March 27 – April 2, 2010

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Mobility & Transportation
Emissions limits, greater fuel efficiency for cars, light trucks made official – Washington Post
EPA’s Fuel Efficiency Standards: Bad News for the Consumer – Heritage Foundry
Small Cars Debut at New York Auto Show – U.S. News & World Report
Most Oregon greenhouse gas not what you might think – Portland Oregonian
High tolls lure drivers to I-95’s pay lanes – Miami Herald
The trouble with tolls – Washington Times
Moscow subway bombing spurs more security on U.S. transit systems – Washington Post
All aboard the ‘road train’ – Globe & Mail, UK
Will New Bus Routes Improve Commute? – Fox-5 News, Las Vegas
Road funds don’t follow population in North Carolina – Charlotte News & Observer
Making a case for urban road money – Charlotte Observer, North Carolina
The future of public transportation: ACE rapid transit lines – Las Vegas Sun
Is Public Transit Bankrupt? – Cal Watchdog
UW pushes for grander, costlier light-rail entrance – Seattle Times
U.S. officials eager to climb aboard Villaraigosa’s L.A. transit plan – L.A. Times
Can Amtrak get the job done? – The Economist
COTA’s new hybrid buses should hit the road in June – Columbus Local News, Ohio
California scraps ‘cool cars’ rules – Detroit News
Orlando progress helping local transit plans gain traction –, Florida
Metro woes may put federal funding for transit projects at risk – Washington Post
Man falls under Portland light-rail train –, Portland
Seven hurt in crash between van, Muni train – Mercury News, San Francisco

            ** New ADC Feature: The Feds Want to Take Your Car! (Thanks, Randal O’Toole!) **

Housing & Land Use
Metropolitan Area Migration Mirrors Housing Affordability – Wendell Cox, New Geography
Let’s Not Fool Ourselves on Urban Growth – Aaron Renn, Urbanophile
Bad Retro:The Federally-Planned City – Eileen Norcross, Neighborhood Effects
Don’t Mess With Texas – Joel Kotkin,
Don’t Plan On It: Centralized city planning is not the answer – Slate
Governments should stay out of affordable housing projects, study says – Montreal Gazette
Metro’s growth plans envision grand future – Portland Oregonian
County to reshape handling of growth – Tampa Bay Online
Oregon Pear Growers Sour on Land Law – Wall Street Journal
Residential housing growth declines in Twin Cities – MPR News, Minnesota
Transfer of development rights on the agenda – Steamboat Today, Colorado
Battle over development of community garden in Tioga –
Caution: You’re About to Enter an Affordable Housing Zone – Garage Coverings
Developer asks Auburn to use eminent domain –, New York
Airport parking lot owner prevails in eminent domain case – Columbus Business Journal, Ohio
Kauai developer prepares to start on ‘green’ subdivision – Honolulu Advertiser
In New York, Breaking a Law on Roommates – New York Times
Survey: 4 of 10 residents looking to leave Las Vegas – Las Vegas Sun

Freedom & Grassroots
Mobility is Freedom – Ener-Geo-Politics
Enviros trade in human misery – Steven Greenhut, Orange County Register
Utah governor OKs eminent domain use on federal land – Associated Press
Judge: Anti-eminent domain mural is not art, must come down – St. Louis Today
NJ Governor: Less Is More in the Garden State – Globe Street
Proposed Alzheimer’s facility draws NIMBY objections – Star-Tribune, Minnesota
Needed: National research on CRAs and funding – Fay Biles,, Florida

Not So Sustainable
84% of Transit Agencies Raising Fares/Cutting Service – Jersey City Independent
Transit officials seek renewal of $230 transit benefit – Washington Examiner
Fairfax riders say they feel stranded by plan to cut bus lines – Washington Post
Transit service cuts target buses –, New York
New Jersey Transit riders say fare hikes unfair – Business Week
Maryland pulling back on Metro share as others push higher subsidies – Washington Examiner
Regional Transit board cuts: slower light rail, fewer buses – Sacramento Press
Bus riders see inequities in proposed Metro fare increases – Washington Post

High Speed Rail                                                       
$21 Billion for Not-Particularly-High-Speed Trains – The Antiplanner
Why High Speed Rail Actually Needs to be, Well, High Speed –
High-Speed Rail Veers Off Track – Voice of OC
So what exactly is the economic benefit? – No2HS2 Blog
China express train forces airlines to stop flights – Reuters
High-speed rail: Don’t penalize the poor – Sacramento Bee
Is High Speed Rail Good for Britain? –

Across the Tracks
Americans rebuild for the ‘new urban century’ – CNN Living
Sustainability Toolkit: Environmental Models – Green Changemakers
Sustainability is the new American Dream – Energy Bulletin
Fundamental Real Estate Shift in the U.S.? – City Fix
He’s back and less skeptical about New Urbanism – Online Athens, Georgia
Defining sprawl – City Block
Job Sprawl and the Suburbanization of Poverty – Brookings Institute
Study Gives New Perspective on Silicon Valley Smart Growth Debate – Epoch Times
U of M study: light-rail line helping job access – Minneapolis Business Journal
Regional congestion relief for the cost of a latte – Greater Greater Washington
Surprise! Americans Want Public Transportation –
Light rail spurs local economy – Spokesman Review, Washington
Orlando progress helping local transit plans gain traction – NY Subway News
Coming Soon: High-Speed Rail and 750,000 New Jobs – AFL-CIO Blog
A very fast train is a model of sustainability – Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

Growth Management Globally
Houston, we have a (housing affordability) problem – Hugh Pavletich,, New Zealand
Government Killing the Kiwi Dream? – Shaping Our Places, New Zealand
Australian property: overvalued but undersupplied – Smart Company
Underbuild could see affordability crisis deepen – Brisbane Times, Australia
Population In Australia Skyrockets! –
1 in 5 Canadian households struggles with housing affordability – News Wire, Canada
Stockholm defends city housing sell-offs – The Local, Sweden
Biggest cities merging into ‘mega-regions’ – Steve Blizard’s Blog

Vibrant Urbanism
Man reports robbery, assault at Sacramento light-rail station – Sacramento Bee
Train Crews Threaten Boycott Over Personality Test – L.A. Times
Philly transit riders protest gender ID on passes –, Philadelphia

Hubris Watch
Planners are Key to Fixing Food Systems – Planetizen
Smart cities prowl other smart cities for ideas –, Seattle
Too late to cut Marsella’s pay – Denver Post

Notable Quotables

        “We just want it to be equal. It’s a fairness issue. Transit riders should be getting the same as car drivers.” APTA spokeswoman Virginia Miller, on the $230-per-month subsidy ‘employee benefit’ Metro workers and other transit riders receive to defray the cost of their commutes.

        “A lot of legislators are responding to the fact that we’re not just asking for a handout from D.C.” L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, on plans to ‘borrow’ up to $750 million to fund 12 rail transit lines over 10 years.

        “If history is any guide, rail projects have drastically over-estimated the ridership and drastically underestimated the cost.” UCLA doctoral researcher Eric Morris, on the projections being used to promote rail transit.

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