April 17 – 23, 2010

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Mobility & Transportation

The Muddled CNT Housing and Transportation Index – Wendell Cox, New Geography
No Tax Increase for Federal Transportation Programs? – Ron Utt, Heritage Foundation
VMT Reduction Is the Wrong Goal for Transportation Policy – Sam Staley, Reason Foundation
Want a transportation system that works? Vanpools – Michael Ennis, Seattle Crosscut
The Real Cost of Dulles Rail – Chris Walker, Dulles Corridor Users Group
Dulles rail project hits snag over cost of rail cars – Washington Post
Arlington wins first battle in HOT lanes legal war – Washington Examiner
US transit off track – Golden Gate Xpress
Carbon, the DOT, and you – Fleet Owner
New transportation bill makes a good start at least – Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Grab your wallets: McGinn’s got plans – Seattle News Tribune
Virginia Gov Orders Audit Of Public Transportation To Identify Savings – eGov Monitor
Lawmaker Says Obama Administration Doesn’t Want to ‘Coerce People Into Their Cars’ – CNS News
Would streetcars in D.C. spoil the city’s vistas? – Washington Post
Rail just another ‘investment’ that won’t pay – Cliff Slater, Honolulu Advertiser
Downtown tunnel chosen for Bellevue light rail – Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Agreement reached on light rail line in Minnesota – Associated Press
Metro pushes back plans for light-rail extensions – Arizona Republic
Transit tax discussion puts debate in overtime – Tampa Tribune
Rail advocates hear how Utah overcame foes – Tampa Tribune
Muni tallies second death in two days – San Francisco Examiner
Has time come for our own autobahn? – Vancouver Sun
An Artificial Eye on Your Driving – AFTAU.org

Housing & Land Use

The Best Cities For Jobs – Joel Kotkin, Forbes
The Downtown Seattle Jobs Rush to the Suburbs – WendelL Cox, New Geography
The New Look of the American Suburb – Aaron Renn, Urbanophile
More Singles Buying in Suburbia – Wall Street Journal
Land Prices Jump as Home Builders Move In – Wall Street Journal
After 40 years, policies spawned by first Earth Day remain controversial – Press of Atlantic City
Amendment 4 will create more problems than it will solve – Naples News, Florida
The Drive to Make Cities Greener – Wall Street Journal
Florida Growth Management: Deliver Us From Limbo – The Ledger
Hawaii rents, already least affordable in nation, get worse – Honolulu Advertiser
Vancouver housing market: no logic – Macleans
Denver area just below average for housing affordability – Denver Business Journal
How affordable is the Sacramento housing market? – Sacramento Business Journal
Pittsburgh among most affordable housing markets – Pittsburgh Buiness Times
High-priced Key West suddenly has affordable housing – Miami Herald
$30 million annual tab looms over Rays stadium – Tampa Tribune
“Unpredictability” Tops List of Impediments to Redevelopment – New Jersey Future
Steamboat’s urban boundary questioned – Steamboat Today, Colorado
How ‘Transit-Oriented Development’ Will Put More New Yorkers in Cars – Gotham Gazette
The bus stops here: City doesn’t want developers to drive transit system – TMCnet.com, Florida
Redevelopment Fight in Elmont – My Fox New York
Long Branch downtown blight ruling tossed – APP.com, New Jersey
Curbing abuse of eminent domain – Denver Post

Freedom & Grassroots

Maryland GOP State Senators Keep On Enabling Statists – Richard Falknor, Blue Ridge Forum
The New Suburbs, a Plane Ride Away – Wall Street Journal
Housing affordability – Hugh Pavletich response to journalists – Real Estate Buzz
The Ethics of Metropolitan Growth – MetroEthics.com
‘Traffic-calming devices’ nothing more than ‘engineered potholes’ – Independent Record, Montana

Point & Counter-Point

TIF: Free Money? – Roger Valdez, Sightline Daily
TIF is Not “Free Money” – Randal O’Toole, North Dakota Policy Council

Not So Sustainable

We’re still in denial about Sound Transit costs – Ted Van Dyk, Seattle Crosscut
Transit Fight: MTA employees organize to save public transportation – The Indypendent
Bay Area transit up for unprecedented overhaul – San Francisco Chronicle
Transit Cuts Are Protested in Atlanta – New York Times
DART could see ambitions trimmed, Koop suggests – Dallas Morning News
NJ Transit fears 25 percent fare hike will spur ridership decrease – APP.com
Transit funding remains crucial – Arizona Republic
Fight begins to save Transit City – National Post

High Speed Rail

Questions Legislators Should Ask About HSR – Robert Poole, Reason Foundation
Towns reaffirm objections to HSR’s environmental review – Almanac News, California
High-speed rail impacts detailed city by city – San Jose Mercury News
City unleashes flood of high-speed-rail concerns – Palo Alto Online
Orlando high-speed rail debate heats up on Facebook – Orlando Sentinel
Congressman: 110 mph high-speed rail really isn’t that fast – Daily Herald, Illinois

Growth Management Globally

Hong Kong homes the least affordable in world – The Edge, Malaysia
Median land price continue to surge to a record – PropertyLive.com, Australia
Call for reform as ‘rental society’ looms – The Age, Australia
Intellichoice helps the owner builder system make housing affordable in Australia – Online PR News
Affordable housing crisis will intensify – This Is Money, Britain

Across the Tracks

U.S. needs strategy to save the Earth – Pat Doherty, CNN
The Joe Scarborough stimulus: $2 trillion on light-rail & renewables – Business & Media Institute
Clean, affordable light rail also delivers economic lift – Toronto Star
New California City Built for Sustainability – EnergyBoom.com
Assessing the Impact of “Smart Growth” on the Environment – Business Ethics Mag
Lamentations on urban sprawl – Helium.com
Coming soon to a cul-de-sac near you: farming! – Grist Magazine
10 Land-Use Strategies to Create Socially Just, Multiracial Cities – Green Changemakers
Earth Day is time to celebrate and take pause while riding the bus or train – Detroit Examiner
Agriculture is the new golf: Rethinking suburban communities – Mother Nature Network
Transportation and infrastructure – Star-Press, Indiana
OSPIRG event raises awareness of transportation costs – Ashland Daily Tidings, Oregon
Public Transit Gaining Popularity In Nashville – News Channel 5, Tennessee

Vibrant Urbanism

Suspicious package at light-rail station shuts down VTA, Caltrain service – Mercury News
Dangrous thrills: skaters hitch light rail amid calls for city skate parks – Sydney Central, Australia


Church-based transit oriented development deemed legal – Discovering Urbanism
Like working with plywood? Light rail ‘call for artists’ deadline – Capitol Hill Seattle
Smart Growth calls it quits – Idaho Mountain Express

Notable Quotables

        “We are just crawling out of a recession, but we will be knocked back into another one if the salespersons are not behind the store counters, if the restaurant workers are not in the kitchens, if the office staff are not behind their desks.”
Former Atlanta Mayor Sam Massell, on the consequence of transit dependency.

        “At $100 million a mile for light rail, I see little additional ‘conventional light rail’ in Dart’s future after the 2020 system plan is complete.”
Dallas City Councilor Linda Koop, on coming to terms with the fiscal reality of light rail transit.

        “I’m extremely — angry isn’t the right word.  Frustrated.  More than a little annoyed.”
Toronto resident Steve Munro, on his city’s proposed budget reduction for light rail lines.

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