin spends $1.2 billion on cycling & walking initiatives – Daily Telegraph
Where to ride those bikes – Denver Post
Newark red light cameras nab more than 20,000 drivers – 1010 Wins
“I’m Late For Work Because I Took Public Transportation!” – Dollarish, New York

** New Report: Washington’s War on Cars and the Suburbs – Wendell Cox, Heritage Foundation **

Housing & Land Use
Time to Dismantle the American Dream? – Wendell Cox, New Geography
The Post-Housing Tax Credit Slump Begins – Anthony Randazzo, Out of Control Policy Blog
Area residents flee, while immigrants move in – Washington Examiner
New York’s envy: What will half a million dollars buy you in Houston? – Culture Map, Houston
Metro approves Portland-area urban reserves – Daily Journal of Commerce
Tired of vacant lots in Seattle? So’s the city – Seattle Post-Intelligencer
For many towns, housing goal remains elusive – Boston Globe
Wichita deserves a vibrant downtown – Wichita Eagle, Kansas
The Other Portland – Don Kahle’s Blog
Vacant buildings issue downtown – Neshoba Democrat, Philadelphia
Collier developer gives tenants checks for house downpayment – Naples News, Florida
Major Public Projects Slated for Downtown Santa Monica – The Lookout News
Neighbors of East Falls Church Metro stunned by development idea – Washington Post
Ending sprawl minus growth – Albany Times-Union, New York
Scranton/W-B ranks fifth statewide in reversing sprawl – theTimes-Tribune, Pennsylvania
Nine of the World’s Most Promising Carbon-Neutral Communities – Popular Science
Environmentalists worry about growth-management changes – St. Augustine Record
Chicago Teachers Increasingly Targeting TIF – Progress Illinois
Study: Poverty decreases use of TIF – St. Louis Business Journal
TIFS, Property Taxes – Uptown Update, Chicago
Housing body moves to condemn 4 parcels for ODU village – Norfolk Virginian-Pilot
Taken By Regulation – Reason Foundation
Eminent domain run amok – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

** Map: Where Americans Are Moving – Forbes.com **

Freedom & Grassroots
Florida: Amendment 4 Pushes the Reset Button on Development – Richard Reep, New Geography
Amendment 4: Don’t follow in town’s disastrous footsteps – Ward Friszolowski, Orlando Sentinel
Oregon Supreme Court upholds ruling in favor of land-rights activist Dorothy English – OregonLive.com
Ehrlich’s transit stand risks backlash – Baltimore Sun
Transit Agencies vs. Transit Unions – The Antiplanner
     Bonus: Urban Planners’ Employment Act
Beware failure to control public spending – Don Lund, Wisconsin State Journal
Stimulus Bond Program Has Unforeseen Costs – New York Times
The Heavy Costs of Light Rail – Drew Chamberlain, Salt Lake City Weekly
Light rail should be an election issue – Robert G. Vaughan, Baltimore Sun

Not So Sustainable
Metro staffing grows despite budget crunch, fare hikes – Washington Examiner
Port Authority budgets for 30% service cut, 500 layoffs – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

High Speed Rail
Schwarzenegger seeks to create HSR demonstration between L.A. and San Diego – L.A. Times
California High Speed Rail Plan will Crush Landowners – Watchdog.org
Here’s what not to do for high-speed rail – Orlando Sentinel
High-Speed Rail Will Spur Growth in Hub Cities, Says Mayors Report – New York Times
New York Looks to Board High Speed Rail – Gotham Gazette
Ontario and Quebec push for high-speed rail – theStar.com
Five reasons high-speed rail can boost business by 2035 – Smart Planet
High-Speed Rail a Fast Way to Waste Money – Mackinac Center for Public Policy

Growth Management Globally
Horizontal sprawl or vertical growth? – Indian Property Review
Chinese debt binge is fuelling a dangerous property bubble – Sydney Morning Herald
20yrs of poor policy blamed for housing crisis – ABC News, Australia
Where can the average buyer afford to purchase? – Australia.to News
Melbourne’s Urban Growth Boundary Extended – Visual City, Australia
Ontario’s Rental Costs Rising Faster Than Incomes – Canadian Mortgage Professionals
London housing crisis: trouble ahead – The Guardian

Across the Tracks
Creating a Game Plan for the Transition to a Sustainable Economy – Solutions Journal
The Root Cause of Our Oil Addiction – Huffington Post
Moving Smart Growth Forward – Spatial Roundtable
Innovative Mayor Sam Adams Builds a Cleaner Portland – Fast Company
Montgomery County Recognized for Green Growth – Real Estate Blog, Maryland
Depopulation Plan Needed For Windsor To Survive – Biz X Magazine, Michigan
New Urbanism is Old Urbanism – A Case Study – Tech Valley Times
Apartment seekers willing to pay more to be near light rail – Denver Post
Iowa Continues to Lose Ground to Urban Sprawl – Public News Service
When plan = vision & policy is consistent: Arlington County & HOT lanes – Off Topic Design
Privatize Public Transit? The Lessons In Chicago – Transport Workers Solidarity Committee
Rome Burns or Get a Bucket? – MassTransit Mag
It’s time to dump the pump – San Diego County News
Parking Garages Are So Last Century – Planetizen

What Will We Do?
Charlotte delays 2050 comprehensive plan – Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Florida
City plans 50 years of smart growth in Yellowknife – HQ Yellowknife, Northwest Territory

Vibrant Urbanism
Rodent expert shines light on rats in NYC subways – Associated Press
Bomb squad blows up suitcase left at light rail stop – 9 News, Colorado

Just For Kicks
The World’s 10 Craziest Modes of Public Transportation – AOL Travel

Notable Quotables

“This is a very congested area. You need grade separations and barriers to speed up the existing system. You just can’t throw equipment on there and crank it up.” Keith Millhouse, on Governor Schwarzenegger’s proposal to construct a HSR demonstration project before his term in office ends in November.

“Those of us who bought in this part of the county did so because it wasn’t urbanized. We wanted to have single-family homes.  A nine-story high-rise? I don’t think so.” Nancy Weinberg, on resisting the push for higher densities in Arlington County, Virginia.

“As things become more costly in the city, people start to go out and find housing elsewhere.” Professor Sabiyha Prince, on the residential pattern in the District of Columbia and its surrounding area.

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