February 27 – March 5, 2010

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Mobility & Transportation

Federal dollars for federal roads – Robert Poole, Washington Times
Highway policy: confliction and confusion – Fleet Owner

New Scorecard Reinforces Density-Traffic Congestion Nexus – Wendell Cox, New Geography

                Bonus: Sydney: Choking in its Own Density

LaHood Faces Off With GOP Senator Over High-Speed Rail, Livability – D.C. Streetsblog
Improving Virginia’s Transportation System – Ron Utt, Tertium Quids

Porsche unveils ‘green’ supercar for petrol-heads – The Local, Germany
Are Today’s Cars Too Smart for Their Own Good? – AOL News

It’s the Traffic, Stupid – New York Times
City of Jacksonville to consider mobility fees – Daily Record, Florida
Austin reached 4th highest traffic congestion without high population density – C.O.S.T., Texas
Bellevue drops Mercer Slough light-rail route – Seattle Times
Thousands a month spent on security for light rail cars – WVEC.com, Virginia

Pandemonium at MTA Hearing in Brooklyn, 4 Arrests – Gothamist, New York

FTA delivers scathing report on safety of D.C. Metro – Washington Post
Latest attempt to reform San Francisco’s Muni – San Francisco Chronicle
Man Rescued Along Light Rail Tracks – KPHO-5, Arizona

Pedestrian killed by VTA light rail vehicle – ABC-7, San Jose, California
Summary of MAX Rail Fatalities – PortlandFacts.com

Housing & Land Use

Why weren’t there housing bubbles everywhere? – Thomas Sowell, Union Leader

The End of Sprawl As We Know It…NOT – Sam Staley, Planetizen

The Great Transit Oriented Development Swindle – Fog City Journal, San Francisco
Montgomery renters often priced out of homes, report says – Washington Post
Smart Growth Caused the Bubble – Big Sky Business Journal
Suburban Design: Square Peg In A Round Hole – Rick Harrison, New Geography
Developers Blast Growth Plan Changes, Want Lower Fees – Bartow Ledger, Florida
Price of Progress: Local TIF districts have their skeptics, advocates – Courier Press, Illinois

Are TIFs a slush fund or a good tool? – State Journal-Register, Illinois

Will tiny town’s residents be left on the hook for loan? – TwinCities.com, Minnesota

VA Senate committee kills ‘emergency’ eminent domain bill – Washington Examiner

Farmers ‘shortchanged’ by White Flint plan, groups say – Washington Post

White House land grab – Jim Demint, Washington Times

Freedom & Grassroots

Decentralize The Government – Joel Kotkin, Forbes.com

Anti-Smart Growth Governor Wins Primary – Ed Braddy, New Geography
The ‘green movement’ can become a servant or a dictator – Randy Bright, Tulsa Beacon

Perry win in Texas is one for tolls, P3s
– Toll Road News
“Light Rail Is A Dinosaur, It’s Completely Useless” – Innovational Musings

Failing to walk the walk – Emily Goldman, Washington Post

Not So Sustainable

Muni Fail – SF Weekly
Stimulus Money Alone Won’t Save Public Transit – KCBS.com, California

Fiscal woes at T roll on for another year – Boston Globe
Despite cash infusion, MBTA faces $73 million shortfall – Statehouse News Service

Surprise! Your water bill pays for more than water – KATU.com, Portland
NJ Transit announces emergency spending freeze, 200 job cuts – NJ.com

High Speed Rail

Wisconsin’s Hig
h-Cost, Low-Speed Rail – The Antiplanner
California’s high speed rail dream – CNN Money
Some fear California’s high-speed rail won’t deliver on early promises – L.A. Times
State analysts question huge HSR funding request – Silicon Valley Mercury News
Heated debate over high-speed train station in Burbank – Examiner.com, California
WFTV In Spain: What Jobs Will Rail Bring? – WFTV.com, Florida

Growth Management Globally

Britons turn to renting rather than owning – Financial Times, UK
Demand but no supply as prices head north – Sydney Morning Herald, Australia
Paris mayor cracks down on second homes – Times Online, UK

As SNCF Loses Its Public Focus, the Future of French Rail is in Question – Transport Politic

Munich Tops Europe Transit Study – Wall Street Journal

Across the Tracks

Raising the gas tax might be the only way to wean Americans off oil – Washington Post
Mass Transit is As American as Apple Pie – Matt Yglesias

Riding the bus changes her view – L.A. Times

Rail is Virginia’s transportation future, officials say – Richmond Times-Dispatch

Housing bust exposes the cost of unplanned growth – Minnesota Public Radio

Use ‘smart growth’ guidance to steer traffic plans in Central Louisiana – Town Talk
Eyes Only: How to not repeat past mistakes – Naple News, Florida
It takes more than stores to build a winning town center – Washington Post

Vibrant Urbanism

Light rail freeloaders, beware – KTAR.com, Arizona

Private Police Officers Use Force On Charlotte Light Rail – WSOC-TV, North Carolina
Ladies of the light rail – News Review, Sacramento

Beats Digging Ditches

New Hampton Roads Transit chief makes $40,000 a month – Daily Press, Virginia
Charrette it – City Pulse, Michigan

Oldies but Goodies

Iron-Horse Stampede – Wall Street Journal

Studebaker 1953-54 “Loewy Coupes” – Car Lust

Community Dissonance

    +  “A new survey shows that 83% of people think HSR and mass transit should be getting more money.” Source
    +  “72 percent of Americans say it is important to use public transportation or carpool, but only 10 percent say they ‘often’ or ‘always’ do.” Source

Notable Quotables

        “I like Montgomery, but Montgomery now is very expensive.  Maybe only rich people can stay in this area.” Dalila Bounou, on the escalating cost of housing in Maryland’s Smart Growth-friendly county.

        “They’ve done something that’s actually a miracle.  When have I ever seen a bureaucrat put the brakes on a highly juiced project?” David Schonbrunn, on the decision of the Federal Transportation Administration’s decision to halt a subway line and prove it wreck its broader transit network.

        “The 1980s were probably a high point for the block, when it had more than 40 antique dealers. That was also before the light rail began service down Howard Street, which made it more difficult for people to get there by car and park.” Comment on the decline of a Baltimore neighborhood after light rail service began in the area.

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