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Mobility & Transportation

Trains are Not Engines of Economic Growth – Steve Stanek, News Blaze

Reforming Anti-Urban Bias in Transportation Spending – Aaron Renn, New Geography

Autonimously Automated Automobiles – EnViroNauts.com

Zipcars service pairs with IUB – Indiana Daily Student

Biofuel Production Falls Far Short of Targets – Wall Street Journal

$10M earmark helps Draper light rail line
– St. Lake Tribune
LA transit board OKs $1.5B rail line extension – Silicon Valley Mercury News

Honolulu Rail 4th Most Expensive in the Nation – Hawaii Reporter

Environmentalists worry about proposed light rail through wetlands – KOMO News, Seattle

Metro audit can’t say if Portland road projects meet growth goals – OregonLive.com

Finding ways to put D.C.’s Metro system back on track – Baltimore Sun

Norfolk extends light rail construction hours – Hampton Roads Transit

More federal transit money bypasses Georgia
– Atlanta Journal Constitution
The $4.4 billion question: Will Central Floridians take the train? – Orlando Sentinel

A Hard Road – Texas Tribune

Muni Light Rail Accident in San Francisco Injures Pedestrian – Personal Injury Quanda

Free parking? Not if one California lawmaker gets his way – L.A. Times

Housing & Land Use

Our Exurban Future and the Ecological Footprint – James Heartfield, New Geography

HUD chief comes to Portland to unveil sustainable community program – OregonLive.com

Obama Admin to Promote Sustainable Communities at Smart Growth Conference – EPA.gov

Vancouver is Least Affordable City, Australia the Least Affordable Country – HoweStreet.com

Even Montgomery agrees: Life looks brighter in Fairfax – Washington Post

Waterfront rumble: Where new Seattle confronts old Seattle – Crosscut.com, Washington

Residential Community Planning Moves in New Directions – Professional Builder

Sustainable growth won’t be possible – Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Florida

Smart-growth trend: Downsizing residential streets pleases developers – ElPasoTimes.com

A threat to Smart Growth – Baltimore Sun

Brevard Commission may extend impact-fee moratorium – FloridaToday.com

City putting form over function – Durham News, North Carolina

Columbia council should nix special tax districts – The State, South Carolina

Wal-Mart Billionaire Wants $8 Million TIF Subsidy – Huffington Post

Property Seizure for Atlantic Yards Is Delayed – New York Times

Eminent domain use expected to return to public eye once economy improves – Suburban Journals

Tarrant County may be eminent domain capital – Fort Worth Business Press

Eminent domain cases on the rise – Daily Reporter, Wisconsin

Freedom & Grassroots

Redevelopment Fighter Takes Oath as California Lawmaker – News With Views

Urban growth expert criticizes parts of Wichita’s downtown revitalization
Wichita Eagle
Family values crusader David Caton now takes on light rail – St. Petersburg Times

Agenda 21 Alert: Obama Railroads Us With the Bullet Train – Sic Semper Tyrannis

How does rail offer any advantages over busses?
– Digital Nomad
Metro bus, light-rail services threatened if voters reject ½-cent sales tax – BND.com, Illinois

Let Wisconsin voters decide if we want a light rail choo-choo! – Living Lake Country

Three Cheers!

City council shuts down TID No. 2 – Brookings Register, South Dakota

Taxpayers win as tiff over TIF ends – Midwest Voices, Kansas City

Not So Sustainable

Portland’s mayor calls for business funding – Portland Business Journal

A Modest Proposal: Ask Developers to Help Pay For Better Transport – DC Streetsblog

VTA can’t just cut costs, it has to innovate – Silicon Valley Mercury News

High Speed Rail

The Runaway Subsidy Train – Wendell Cox, Wall Street Journal

Fast trains are cool . . . and very expensive – Carl Hiaasen, Miami Herald

All aboard high-speed politics – Washington Post

On board for fast trains – Christian Science Monitor

Media in the tank for state high-speed rail – San Diego Union-Tribune

True cost of Florida rail will far exceed Obama’s $1.25 billion grant – Washington Examiner

Has America’s transportation future just been born in Florida? – Southern Political Report

High-speed wail: A bridge to the 19th century – St. Louis Times-Dispatch

Going nowhere, fast – Orange County Register

Las Vegas Monorail argues against bankruptcy as municipality – Las Vegas Sun

Possible loan from China keeps high-speed rail plan alive – Las Vegas Review Journal

More Ohio newspapers editorialize against train plan – Examiner.com

Lt. Gov: Commuter Rail First, Then High-Speed – The Ledger, Florida

Money woes could threaten high-speed rail’s future – Bismarck Tribune, Chicago

Growth Management Globally

Pool of Greater Housing Fools, Where to >From Here? – Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis

Focus on housing affordability reforms is welcome
Hugh Pavletich, Interest.co.nz, New Zealand
No hope for homebuyers as thousands struggle to foot mortgage bill – Daily Telegraph, Australia

Half of all green belt land neglected – Journal Live, UK

Is the lack of affordable housing fracturing families? – TotallyMoney.com

Across the Tracks

Introducing the Master Plan: A Chronicle of New Urbanism & Exurban Decay – Fast Company

Cities vs. suburbs: The next big green battle? – Greenhoof.com

Top Sustainability Trends of the Next Decade
– Sustainable Cities Collective
Our county must be ‘livable, walkable and sustainable” – PNJ.com, Florida

Columnist warns of forced porch-sitting and mandatory neighbor interaction – Sprawled Out

My whiz-bang light rail is your pain in the asphalt – Grist.org

From a mobility to an accessibility orientation – Sustainable Cities Collective

How Can Transit Backers Sway Conservatives? – Streetsblog Capital Hill

Could Cars Have Caused the Mortgage Meltdown? – Autopia

Should we be building electric cars or streetcars? – Green Autoblog

A threat to Smart Growth – Baltimore Sun

Why architects know best – Building.co.uk, United Kingdom

Re: New Urbanism – Independent Weekly

As suburbs reach limit, people are moving back to the cities – Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Nothing’s New Urbanism

Psssst, Wanna Buy a Town Center? – Save Middletown’s Blog

Can Form-Based Zoning Save Raleigh’s Growth? – Lineberry Alliance Blogs
New ‘Smart Growth’ transportation plan approved – Gainesville Sun

When New Urbanists Attack!

Minnesota Public Radio sues Met Council over light rail project – WCCO.com

Bellevue considers light rail through treasured wetland – Seattle Times

Montgomery County sex-party host must role-play by the zoning rules – Washington Post

Quote of the Year Nominees*

        “What is the difference between Smart Growth and gentrification? This is a big question.” Deeohn Ferris, questioning the impact of Smart Growth on older, poorer neighborhoods.

        “Unless a state has its act together, with money and a plan that connects things, you’re not going to get money.”  Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, on why some states like Georgia are being bypassed for federal transportation funding.

        “My undergrad courses are teaching me that Smart Growth is the way to go (reversing the last half-century of suburbanization and sprawl by focusing on intensification, mixed uses, etc.).  I’m being taught that sprawl patterns are creating problems, thus the time has come for a paradigm shift.” Mr_Bacon, poster representing the herd of independent minds that will be planning our futures.

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