April 3 – 9, 2010

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Mobility & Transportation

Does Bus Transit Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions? – Tom Rubin, Reason Foundation
Transit in Los Angeles – Wendell Cox, New Geography
“The Trouble With Tolls” Gets It Completely Wrong – Shirley Ybarra, Reason Foundation
Lieberman: ‘The Threat Is Real to Non-Aviation Transportation’ – New York Magazine
Feds Reject Pennsylvania’s Plan To Toll I-80 – Associated Press
US driving season could show demand destruction – FT.com
Fuel Efficiency Up! Revenue Down? – New Republic
What Role For Polls In Policy Debates? – Transportation, National Journal
Which Cities Save Commuters the Most With Public Transport? – Wall Street Journal
Community Transit: A private system of public transportation – Coolest-Gadgets.com
Will Electric Cars Give New York a Charge? – Gotham Gazette
A Southern Success Story for Transit Offers Lessons in Livability – New York Times
Amtrak on pace for a record year – Baltimore Sun
Residents support light rail with widening – Tampa Bay Online
A light-rail tunnel is best solution for Bellevue and region – Seattle Times
D.C. streetcar project may get hung up on overhead wires – Washington Post
‘Snail rail’ criticism dogs supporters of Ohio’s passenger rail plan – Cleveland Plain Dealer
RTD bus driver faces 13 charges related to fatal Denver wreck – Justice News Flash
4th death in RTD crashes – Denver Post
Light-rail train collides with truck in Tempe – Arizona Republic
Light rail service delayed due to collision with car – Seattle Post-Intelligencer
8 light rail passengers taken to hospital after crash with car – Baltimore Sun
Low-cost option to keep traffic flowing: Clear wrecks faster – WTOP.com, Washington, D.C.

Housing & Land Use

New Urbanism & Andres Duany: A Critique >From Suburbia – Rick Harrison, New Geography
Power in Los Angeles: The High Price of Going Green – Wendell Cox, New Geography
The environmental paradox of smart growth – Kaid Benfield, NRDC.org
Is Smart Growth the Future of American Cities? – Spacing Atlantic, Canada
Is Austin a racist town? Are hipsters too cool for diversity? – Lone Star Times
Assault on the American Homeowner – Vici Blog
What Makes a Home Valuable? – John Robb, Global Guerrillas
Much of U.S. Was Insulated From Housing Bust – Wall Street Journal
The Role of Excessive Land Use Regulation – Lexington Libertarian
Analysis: Is image of sprawl county’s bad rap? – The Columbian, Washington
Parking and Neighborhoods Should be Focus of TOD Revamps – Urban Land Institute
Understanding Sense of Place – Fading Into Myth
Plans for a Synagogue Upset a Town – New York Times
Government Funding Is Taxing Situation – Smart City Memphis, Tennessee
Local tax districts have had mixed success – Ft. Worth Star-Telegram

Freedom & Grassroots

Madam Mayor and me on the Metro mess – Tory Gattis, Houston Solutions
Crowd gathers in Auburn to rally against eminent domain – Auburn Citizen, New York
Residents in southeast Houston protesting METRO rail line – ABC-13, Texas
Can bankruptcy save California’s cities from staggering pension obligations? – LACP.org, California
Talk radio has a role in transportation mess – Political Environment, Wisconsin
Land-use group threatens to sue Houston County – County News, Minnesota
Eminent domain no light-rail mediator – MNDaily.com, Minnesota

Not So Sustainable

Public Transportation In Serious Funding Crisis Due To Economic Recession – Mass Transit Mag
Metro is not alone in transit funding predicament – St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Light rail cuts could hit as early as May – StatePress.com, Arizona
Caltrain facing major cutbacks, future in doubt – CA-IVN, California

High Speed Rail

Poll: Half of U.S. backs high-speed rail – UPI.com
Did you hear the one about high-speed rail? – Denver Post
China Offers High-Speed Rail to California – New York Times
Bullet train plan under fire from local transit leaders – L.A. Times
High speed rail picks Transbay for terminal – San Francisco Business Times
Slow down on high-speed rail – Shawn Nelson, Orange County Register
High-speed rail could define North Georgia future – Chattanooga Times Free Press
Feds force states to kick in for high-speed rail grants – Finance & Commerce, Minnesota
Taking a bullet for high-speed rail – SGV Tribune, California

Growth Management Globally

Haiti Needs Old Urbanism, Not New – Fast Company
Queensland, We’ve Got a Problem – Ross Elliott, New Geography
UK house prices face prolonged bear market – London Telegraph
Rate rises sink housing affordability hopes – Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

Across the Tracks

Transportation Secretary on Biking, Walking & ‘What Americans Want’ – New York Times
Survey: Most Americans want better public transportation options – Autoblog Green
Local Transportation Projects Could Create 500,000 Jobs, $68.8 Billion: Study – LAist.com
Would the New Senate Fuel Tax Deal a Death Blow to the Transport Bill? – D.C. Streetsblog
Housing and Transportation Affordability Index – 1000 Friends of Wisconsin
Your Home In 2020 – Forbes.com
Solving the Real Housing Crisis – Plan Smart NJ
New Urbanism congress to link livable cities with healthier people – Heery Brothers
No end in sight for sprawling cities – 2020 Cities
Brookings: ‘job sprawl’ contributes to Houston’s suburban poverty – Houston Tomorrow
Smart codes, smart growth – Huntsville Times, Alabama
Myths & Truths of SmartCode/Smart Growth – Huntsville Development News
What is “mixed use”? – Greater Greater Washington

Vibrant Urbanism

Metrobus driver arrested after dispute, displaying knife – Washington Post
Metro driver charged after trying to solicit officer posing as prostitute – Washington Post

Notable Quotables

        “You’re talking more of Chattanooga as a suburb of Atlanta. Or the other way around, Atlanta as a suburb of Chattanooga.” Erik Steavens of Georgia DOT, on what he perceives as the potential of high-speed rail in northern Georgia.

        “Shhhh…don’t tell anyone but I’m driving twice as fast on 71 to Columbus as Strickland’s slow-speed rail.  Even my soccer mom mobile can far exceed slow rail speeds.” State Senator Shannon Jones, on the rail line championed by Ohio Governor Ted Strickland.

        “Transit systems across America are facing serious, serious economic problems. I’ve been in the business 38 years. I’ve never seen it when almost every major transit system is having to cut its service, raise its fares, lay off employees.” APTA President William Millard. [It’s more than just the recession. –ed.]

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