March 20 – 26, 2010

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Mobility & Transportation

GM Shows Off Autonomous Driving Tech In New EN-V Concept – Popular Mechanics

PRT Circulator Transit: “Brilliant Fun,” Saves Climate –

LaHood: ‘This Is the End of Favoring Motorized Transportation …’ – CNS News

The real future of transportation – Tory Gattis, Houston Strategies

Infrastructure Bank Proposals Rely on Backdoor Deficit Spending – Ron Utt, Heritage Foundation

Reality dawns on Virginia Gov’s transportation pixie dust – Washington Post

The emperor’s new light rail – Bill King, Houston Chronicle

Challenges remain as MetroRail finally leaves station
– Austin Statesman, Texas
A rail corridor along I-81 that would get traffic and the economy moving again – Washington Post

Voters willing to pay for transit – News & Observer, North Carolina

Could Seattle afford McGinn’s light rail proposal? – Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Bellevue City Council unanimous on downtown light-rail tunnel – Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Los Angeles May Raise $8.8 Billion in Transit Push – Business Week

L.A. mass transit agencies make only a token effort to get people onboard – L.A. Times

Amtrak Seeks $446 Million to Replace Aging Rail Fleet – Business Week

Another recession casualty: mass transit use –, Minnesota

University obstinacy imperiling light rail – Finance & Commerce, Minnesota

One hurt in light rail crash – Baltimore Sun

        New Study:
Defining Success: The Case Against Rail Transit – Randal O’Toole, Cato Institute

Housing & Land Use

Ruining our Cities to Save Them – New City Journal

‘Smart Growth’ Taking Hold in U.S. Cities, Study Says – New York Times

Urban Planning: It’s a cultural problem – Voxy News, New Zealand

Is There a “Libertarian Architecture”? – The Freeman

How trying too hard messes up Main Street – Scott Doyon, Planetizen

Norfolk tries to ease downtown light rail hassles – Virginia-Pilot

With development plan approved, the future of White Flint takes shape – Washington Post

As City Squeezes in Housing, Some Perks Are Squeezed Out – New York Times

Once praised, Loma Rica project now panned –, California

Durham’s planning war –, Toronto

For many, housing in Maryland still out of reach – Baltimore Sun

Closing doors to affordable housing – Charlotte Post

Affordable housing decision in Alameda County is an important case – Oakland Tribune

Inclusionary Zoning – Looking at the evidence – John Herbert, Homes & Land, Ottawa

Blight at the end of the tunnel – Colorado Daily

Eminent Domain a Contentious Issue for Corporate Site Selectors –

Freedom & Grassroots

So much courage, so few solutions – Steven Greenhut, North County Times, California

Recession’s effect: Shrunken cities, counties – Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Soviet shades in sustainable development effort – Napa Valley Register

Anyone’s Property Can Be Taken – Alexandria Gazette Packet

Not So Sustainable

Transit Agency Approves Cuts, and More Bad News Looms – New York Times

Transit officials warn of service cuts, trouble for new rail projects as funds dry up – Dallas News

Thousands of federal workers ride Metro for free – Washington Examiner

Brooklyn’s Not on Board With Bus, Subway Cutbacks – Brooklyn Daily Eagle

Proposed train, bus fare hikes would devastate commuters – Daily Journal, New Jersey

Trouble on the tracks – Hudson Reporter, New Jersey

Clayton Public Transit May Cease Service Next Week – Atlanta Progressive News

High Speed Rail                                                       

High-Speed Rail Meets Alice in Wonderland – Sam Staley, Reason

Stimulus Plan for Rail Line Shows System of Weak Links – New York Times

Florida High-Speed Rail Could Drag Down California HSR – Curbed

Palo Alto to fight high-speed-rail ‘betrayal’ bills – Palo Alto Online, California

World’s High-Speed Train Makers Set Sights on U.S. – New York Times

San Mateo Union raises high-speed rail concerns –Silicon Valley Mercury News

Illinois Moves Towards Goal of Developing True High-Speed Service – Transport Politic

Concerns over new rail plans which could “sideline” Bangor – Online Mail, UK

High-speed rail link tenants: ‘Don’t demolish our homes’ – Camden New Journal, UK

Across the Tracks

Charting a More Sustainable Future – Shaun Donovan, Huffington Post

The Top 10 Greenest Cities –

Feds Begin Redefining ‘Affordable Housing’ to Include Transport Costs – D.C. Streetsblog

The Hidden Cost of Living in the Suburbs: Transportation – Fast Company

How slums can save the planet – The Sixties

Ecocities of Tomorrow – Green Changemakers

Building a denser world – True/Slant

Truth and hysteria about Hometown Democracy –

Sprawl in peace – Greater Baton Rouge Business Report

Sprawl: Regulations vs. Culture – Sightline Daily

Green Building: LEEDing Us Where? – Freakonomics Blog, New York Times

Communities can learn from Venice, PBS says – Herald Tribune, Florida

‘Smart growth community’ to offer sustainable living – Garden Island, Hawaii

An Evaluation of the Mechanicsville Turnpike in Richmond, VA – Dom Nozzi’s Plan B Blog

Will High Speed Rail Mean Greater Suburban Sprawl? – The Infrastructurist

Light Rail Delays Can Be Good –

You’ve Got Rail! – Austin Chronicle, Texas

It’s time for this state to get all aboard with high-speed rail – Register-Guard, Oregon

Light rail: 3.3 million and counting – Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Growth Management Globally

The Asian Urban Ascendancy – Wendell Cox, New Geography

The Not-So-Lucky Country – Joel Kotkin, Forbes

Sydney property prices set to double – Sunday Telegraph, Australia

Average Perth house to cost $1million in 10 years –, Australia

Huge land bank puts squeeze on buyers – The Age, Australia

Green Jobs Sink Down Under – Pete Peterson, New Geography

UN report: World’s biggest cities merging into ‘mega-regions’ – Guardian, UK

Vibrant Urbanism

His Offense: Taking 2 Seats on a Nearly Empty Train – New York Times

RTD nabs record number of light-rail scofflaws last year – Denver Post

14-year-old robbed at light rail station –, Charlotte, North Carolina

Notable Quotables

        “I had my legs up on the seat. My feet were draped over the edge. For one thing, it’s courtesy not to put your feet on the seat.” Ryan David LaMont, on being fined $50 for violating Section 1050.7 rule on ‘seat hoggery’ in a near-empty NY subway car.

        “I’d willingly ride public transportation every day if the system were more user-friendly.
But it’s not. And it’s almost as if the dozens of entities that constitute the region’s public-transit network are conspiring to make the system as unwelcoming as possible.” L.A. Times columnist David Lazarus, on his first-hand experience with the transit system.

“In a larger sense, it creates democracy because it’s walkable.” Documentary filmmaker Spencer Briggs, on the livability of a community like Venice, Florida.

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