June 5 – 11, 2010

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Mobility & Transportation
Land Use Key to Understanding Real Solutions to Honolulu Traffic Congestion – Sam Staley, Hawaii Reporter
Update on International Experience with Congestion Pricing – Shirley Ybarra, Reason Foundation
Urban Economies: The Cost of Wasted Time – Wendell Cox, New Geography
Costly Transit or Efficient HOT Lanes? – Panos D. Prevedouros, Fix Oahu!
China Designs a Negative-Emissions Vehicle – Fox News
For occasional drivers, community-car systems can save money – Arizona Republic
Virginia may hike speed limit to 70 mph on some roads – WTOP.com
Transit ridership down 2.7% over 2009 Q1 – Progressive Railroading
Blue Line cuts across L.A. County’s invisible boundaries – L.A. Times
New trolleys unveiled as support diminishes – Kenne Bunk Post, Maine
Public Transportation Commission shuts down electric vehicles in Tampa for now – TampaBay.com
Some Sound Transit light-rail screeches just won’t stop – Seattle Times
Mayor says he misspoke on light rail ‘affordability’ – CTV Ottawa
TCPR: Public Transit Costly to Taxpayers and Environment – Tennessee Report
Are millions in Youngstown rail overbids the ‘canary in the caboose’? – Columbus Examiner, Ohio
Car collides with Hudson-Bergen light rail train in Jersey City – NJ.com
1 person injured when vehicle, light rail train collide in Tempe – Arizona Republic
Jihadi calls for ‘suspicious bags’ to be left to disrupt public transportation – ABC News
Synchronizing city’s traffic lights isn’t rocket science – Baltimore Sun
$27 million area intelligent transportation system launched – The Chattanoogan, Tennessee
Hit squads target traffic snarls – Quest Community Newspapers, Australia

** New Report: The Broken Ladder: The Threat to Upward Mobility in the Global City – Joel Kotkin **

Housing & Land Use
The Declining Human Footprint – Wendell Cox, New Geography
Do We Really Own Property or Just Rent it From the Government? – Russ Harding, Michigan Capitol Confidential
Congress looks at making cities more “livable” – Reuters.com
An eco-friendly mission for future cities – XinhuaNet.com
Mixed Use Plans for Ground-Floor Bar Make Residents Hit Roof – New York Times
Study: Housing out of reach in Massachusetts – Boston Herald
ULI gives strong endorsement to California smart growth law – NRDC Switchboard
Washington communities take steps toward sustainability – CivSource Online
The Downtown population boom – Milwaukee News Buzz, Wisconsin
Successful cities offer blueprints for Wichita – Wichita Eagle, Kansas
Auction could reset prices for the downtown luxury-home market – Baltimore Sun
Gentrification will ‘Manhattanize Toronto’: Ward Councilor – Metro News, Toronto
Portland leaves empty promises instead of affordable housing in S. Waterfront – OregonLive.com
Vancouver – the Least Affordable City? – Beyond Robson
N.J. Senate OKs bill ending afforable-housing quotas – Philadelphia Inquirer
Supervisors don’t adopt smart growth plan – Picayune Item, Mississippi
Rival chains secretly fund opposition to Wal-Mart – Wall Street Journal
Brentwood measure to expand urban growth line – San Francisco Chronicle
Eminent domain approved for Transitway – Hour Online, Connecticut
Is the Debate Over Eminent Domain “Empty and Incoherent”? – Ilya Somin, Volokh Conspiracy

Freedom & Grassroots
Is Sustainable Development Global Governance? – Henry Lamb, Canada Free Press
An intellectual slugfest worth watching: Bruegmann vs New Urbanists – Chicago Tribune
Jeff Speck on why people hate the New Urbanism – LisaSchweitzer.com
Florida vs. Klein – The Antiplanner
The Things We Say But Do Not Do – Michael Hill, Shrinking Cities
Black Flight Hits Detroit – Wall Street Journal
Debate intensifies over Amendment 4 – Daytona Beach News-Journal
New EPA CO2 regulations will hurt the poor – SBC Press
Candidate urges residents to fight against rail tax increase – News Blaze, Florida
Planners sidetrack bullet train plan after Facebook protest – KGET.com, California
Light rail critics begin petition campaign – The Columbian, Washington

Not So Sustainable
Funding rules fuel clash within mass transit world – Washington Post
Deficit hawkism = gloomy outlook for public transit – Rail for the Valley
Public bus users fight increasing fares, route cuts – RVA News, Virginia

High Speed Rail
Tracking High-Speed Rail’s Energy Use and Emissions – Berkeley Transportation Newsletter
Next Stop For HSR Plan Is Request For Up to $500 Million – Hartford Courant
One California high-speed rail route eliminated, six left on table – TradingMarkets.com
Vancouver, Seattle and Portland sign pact to push for HSR – Vancouver Observer
High-speed rail advocates want more – OnMilwaukee.com
Chinese dream up a high-speed train that never stops – L.A. Curbed

Growth Management Globally
First house harder to buy for Scots – BBC News
The coming war on affordable housing – Liberal Conspiracy
Is China in a housing bubble? – Washington Post
Boosting housing supply crucial to affordability – Australian Property Investor
Suburban sprawl surge – The Mercury, Australia

Across the Tracks
Americans Seek Smart Growth, Less Dependence on Cars – America.gov
Ford Foundation Commits $200 Million to Smart Growth Planning – Builder Magazine
We now know more about the built environment and transportation – Discovering Urbanism
NatGeo surveys countries’ transit use: guess who comes in last – NRDC Switchboard
Forests being chopped down for subdivisions and strip malls – Friends of Frederick County
Planner warns against uncontrolled sprawl – Daily American, Pennsylvania
Smart growth and democracy – Ottawa Citizen
Bethesda painter inspired by urban sprawl – Gazette.net, Maryland
Greener transportation for Massachusetts – Boston Globe
Goodbye, bullet trains and windmills – Salon
Public transportation ridership weathers slow economy, tight budgets – Smart Planet
Troubles With Transit – PubliCola
Younger Americans ditching driving?! – Congress for the New Urbanism
Our Bodies, Our Cars – Austin Chronicle

When Nature Attacks
Tree topples on Sacramento RT light rail train – News-10, Sacramento

When EPA Attacks
Amish Farming Draws Rare Government Scrutiny – New York Times

When Sweden Attacks
Fires and rioting in Stockholm suburb – TheLocal.se

When Transit Attacks
It’s a war zone, say Melbourne’s train drivers – The Age, Australia
What to do with molesters on the bus – SGV Tribune, California
More violence on light rail stations – WBTV.com, North Carolina
Public Transportation Nightmare: One Woman’s Story – WAAYTV.com, Alabama

Notable Quotables

“Our most precious material resource is energy, and our most precious nonmaterial resource is time; nobody wants to waste either one idling at a traffic light.” Jim Cumbie, on Baltimore’s poorly coordinated traffic lights.

“The opponents [of Measure F] generally are anti-growth and live outside the area and fundamentally don’t like Brentwood. They think the only thing that works is stacked flats near BART stations, but that doesn’t address all of the Bay Area’s housing needs.” Tom Koch, on a ballot item that would expand the region’s urban growth boundary. (Update: The measure was defeated at the polls on Tuesday.)

“It’s a vicious circle of gentrification that will Manhattanize Toronto.  We’re building condos where people can start families, but can’t raise families.” Toronto Councilor Adam Vaughan, on the flight of families out of the unaffordable central city.

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