March 13 – 19, 2010

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June 10-12, 2010
The 8th Annual Preserving the American Dream Conference, Orlando, Florida

Mobility & Transportation
Taking the Driver Out of the Car – Randal O’Toole, Wall Street Journal

Car culture: Fix roads to handle high-speed travelers – Detroit News

Man accused of disabling 100 cars over Internet –

A transit system designed for the few –

Transit authority bills revive city and suburb showdown
Spinal Column
I-95 express buses to downtown Miami worth the expense for commuters – Sun-Sentinel, Florida

Central Corridor isn’t just about moving people – Star Tribune, Minnesota

Port Authority approves $6.5 million contract for Philadelphia light-rail studies –

Mayor, others doubt Metro can fund rail lines – Houston Chronicle

The Metro Train Wreck – Houston’s Clear Thinkers

HART learns that costs among challenges to light rail routes – Tampa Tribune

With ballot language approved, the campaign for light rail begins – Creative Loafing, Tampa

Honolulu rail route too close to runways, may have to shift – Honolulu Advertiser

City Council chooses new tunnel route for downtown light rail – Bellevue Reporter, Washington

500 stranded on NJ Transit train for 5 hours – Associated Press, New Jersey

2 killed, 2 hurt in Salt Lake-area TRAX accident – Associated Press, Utah

METRO bus and train collide downtown (again) – ABC-13, Houston

Light trail train damaged in crash with semi – Arizona Republic

Housing & Land Use
A Libertarian View of Urban Sprawl – Randal O’Toole, Cato-at-Liberty

How to Create Real Urban Redevelopment – Sam Staley, Invest To Wealth

Shrinking Detroit Back to Greatness – Edward Glaeser, New York Times

The Myth of the Strong Center – Wendell Cox, New Geography

The 10 most affordable U.S. suburbs – Business Week

Higher prices melt housing affordability in British Columbia – Buzz Buzz Home

Florida’s growth: A better way –

Florida lawmakers avoid debates on growth management – St. Petersburg Times

There’s more to Hometown Democracy than environment vs. sprawl – Creative Loafing, Florida

Land-Poor, Cash-Poor – Karla Kay Edwards, Oregon Catalyst

Smart growth challenges local governments – Daily Reporter, Wisconsin

Pleasanton housing cap violates law, judge says – San Francisco Chronicle

Affordable housing or rent control? – Denver Daily News

Would new green redevelopment agencies have eminent domain powers? – Pasadena Sub Rosa

City Takes Properties By Eminent Domain – WFMZ-69 News, Pennsylvania

Eminent domain for private development? – Delta Farm Press, Mississippi

Project may use eminent domain – Auburn Citizen, New York

Freedom & Grassroots
U.S. residents ‘losing faith’ in American Dream, new poll shows – Daily Caller

America in 2050 – Where and How We’ll Live – Joel Kotkin, AOL News

Think Texas: Texas is the No. 1 Destination State – San Saba News & Star

When again we grow … – George Rebane,, California

Gadfly makes film decrying power of eminent domain
– Kansas City Jewish Chronicle
Residents continue to fight Woodlands Park – News & Tribune, Indiana

Member breaks rank with Vista redevelopment panel – North County Times, San Diego

In defence of ‘pregnant houses’ – Richard White, Calgary Herald

Who Is the Hypocrite? – The Antiplanner

Not So Sustainable
No roads to recovery in sight – Steven Greenhut,
Orange County Register, California
Public transit officials lobby for funding, jobs in D.C. – Progressive Railroading

Residents fear NJ Transit service cuts, fare hikes – Hudson Reporter, New Jersey

MBTA projects huge budget shortfall for coming fiscal year – Tufts Daily, Massachusetts

City Recommends TIF for $145M Apartments – Globe Street, Chicago

Affordable Warmth BC – Columbia Valley News, British Columbia

High Speed Rail
America’s Coming High-Speed Rail Financial Disaster – Ron Utt, Heritage Foundation

High-Speed Rail As a Conduit of Sprawl – Autopia

Spain’s high-speed rail: comfort, convenience trump green – Smart Planet

How to sell High Speed Rail to Ohio… – Phony Coney

The Wisdom of High-Speed Rail-American Style – Mass Transit Magazine

            New Report: 6th Annual World Urban Areas: Population and Projections – Demographia

Growth Management Globally

Smart Growth Exacerbated the International Financial Crisis – Wendell Cox, Foreclosure Nightmare

Affordable housing targets failed in Somerset
– BBC-Somerset, England
On the market for £200,000 – a flat smaller than a snooker table – Mail Online, England

Dazzled by housing’s magic rise – The Age, Australia

Housing shortage to quadruple: HIA –, Australia

Across the Tracks
The green argument for cities –

Could Hating Sprawl Unite Left and Right? – True Slant

Zoning and Sprawl I – Kevin Drum, Mother Jones

Zoning and Sprawl II – Ryan Avent, The Bellows

More Sprawl Commentary – Matthew Yglesias, The Atlantic

Standing up against sprawl – Gail Simpson, Illinois Times

A Complete Rethink – Metropolis Magazine

Freeways Responsible For Emptying Out Cities – Planetizen

Costly SkyTrain technology choices baffle – North Shore News, Canada

Light rail a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ – Hamilton Spectator, Ontario

The Train! The Train! – Austin Chronicle, Texas

Vibrant Urbanism
VTA Light Rail vs. Caltrain: Strange tales of public transit – San Jose Spartan Daily, California

VTA Light Rail Robbers Being Sought By Campbell Police –

Community Dissonance
Seattle has nation’s worst traffic congestion: Study – Puget Sound Business Journal

Seattle, “icon of urban efficiency,” is nation’s top time-saving city
– The City Fix

It’s Multi-Modal!
Man drives onto light rail tracks in Tempe – ABC-15, Arizona

Blast From the Past
It runs in tubes: the first high-speed rail, circa 1870 – Smart Planet

Jitney rides provided novel transportation in 1915 – Pasadena Star-News

The Fordson Snow-Motor, 1926

Notable Quotables

“Today, I want to announce a sea change. People across America who value bicycling should have a voice when it comes to transportation planning. This is the end of favoring motorized transportation at the expense of non-motorized.” USDOT Secretary Ray LaHood.

“I called the Portland Bureau of Transportation shortly after they changed the traffic pattern and reduced the lanes on Tacoma Street.… They told me that they hadn’t created congestion; they’d ‘calmed’ the traffic and ‘extended’ the commute. They also suggested that if I didn’t like the new commute, I should consider riding the bus.” Portland resident Gay Stryker, on the coercive nature of ‘transportation choice.’

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