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Mobility & Transportation

Job Losses Cut Into U.S. Driving – Wall Street Journal

Transit ridership suffering nationwide with nearly 4 percent drop – Washington Examiner

More toll roads could pave the way in the future –, Virginia

Can roads be built without eminent domain? – Ayn Rand Center
One very costly train – Ottawa Citizen
Rail plan would be unneeded – Advertiser-Tribune, Ohio
Light rail budget could climb again –, Norfolk, Virginia
Light rail delays are bad news for some Norfolk businesses –, Virginia
Support for light rail ‘softening’ in Virginia Beach –, Virginia
Adult transit fares jump – CBC News, Calgary
LA commuter train hits, kills pedestrian on tracks – Silicon Valley Mercury News

Car hits light-rail train near Mall of America – Pioneer Press, Minnesota

MTA rider finds roaches in her coaches – Baltimore Sun

Copper Thieves Shut Down Portion of Light Rail System –, California

Traffic-calming spots not calming for city’s drivers – Longmont Times-Call, Colorado

Housing & Land Use

The Decade of the South: The New State Population Estimates – Wendell Cox, New Geography

Growth Management: The #1 Planning Disaster – The Antiplanner

With growth management, the only thing constant is change – Daily Record, Florida

The Good News in Florida’s Bad Times – Richard Reep, New Geography

Mayors Seek Role in Climate Regulation – New York Times

More housing drew growth to the fringes –, Indiana

Quest to designate Portland’s growth areas sets counties against each other – Oregon Live

In sign of rebound, D.C. population set to surpass 600,000 – Washington Post

Maryland home assessments to fall an average 19.7% – Baltimore Sun

Many struggle even as home prices fall – Inside Northern Virginia

How California Went From Top of the Class to the Bottom – New Geography

Buyers priced out of the UK housing market – Daily Telegraph, UK

Tax-financing bill may not help downtown development – Wyoming Tribune-Eagle

Freedom & Grassroots/Three Cheers!

Don’t Give Up On The U.S. – Joel Kotkin,

Challenging New Urbanism – EcoWorld

Say no to Smart Growth in state – HTR News, Wisconisn

Cities want to stop state raids on local taxes – San Mateo Daily Journal, California

Adventures in Public Transportation – Not A New Yorker Blog

The Year’s Most Underreported Stories – PubliCola, Seattle

Traffic Calming: The Cement Feather-Bed – Greater Vancouver Mobility Blog

Your subdivision is killing you – Tertium Quids, Virginia

Public transportation won’t deliver the goods – Chris Moran, News Chief, Florida

Not So Sustainable

Why Metro deserves its federal boost – Eleanor Holmes Norton, Washington Post

Public-Transit Passengers Face Rough Ride – Wall Street Journal

Schwarzenegger’s plan to raid transit funds angers rider advocates – L.A. Times

Night Workers Lament Bus Cuts – New York Times

Too True To Be Good

Dog rules delay affordable housing lottery –, Wyoming

How do you pick up a girl on a bus? –

High Speed Rail

There are alternatives to HSR – Robert Frye, Tallahassee Democrat

High-speed rail link to rip up finest countryside – TimesOnline, UK

Bullet Train Fanatasies? – ETA Watchdog Reports

Bullet train to fantasyland – Orange County Register

Plans evolve for high-speed rail from Minnesota to Illinois – Chicago Tribune

High-speed light rail to Chicago? Not exactly tangible – The Examiner

China Unveils the World’s Fastest Super High-Speed Train – Wall Street Pit

High-Speed Rail Pricing Models – Systemic Failure

Across the Tracks

Emissions vs. conservation or high-speed rail vs. air travel –

Planning how your children will live, work and play – Hawaii Business

Three Elements of Portland’s Success – 21st Century Urban Solutions

Are Sustainable Suburbs Possible – Urbanism and the New Economy

Killer Subdivisions –

The End of the American Exurbs and the Death of Sprawl?
New Urban City
Ten Common Sense Rules For TOD
– Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space
“No road we built in Texas paid for itself”
– Texas Urban Blog
What mobility really means – Michael Lewyn, Planetizen

Creating Car-Reduced and Car-Free Pedestrian Habitats – Greg Ramsey, Planetizen

Cities can push for climate change – Emirates Business

New Urbanism: the Most Important Green Trend for 2010 – Our World Blog

Year in Review

Top Stories of 2009 – New Geography

The year’s top smart growth stories – News

Smart Growth Achievement Winners – Whittaker Report

Quote of the Year Nominees*

“The new urbanist agenda of infill will destroy every beautiful semi rural suburb in America, and leave only government entities and huge corporations in charge of open space.” EcoWorld blogger, on the effect of crowding on the aesthetics of urban space.

“A classic co-dependency is now plain to the naked eye. The federal government needs Metro, but Metro also needs the federal government.” D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, on seeking $1.5 billion in federal subsidies for capital outlay.

“It’s ridiculous – and for what? Because really, the transit system here sucks.” Disgruntled rider  Sam Delorenzo, on Calgary transit’s rate increase.

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