2009 Conference PPTs

2009 Conference DVDs and PowerPoints

DVDs of the 2009 Preserving the American Dream conference are available for $5 each or $50 for a complete set. You can also download many of the PowerPoint presentations given at the conference; just click on highlighted names below. Unless otherwise noted, PowerPoints are less than 2MB in size.

DVDs include:

  • Session 1 — Friday evening debate over the Puget Sound’s future between John Carlson and Bryan Johnson
  • Session 2 — Transportation issues featuring:
  • Session 2a — Transportation Planning featuring:
  • Session 2b — Transportation and the Environment featuring:
    • John Charles on Carbon Offsets & Mobility
    • Michael Ennis on Five Principles of Responsible Transportation Policy
    • Max Borders on Socioeconomic Metaphors
  • Session 2c — Transport Funding featuring:
    • Greg Cohen on Meeting Highway Needs
    • Sam Staley on The Politics of VMT Pricing
    • Eileen Norcross on the Stimulus Bill and Transportation
  • Session 3 — Land-Use Issues featuring:
    • Peter Gordon on The Best or Worst of Times? (7.7MB)
    • Vincent Benard on the Social, Economic, and Environmental Impacts of Land-Use Regulation in France
    • Owen McShane on Place-Based Planning and Its Implications
    • Ron Utt on Obama’s War on the American Dream
  • Session 3a — Land-Use Regulation featuring:
    • Owen McShane on Excessive Regulation in New Zealand
    • Todd Myers on “Green” Mandates
    • Rick Harrison on Prefurbia: The Market Alternative (11.4MB)
  • Session 3b — Property Rights featuring:
    • Steve Hammond on How to Break the Stranglehold of Washington’s Growth-Management Act (3.3MB)
    • Brian Derdowski on Tax-Increment Financing and Eminent Domain Abuse
    • Vincent Bernard on Property Rights Issues in France
  • Session 4a — Framing the Debate featuring:
    • Steven Greenhut on Fighting Smart Growth in California
    • Jeff Judson on Building Movements for Permanent Change
    • Jeff Kropf on Defending Limited Government in an Era of Big Government
    • Ed Braddy on the Politics of Smart Growth (2.9MB)
  • Session 4b — Fighting Back featuring:
    • Jim Horn on Building Roads in a No-New-Roads Environment (5.4MB)
    • Shaka Mitchell on Effective Tactics for Defending Freedom
    • Wendell Cox on Smart Growth’s Role in the Panic of 2008 (note: this show comes fully narrated and is 24MB in size)
  • Keynotes 1 featuring:
    • Kemper Freeman on Bringing the Market to the Marketplace
    • Sam Staley on a New Vision for Transportation
    • Keynote 2 featuring the Honorable Slade Gordon on the National Transportation Policy Project

    To order DVDs, send an email listing the session or sessions you wish to purchase to the ADC.