May 22 – 28, 2010

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Mobility & Transportation

Livable Communities and the DOT – Ken Orski, New Geography
    Bonus By Same: Rail Transit Expansion Reconsidered
Fed Transit chief ‘Rogue’ Rogoff says buses usually better than rail – Peter Samuel, TOLLROADSnews
Race to the Top – Randal O’Toole, The Antiplanner
A.I. and Driverless Cars – Lifeboat News
Car Talk & the Future of the City – The Atlantic
Airport planners look to a futuristic transit solution: ‘pod cars’ – Mercury News, California
Shaky economy still keeping Americans off the road – USA Today
FTA chief to transit officials: Get real and get honest – Washington Examiner
U.S. FTA Head Rogoff Paints Grim Picture of Nation’s Transit Priorities – The Transport Politic
Train Wreck: How Metro & its CEO got so far off track – Houston Press
Black activist calls Broward light rail proposal “racist” – Broward Politics, Florida
City Budget Reallocates Subsidy Away From Transit –, New Mexico
Businesses owners skeptical that light rail has been better for business –, Seattle
How light rail devastates services – Oregon Catalyst
Light rail to UNCC could be sidetracked – Charlotte Observer, North Carolina
Hillsborough transit tax campaigns likely to gear up soon – Tampa Tribune
Dulles rail bridge project looms on horizon at Tysons Corner – Washington Post
National register house in Bellevue lies within path of light rail – Seattle Times
Light Rail Hits Truck Downtown –, California
Woman is struck by light rail train in Downtown Jersey City – Jersey Journal
‘Traffic calming’ stirs residents – Hattiesburg American, Mississippi

New Report:
Land Markets, Government Interventions, and Housing Affordability – Brookings Institute

Housing & Land Use

The Junk Science of Walkability – Randal O’Toole, The Antiplanner
It’s the Jobs, Stupid: Infrastructure Matters – Susanne Trimbath, New Geography
The Blight Stops Here? – Damon Root, Reason
Honolulu’s Solution to Govt Corruption? Regulate Private Contractors – Sam Staley, Hawaii Reporter
Is Housing Affordability Doomed? –
Home ownership gets more expensive, reports say – CTV News, Canada
Housing in Vallejo area less affordable amid economic recovery – Times-Herald, California
Bankruptcy talk spreads among California municipal officials – Reuters
Miami Budget Begging for Bankruptcy – NBC Miami
What’s New In Key West? Some Affordable Homes –
Seattle’s backyard cottages make a dent in housing need – USA Today
Towering TOD proposed for Canada Line site – Vancouver Sun
The Mall Is Undead, but Maybe Not for Long – Fast Company
State Redevelopment Association Fights Taking of Local CRA Funds – Planning Report
Is “Inverse Condemnation” the Next Battleground for Reform? – New Jersey Spotlight
Panel faces conflict: Energy versus property rights – Billings Gazette, Wyoming
State DOT to use eminent domain for roundabout –, Missouri

** New **

Freedom & Grassroots
America’s New Culture War: Free Enterprise vs. Government Control – Arthur Brooks, AEI
Grab that redevelopment cash – Steven Greenhut, Orange County Register
The Broken Ladder: The Threat to Upward Mobility in the Global City – Joel Kotkin, New Geography
Zoning and Sprawl – Kevin Drum, Mother Jones
Why is urban sprawl bad? – Ross Elliott, Online Opinion, Australia
The End of Affordability – Part 1 – xForce Articles
Stimulus Surprise: Companies Retrench When Government Spends – Harvard Business School
Best and Worst States for Business 2010 –
Idaho, Chicago try to woo Oregon business away over taxes – Portland Oregonian
Hard Times Spur Ideas for Change – New York Times
Dear Andres Duany: Money, not millennials, hurting cities – Greater Greater Washington
Kunstler, O’Toole and the Future of America – Eyes on the Streets

Not So Sustainable
‘Public Transportation Preservation Act’ seeks $2 billion for MTA – Downtown Express, New York
DART set to trim jobs, light-rail service to tackle budget shortfallDallas Morning News
Caltrain mulls brake on service – Morgan Hill Times, California
New Jersey transit cuts rail service – Associated Press
TriMet board votes to increase fares by 5 cents, reduce service – Portland Oregonian

High Speed Rail
Monorail Officials Made Millions While Train Struggled – 8 News Now, Las Vegas
A high-speed ride to nowhere – Long Beach Press-Telegram
High Speed Rail One Step Closer to Reality – KC Tribune
For most of us, high-speed rail is anything but – Telegraph, England
Groups unite against high-speed rail link – BBC News, England

Growth Management Globally

Australian Housing Bubble: California Repeated? – Hugh Pavletich, Scoop, New Zealand
Sydney house prices worse than London and New York –, Australia
Tear Down the Corviale! New Urbanism Comes to Rome – Planetizen
China’s Property Bubble: Can It Be Deflated Safely, or Will It Burst? – Rachel O’Neill Blog
Penrith’s traffic calmers cost $850,000 – Penrith Press, Australia

Across the Tracks

You Still Have to Fight in Planners’ Paradise; You Just Fight for Better Stuff – Greg Smithsimon, Planetizen
New Urbanism for the Apocalypse – Fast Company
Peter Calthorpe’s Vision for California: Save the Cities, Save the World – Web Design Cool
Grey to Green. Innovating the Sustainable City – Huffington Post
Three-Beltways boosters perpetuate myths about growth – Greater Greater Washington
New Urbanism evolves; the future is ‘agrarian urbanism’ –
Tucson must not become bottom feeder underneath Phoenix’s sprawl machine – Arizona Daily Star
Cars, Sprawl Are Killing Us: American Public Health Association – Green Technology World
Cars and Sprawl: Chicken or Egg? –
Is This the End of the Automobile? People Switching to Bike and Bus – Virtualization Times
Reclaim the Streets, Put the Brakes on Car Traffic –
Light rail is the right investment – Twin Cities Daily Planet
The necessity of transit – Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Wisconsin

Perils of Collective Transport
Suspected sabotage derails train in India; 71 dead – Associated Press

Vibrant Urbanism

Subway Urination Videos Will Make You Want to Take the Bus –, New York
When Passengers Spit, Bus Drivers Take Months Off – New York Times
On Transit: Admitting My Own Personal Transit Vendettas – Waxing Philosophical
How to meet a woman in public transportation –
Light rail police arrest men with $25,000 in unpaid fines – Hudson Reporter
Roundabout driver FAIL –

Notable Quotables

“If you’ve got a lovely backyard that’s totally private, it’s worth more than one with a two-story, butt-ugly addition looking down on your backyard.” Chuck Cady, on the emergence of backyard cottages into Seattle’s housing market.

“Oregon’s economy is already on the wrong side of the tracks. The last thing we need is one more reason for entrepreneurs to decide not to do business here.” Roy Tucker, on the struggle of businesses and the lure of friendlier places.

“We hate eminent domain. The road to eminent domain should be a very long, arduous and expensive for them (wind and power line companies) to use it.” Bob Whitton, on the conflict between green energy and property rights. 

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