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Mobility & Transportation

Transformational Yet Futile Strategic Plan – The Antiplanner
The search for a national solution to our transit woes – Boston Globe
Driverless cars will outrun high-speed rail – Las Vegas Review-Journal
Bus service should be TriMet’s first priority in Portland –
Fixes needed for L.A. public transit system – L.A. Times
Bay Area transit faces tough future without major reforms – Oakland Tribune
Austin following Bay Area Transit Agencies on Unsustainable ‘Road to Ruin’ – Jim Skaggs, COST
Campaigns for Smart Growth and Complete Streets Heat Up in Albany – D.C. Streetsblog
Denver Mayor’s 1st Class Rail Plans … With Your Money – Huffington Post
Not all aboard light-rail project – Gloucester County Times, New Jersey
Buses cost less – Albany Democrat Herald, Oregon
Speed thrills, but delays matter – Chicago Sun-Times
Tucson, Tempe get behind trolley idea – Arizona Republic
With high-speed rail on fast track, some want stop at airport – St. Petersburg Times
Smooth the way for Woodward light rail or risk losing fed funds – Detroit Free Press
Transit chief to resign from METRO amid scandals – ABC-13, Houston

Housing & Land Use

Much More Ado about the Suburbs – The Antiplanner
Housing affordability threatened – Calgary Herald
Green Banks Are Not Infrastructure Banks – Sam Staley, Reason Foundation
Green practices conflict with homeowners associations – USA Today
L.A.: the Least Gentrified Major City? – New Geography
County Council OKs denser urban zones – Everett Herald, Washington
Silicon Valley home affordability index mixed – Silicon Valley Business Journal
It’s a great time to buy: Homes more affordable than ever – Orlando Sentinel
What you get for your money – Gainesville Sun
City weans revenue from 3 taxing areas – Ft. Wayne Journal-Gazette, Indiana
Taxpayers subsiding state projects while essential city services take hit –
Vote against transitway leaves property owners in limbo – Stamford Advocate, Connecticut
Norfolk’s attack on property rights – Tertium Quids
Township wants to seize VFW hall through eminent domain –
CT Supreme Court Finds Bad Faith Use of Eminent Domain
– Law of the Land
Land Grabs Put Entrepreneurs and Poor in Dire Spot –

Freedom & Grassroots

The 10 Percent Rule Applied to Municipal Reform – Sam Staley, Out of Control Policy Blog
Social engineering and the myth of “smart growth” – Luke Wake, PLF Liberty Blog
A freer market is key: politicians should stop driving up costs – Marcus Gee, Globe & Mail
Public transit’s vicious cycle – Jeremy Dennison, Twin Cities Daily Planet
Schools better to fight blight than TIF-backed projects – Chris Norby, Orange County Register
Smart Urban Planning? – Allen Small, Bright Libertarian
New guide helps people sift through harmful planning jargon – John Locke Foundation
Fiscally Responsible Independents Elected to Falls Church City Council – Arlington Yupette
San Pablo Citizens Win 4 Year Moratorium on Eminent Domain – Berkeley Daily Planet

Not So Sustainable

NJ Transit To Cut Trains – CBS-3, New Jersey
Pennsylvania funding woes put bus fares at stake – York Dispatch
Scottsdale public transportation faces eliminations, reductions – Headlines Examiner

High Speed Rail

High-Speed Rail Lobbying Campaign Revives the ‘$4B’ Rallying Cry – D.C. Streetsblog
High-Speed Rail May Stall Without More Push from the White House – Progressive Fix
Could HSR Stall Completely in the U.S.? – The Infrastructurist
Feds Approve High-Speed Rail Plan – Central Florida News-13
Tampa, Orlando want what they can’t have with high-speed rail – Orlando Sentinel
Top Texas official warns that building HSR is a marathon, not a sprint – Ft. Worth Star-Telegram
Union Pacific vows to fight high-speed rail – San Mateo County Times, California
Taiwanese high-speed train driver caught asleep at the wheel – AFP News

Growth Management Globally

So Much for Europe’s Superiority – Joel Kotkin, Daily Beast
Australia: Housing Soars Down Under – Tony Recsei, New Geography
World lags far behind on sustainable development goals – United Nations News
Are Moreland property prices crazy? – Moreland Leader, Australia

Across the Tracks

The Unbearable Costs Of Sprawl – Plan Green
Imagining a less-driven Florida – St. Petersburg Times
Here Comes the Neighborhood – The Atlantic
Forget a new car; build me a city – Just Means
Smart Growth at 10 seems a success – Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
‘Smart growth’ necessary for Canadian cities – BC Local News
Making sustainable development the norm, not the exception –
Living City Block Denver: A Glimpse of a Greener Future? – Huffington Post
Urban growth areas must remain as small as possible – Bellingham Herald, Washington
Why not New Urbanism in Tucson? How about infighting and no leadership –
Hillsborough Planning & Growth Management’s bizarre theorem – Creative Loafing
Future of Des Moines: Are we ready to go ‘car-less’? – Des Moines Register
US should aid cities it ruined –
Tampa Mayor: Getting up to speed on mass transit – St. Petersburg Times
More gridlock without light rail – Tampa Tribune

Vibrant Urbanism

How safe are you riding Charlotte’s light rail line? –, North Carolina
Copenhagen Spicing Up Public Transit With Love Seats
Adventures by bus a good way to reduce stress – The Olympian, Washington

Notable Quotables

        “We cut bus lines to try to drive the rail ridership, and they basically, in my opinion, just killed transportation that was effective.” Council Member Jolanda Jones, airing one of several critcisms of Houston’s transit system.

        “We simply cannot afford a false start on high-speed rail.” Lobbyist John Krieger, on the current level of funding for HSR while pushing for an additional allocation of $4 billion.

        “High density is the most expensive type of housing to produce. A high rise costs over twice as much as a low-rise apartment to construct and constricting supply is a totally unrealistic demand.” Frank Boyd, on the unaffordability of housing in Calgary, Canada.
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