October 24 – 30, 2009

News & commentary about urban policy in America’s cities.

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** Talk of the Town Interview – Tom Rubin, American Dream Coalition **

Mobility & Transportation

Dude, Where’s My Car? – Wall Street Journal

Revenge of the Electric Car – Daily Beast

How does weight affect a vehicle’s efficiency? – Autoblog Green

Bay Bridge closure shows drivers are resistant to transit – San Francisco Examiner

Creating a Canadian Autobahn – Canada Free Press

Amtrak loss comes to $32 per passenger – Associated Press

Light rail service planned for Philadelphia – Courier-Post

Monterey chooses light rail for transit line, rejects enviro study request – Monterey Herald

Pr. George’s looks to rely more on transit, HOV – Washington Post

New Gold Line extension raising safety concerns – Pasadena Star-News

The Definition of Failure: Houston’s Light Rail – The Antiplanner

Census survey: It’s a long, lonely commute – Washington Post

Is Portland sharing the road too much? – Mother Nature Network

Do ‘smart’ transport policies just cater to white people? – Dallas Transportation Blog

Arlington Eyes Regulation of Pedicabs – NBC, Dallas-Fort Worth

Sins of Emission: The Ethanol Boondoggle – Wall Street Journal

Housing & Land Use

New York Migration Study, the State Continues to Lose Residents – Wendell Cox, New Geography

Escape >From New York – Wall Street Journal

Behind NY’s small-business drop – New York Post

Can Smart Growth Be Codified? Miami Thinks So – Next American City

What Jane Jacobs Can Teach Us About the Economy – Miller-McCune

Washington area is short 40,000 homes affordable to average earners – Washington Post

Supreme Court Refuses to Protect Inclusionary Housing – BeyondChron, San Francisco

U.S. Cities Use Inclusionary Zoning as Housing Costs Climb – IPS News

Renters get little relief as demand increases – Boston Globe

U.S. House Prices Could Fall Another 10% – Seeking Alpha

Housing affordability eroding, study says – Globe & Mail, Canada

San Jose to pay $2 million to acquire parcel and settle lawsuit – Mercury News

Property eyed for Durham town center, fire station – Foster’s Daily Democrat, North Carolina

Business owners say the city cheated them out of their property – WTKR.com, Virginia

Reasons for using TIFs getting away from origins – Hilton Head Island Packet, South Carolina

The TIF tell – Chicago Journal

Freedom & Grassroots

The Carless Kids – Edward Niedermeyer, Truth About Cars

Proposition 11 means protection of private property – Peggy Venable, Austin American-Statesman

Eastside light rail: Kemper Freeman and Dow Constantine debate (video) – PNW Local, Washington

Three Cheers!

The Week New Urbanism Died? – Wendell Cox, New Geography

Congress for the New Urbanism-Another non-profit seeking to change you – Collecting My Thoughts

Council to forego eminent domain – Daily Herald, Tennessee

Too True To Be Good

Parking garages eyed as affordable housing – Columbia Spectator, New York

All aboard, urp, Metrorail! Our next stop: The Queasies – Washington Post

Heavy drinking on the light rail – In Denver Times

The European Model

UN Agenda 21 – Coming to a neighborhood near you – American Thinker

Left-wing activists held over Stockholm car fires – The Local, Sweden

High Speed Rail

Weighing The Future Of High Speed Rail In America – Ken Orski, Cascadia Prospectus

Speed-Riding the Rails: National Network Could Cost $600 Billion – Bond Buyer

Others leave U.S. in the dust on high-speed rail – Baltimore Sun

High-speed rail’s price tag doubles – Crain’s Chicago Business

Leaders agree to push for high-speed rail into Norfolk – Hampton Roads News, Virginia

Tallahassee heads for high-speed clash – Sun-Sentinel, Florida

High Speed Ohio rail plan moving forward – Toledo On The Move

High-speed rail spending to be a boon to freight rail companies – State Journal-Register, Illinois

Amtrak’s Losses – Matthew Yglesias, Think Progress

Across the Trenches

Copenhagen meet must pave way for sustainable development – Daily Star, Dhaka

UN investigates whether Chicago housing violates human rights – Medill Reports

Affordable? U.N. Puts a Questioning Eye on New York’s Housing – New York Times

Metropolitans in the Middle – Brookings Institute

Sustainable development- an alternatives to economic growth – Honolulu Advertiser

Ideas to create affordable housing, use land efficiently – Morning Call, Pennsylvania

Township, NJ Transit study transit village – CentralJersey.com

In Miami, a Step Forward for Pedestrians – StreetsBlog

Slow Down, You Move Too Fast — Twenty Is Plenty – Huffington Post

Imagine the smart city – Financial Post

‘Tsunami’ of City Dwellers a Global Threat – The Tyee, Canada

Move to urban core takes root – Orlando Sentinel

Arlington goes its own way in lawsuit over HOV lanes – Washington Post

APTA: Investment in transit creates U.S. jobs for new green economy – The Hill

How can Seattle make transit-oriented development work? – Post-Intelligencer

Linking a sustainable Portland with how fair it is to all – Oregon Live

Proposed climate bill supports clean transportation – Metro Magazine

Suburbanization meets the Crises of Climate Change – World Changing

Urban sprawl no fun for kids – Vancouver Sun

(“Adopt Smart Growth … for the children!” – ed.)

Quote of the Year Nominees*

“Though many recent graduates will talk endlessly about alternative energy, new urbanism and other anti-car values, the underlying reality is that carlessness is a state of blissful irresponsibility. Principle is only the window dressing.” Edward Niedermeyer, on the anti-car peer pressure among certain groups of college-age Americans.

           “She said, ‘They have stolen our property with the point of a bayonet in Greece. Here, they steal it with white gloves.’ ” Harry Pappas, quoting his mother Carol Pappas, who spent many years defending her family’s business and fighting eminent domain abuse in Las Vegas.

“Think a 1930s movie about a fantasy 19th century city–no cars, happy people chatting on street corners, and ordering from the butcher personally.” Norma, on how the vision of New Urbanist planners is unmoored from reality.

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