May 1 – 7, 2010

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The conference date for the The 8th Annual Preserving the American Dream Conference, Orlando, Florida has been moved to September
23-25. We’re integrating a major growth & development issue (Florida’s Amendment 4) into the schedule with both state and national implications not just for Florida but for every state, making this year’s conference one you cannot afford to miss! Please mark the date change and make your plans to attend now!

Mobility & Transportation

When Saving 90% is Not Enough: The Transit Savings Report – Wendell Cox, New Geography
The Future of Transportation Funding – Bob Poole, Reason Foundation
Transportation Secretary Explains ‘Sea Change’ He Envisions for U.S. – CNS News
USDOT Report Identifies Emission Reduction Strategies – New Urbanism in the News
As Congestion Mounts, Transit Agencies Consider Varying Pricing – Transport Politic
Zipcar loses financial backing, but use predicted to increase – Daily Illini
D.C.’s first new streetcar rolls into town –
Final cost of Sprinter light rail: $477.6 million – San Diego Union-Tribune
Tampa seeks consultant to guide downtown mass transit hub – St. Petersburg Times
Commissioners debate 1-cent tax for light rail – Tampa Bay Online
Court Battle in WA: Do ‘Highway Purposes’ Include Rail Lines? –
Amtrak: The romance is gone, and the future is tardy – Cape Cod Times
DART to seek cut of new $775 million federal grant for new buses – Dallas Morning News
Commuters embrace new fiscal ‘cycle’ – Annapolis Capital
Light Rail – A Smashing Success? (video) –, Virginia
Light Rail construction problematic for some Norfolk businesses –, Virginia
Car hit by light rail train on Hudson Street – Jersey City News

Housing & Land Use

How Goldman Sachs Helped Short Housing in Smart Growth States – Ron Utt, Heritage
The New E.D. – Environmental Density – Rick Harrison, New Geography
Rating the Unaffordable: The Economist and Mercer – Wendell Cox, New Geography
Imagining a New Florida (Video) –
EPA ties water aid to ‘smart’ growth – Boston Globe
Suburban living offers quality over quantity – Jon Ferry, The Province, Canada
Two sides clash in a debate over Amendment 4 – Herald Tribune, Florida
Eugene expects city expansion – Daily Emerald, Oregon
Six British Columbia cities make 10 ‘worst’ list – The Province, Canada
What is inclusionary zoning? – Post Star, Vermont
The hidden costs of homeownership – L.A. Times
Affordable housing defined – Sacramento Press
Housing affordability: the great quandary – CTV News, Canada
Lee County Adopts Miami 21 Inspired Code – Transit Miami
Downtown Encinitas “smart growth” planning discussed – North County Times, California
Officials want anti-sprawl law shelved until economy improves – Press-Enterprise, California
Hey, city hall, cut the transit talk: Province – Toronto Sun
How green is your neighborhood? – Mother Nature Network
Forging a path toward sustainable living – Edmonton Journal
Recent developments suggest “green building” is here to stay –, Wisconsin
San Pablo dumps eminent domain plans – Silicon Valley Mercury News
Board of Reps rejects eminent domain for Urban Transitway 2nd phase – Stamford Advocate
As eminent domain appeal nears, no plan B for M’ville – Columbia Spectator
Eminent Domain Defeated in Auburn, New York – Fox News

Freedom & Grassroots

Growing America: Demographics and Destiny – Joel Kotkin, New Geography
Kemper Freeman is suing to stop light-rail expansion to Eastside – Seattle Times
Light rail opponents see a win in Norfolk councilman’s loss –, Virginia
Pleased And Car-Smart In Ann Arbor! Aligning Our Plans With Actuality – Auto Search
Indiana’s cities must find political willpower to reorder themselves – Ft. Wayne News-Sentinel
What’s With Obama and His Obsession With Trains? – Opposing Views
If transit saves us so much money, why don’t more of us take advantage? – Dallas Morning News
Why I don’t use public transportation – Tax Man Blog

Not So Sustainable

Transit Trials and Tribulations – The Antiplanner
NJ Transit Fare Hikes Kicked in Today – NBC New York
Fare plan puts most of burden on Metro users – Washington Post
Florida Amtrak Needs Push From Legislature – Sunshine State News
Costs put transit agencies on ‘road to ruin’ – San Francisco Chronicle
Feds OK $775M to upgrade local bus service – Houston Chronicle

High Speed Rail

The underappreciated reason high-speed rail will die – Chris Reed, San Diego Union-Tribune
High-speed trains hit by lack of passenger demand – Kent News, England
Scathing high-speed rail audit virtually ignored at meeting – Silicon Valley Mercury News
Electric Caltrains would slow commute for many – Silicon Valley Mercury News
Florida pledges to seek funds for high-speed rail – Miami Herald
Japan: The Model of a Train-Riding Experience – The Infrastructurist

Growth Management Globally

Land-locked Singapore shows the way on smart growth – Sacramento Bee
Housing market will implode, warns Edward Chancellor –, Australia
Expanded Urban Growth Boundary Clears Way For Melboure Growth – Gov Monitor, Australia
EU rules may mean silent electric cars must make Star Wars noises – Times Online, England

Across the Tracks

Back to the City – Harvard Business Review
Searching for the Antidote to Sprawl – Planetizen
Countering the arguments for sprawl living – City Caucus
Florida sprawl’s free-for-all even worse without the DCA – St. Petersburg Times, Florida
De-growth Versus Sustainable Development – Go Green Toolshed
Sustainable Development: What Lies Ahead? – Go Green Street
Stopping the sprawl, once and for all –
Want Your Apartment Community To Be “Green”? It Already Is! – Multifamily Insider
Centers for Disease Control: Transportation Reform is Health Reform – D.C. Streetsblog
New USDOT Report Identifies Win-Win Transportation Emission Reduction Strategies – Planetizen
Can Americans’ Car Dependence Be Changed? – The Infrastructurist
Does ‘sustainable transportation’ mean better cars or fewer cars? – Grist
Public transportation as a civil right – Public Radio International
Busway? Restoring Rail Is A Better Way To Go – Hartford Courant, Connecticut
Against BRT: Streets are for People, Not Buses – Berkeley Daily Planet
Blame for Gulf Coast Spill Begins at the Pump – Hybrid Car News

Vibrant Urbanism

Despite recent crimes, transit authority says light-rail trains still safe – Sacramento Bee
Security issues raised after Charlotte’s light rail attack – WBTV-3, North Carolina

Notable Quotables

        “Yes, we continue to shrink city government because we have to. But that doesn’t mean the city doesn’t move forward strategically. It will be money well spent.” Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio, on spending $100,000 for a transit consultant in anticipation of light rail.

        “No one is using the high-speed train – it only travels at a high speed once it reaches Ebbsfleet and yet passengers are charged a lot more for using it.” Roger Gale, on the lack of demand for HSR in England.

        “It’s not profitable at all, but the government is still pursuing this.” Industry analyst Michael Li, on Chinese HSR and adding that the maglev was just a “face” project with a lot of prestige for the authorities linked to it.

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