February 6 – 12, 2010

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Mobility & Transportation
Federal Highways and Urban Form – The Antiplanner

Metro Transit Ridership Is Dropping – WCCO.com, Minnesota

Light rail project the wrong ticket for Wisconsin – Royal Purple News, Wisconsin

The Hiawatha Light-Rail Disaster – East Austin Voice

Rail jobs estimate drops by thousands – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Wisconsin

HRT chief: Norfolk light-rail ‘soft costs’ way out of line – HamptonRoads.com, Virginia

Millions in tax dollars being spent on rail and bus studies – 10Connects.com, Tampa

Most transit service grinds to a halt – Baltimore Sun

Transit-Plan Prescription for Disappearing Detroit – New York Times

Riders’ anger continues over Muni service cuts – San Francisco Examiner

Commute from hell: Metro train derails – WTOP.com, Washington

Man killed while crossing train tracks – WSVN.com, Miami

9 injured after Metro bus collides with light rail train – KHOU.com, Houston

Bus driver suspended after light rail collision – ABC-13, Houston

Minnesota Public Radio Sues Over Noise From Passing Trains – AVVO.com

City Council OKs $613 million bike plan – Portland Business Journal

The End of the Road for Cul-de-sacs? – DC Streetsblog

Housing & Land Use

Atlanta: Ground Zero for the American Dream – Wendell Cox, New Geography

Top Obama Officials Promote ‘Smart Growth’ In Seattle – KUOW.org, Seattle

EPA and HUD Make Big Investments in Sustainable Development – OregonLive.com

Global vision for growth – Ottawa Citizen

No policy change is needed to prevent the housing bubble: There isn’t one – Vancouver Sun

Would you relocate to Texas? – Trulia.com

Counties sue Legislature over impact fee law – HighlandsToday.com, Florida

‘Blueprint America’: Putting the brakes on car-focused city’s decline – Washington Post

Jacksonville’s revival is possible amid changing circumstances – Jacksonville.com, Florida

Brevard Commission may extend impact-fee moratorium – FloridaToday.com

The sorry saga of the D.C. convention center hotel – Washington Post

Approving a Code That Creates the City We Need to Be – Smart City Memphis

House bill to redefine ‘blight’ – ReporterHerald.com, Colorado

Tax district shortfall may cost taxpayers – Wichita Eagle, Kansas

Apartments planned at ex-TIF project site – Columbia Daily Tribune, Missouri

TIF: a powerful tool being overused? – Le Mars Daily Sentinel, Iowa

Eminent domain option remains for Hilliard roundabout – Columbus Local News, Ohio

Freedom & Grassroots

Portland’s Vision of ‘Smart Growth’ Utopia seems to be fading – Jim Skaggs, COST Austin

Wise growth doesn’t have to mean more urbanization – Gail Ewing, Gazette.net, Maryland

FedEx to Move Traffic and Cut Emissions in Mexico City – New York Times

State Legislature could ‘just say no’ to high-speed rail – BizTimes.com, Wisconsin

Public gets chance to review Smart Growth – Kenosha News, Wisconsin

Will vote on light rail ballot language be delayed? – Creative Loafing, Tampa

: Randal O’Toole on Wichita’s WaterWalk – KansasWatchdog.org (6:40)
: Tony Recsei on Housing Affordability – Counterpoint, Australia (8:49)

Not So Sustainable

Who’s dependent on cars? Try Mass Transit – Ed Braddy, New Geography

Feds deliver on loans and grants RTD needs for FasTracks – In Denver Times

Next Stop, Light Rail Cutbacks? – College Times, Arizona

Transit troubles in the Capital City – Midlands Connect, South Carolina

High Speed Rail

High-speed rail doesn’t fix any of our problems – Robert Poole, Reason Foundation

Obama’s Expensive Train Set – Donald Lambro, Human Events

Money woes could slow down high-speed rail – MSNBC.com

California HSR ridership data proven faulty, risks state and fed funding – San Francisco Examiner

California’s costly hoax: Borrowing money to build flawed train – Chuck DeVore, Big Government

Where does Texas’ bid for high-speed rail stand now? – Houston Chronicle

High-Speed Rail Grants Favor the Prepared – Huffington Post

High-speed rail: spend $50 billion? – Seattle Times

HSR Cash Lays Congressional Track for Billions More to Follow – New York Times

Just How ‘Invincible’ Is China’s HSR? It’s Hurting Air Travel – Infrastructurist.com

Down Under

Build more houses or pay the price, Treasurer Wayne Swan warns – Herald Sun, Australia

Council votes for higher density – Brisbane Times, Australia

Seaside selling after 80 years – Tweed Daily News, Australia

Across the Tracks

Federal Smart Growth – At Lincoln House

HUD promotes Obama’s pitch for sustainable communities – USA Today

Obama hates the suburbs – Publicola.net, Seattle

Slumburbia – Timothy Egan, New York Times

Study: Traffic patterns affect childhood obesity – American City & County

Developing Stories: The Promise of Planning – Austin Chronicle

What Does ‘Smart Growth’ Really Mean? Questions for Andres Duany – Popular Mechanics

Village Green: Some Fighting Words About Suburban Sprawl – Huffington Post

Hawaii Auto Problems – Hawaii Island Journal

Time to consider light rail – Charleston Post & Courier, South Carolina

Mass Transit vs. Traffic Congestion – PoliticalAffairs.net

High-speed rail would get Michigan’s economy back on track – AnnArbor.com

Why not rail? – Planetizen

Nothing’s New Urbanism

Needed: Advocates to champion community vision for TODs – CHS Blog, Seattle

Charrette brings vision of city to people – ConnectFitchburg, Wisconsin

1977 Charlotte plan – Back to the future? – Naked City

Austin considering light rail, streetcar line – Houston Chronicle

The Lighter Side of Public Transportation

Public Transportation: A Primer – Cracked.com

Atlanta’s Yellow Line Has Some Asians Seeing Red – Fox News

Oldies But Goodies

The PCC – Car Lust

Streetcar view on Market Street – 1905 San Francisco – Youtube.com

Walking: A simple focus for the Smart Growth movement – Grist.org

Notable Quotables

“This is absolutely astounding. It shows how poorly things had been managed.” Norfolk Councilman Randy Wright, on the excessive consulting, legal and administrative fees that have contributed to major cost overruns on the city’s light rail starter line.

            “As time goes on, as fast trains become a way of life for America, there will be more and more federal help.” Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, showing confidence that someone else will always pay.

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