October 3 – 9, 2009

News & commentary about urban policy in America’s cities.

** Must Hear Audio: Talk of the Town interview – Sam Staley, Reason Foundation **

Mobility & Transportation
Toyota Uses Sensors for Driver Safety – M2M Magazine
Intelligent vehicles tested across European roads – EuroFOT
Battery breakthroughs for electric vehicles – ELRST.com
Invasion of the pod car – Boston Globe
Ridership drops on Metro, falling below budget expectations – Washington Examiner
Light Rail in Heavy Traffic Leads to One Inescapable Conclusion: Gridlock – Dallas Observer
Light Rail Killing Another Transit System – Coyote Blog, Arizona
Is a Boise streetcar desired? Initial public response is mixed – Idaho Statesman
Light-rail construction crashes into University research – Minnesota Daily
Budget cuts public transportation by $10 million – Detroit News
Metro Bracing to Make Further Cuts – Washington Post
Laid-Off Light-Rail Operators Protest Cuts – Phoenix New Times
Woman Struck, Killed By Train In Delaware – CBS-3, Newark
Pedestrian hit by light-rail train in Tempe – State-Press, Arizona
Car, light rail train collide downtown; 2 hospitalized – Baltimore Sun
3 Hurt in Light Rail, Car Crash – ABC2News, Maryland
Woman Struck by Metrobus In District – Washington Post
8 bus drivers fail drug tests after crashes – Washington Examiner
Miami mayor carves ambitious path for new bikeways – Miami Herald
Traffic-calming lunacy looms – Edmonton Sun

Housing & Land Use
Rolling the dice on wasteful home subsidies – Edward Glaeser, Boston Globe
On Cities, GHG Emissions, Apples & Oranges – Wendell Cox, New Geography
President Pitches Plan to Revive America’s Cities – Washington Post
The Declining Soccer Mom – Wall Street Journal
Maryland becoming the East Coast California – Washington Examiner
Senators learn growth management overhaul doesn’t do what they thought it did – Orlando Sentinel
‘Sea change’ due in state’s growth policies – Tampa Tribune
San Jose suspends affordable housing rules for developers – Mercury News
$1 million in TIF spent on South Bend redevelopment – WNDU.com, Indiana
Silvis to ask state for TIF extension despite opposition from schools – Quad City Times, Illinois
Attorney to seek restraining order against NorthSide TIF project – St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Washington County suing city of Riverside for TIF funds – Press-Citizen, Iowa
Some Say Md. Research Center Will Be a Study in Sprawl – Washington Post
Trinity Uptown planners vote to use eminent domain again – Ft. Worth Star-Telegram
U.S. Senator warns against energy sprawl – Leaf Chronicle, Tennessee

Freedom & Grassroots
Eminent Domain – Poetic justice, or sour economy? – San Francisco Chronicle
A Much-Touted Reform Is Undone – Hartford Courant
How Should Planners Promote Livable Communities? – National Journal
Mayoral aspirants tout mobility plans – Houston Chronicle
Eminent-domain reform up to Texas voters – Wilson County News

Three Cheers!
Celebrating their triumph over eminent domain in Long Branch – APP.com, New Jersey
Judge rules against city in land case – Daily Herald, Tennessee
Court: Don’t divert road funds – News & Observer, North Carolina

The European Model
McDonald’s restaurants to open at the Louvre – London Telegraph
Volkswagen Is Steering Toward American Tastes – Washington Post
The Copenhagen Suburbs – Matthew Yglesias, Think Progress

High Speed Rail
Will Obama’s High-Speed Rail Plan Become a Subsidy for Freight Railroads? – Ron Utt, Heritage
The Hypothetical Hypotheticals of U.S. High Speed Rail – Sam Staley, Reason
$50B in high-speed rail applications submitted for $8B fund – Associated Press, Washington
$11.6B more sought by N.Y. for high-speed rail – Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester
California seeks $4.7-billion high-speed rail grant – L.A. Times
North Carolina wants $5.3 billion for trains – News & Observer, North Carolina
Pennsylvania Applies for $3.1 Billion for High-Speed Rail Projects – PR Newswire
Florida files a formal application for $2.5 billion for HSR – Miami Herald
Price tag climbs for high-speed rail – State Journal-Register, Illinois
Milwaukee-Madison rail route still on track despite Olympic vote – Journal-Sentinel, Wisconsin
Vegas the logical spot for HSR hub, Brookings says – Las Vegas Sun

Across the Trenches
Obama’s Portland agenda for cities – Oregon Live
The Evolution of Oregon’s Statewide Planning Program (Part 1 of 2) – Northwest Hub
Retrofitting for a ‘New Suburbia’ – New York Times
The move to sustainability – Daily Gazette, New York
The Truth About Smart Growth – David Crossley, Houston Chronicle
The quiet consensus on urban growth in the Portland metro area – Blue Oregon
Metro Vancouver needs new rules for smart-growth development – Vancouver Sun
Visioning a much smarter SM – Santa Maria Times
Suburban Sprawl to Smart Growth – Shifting the American Dream – 100K House.com
Electrified light rail is way of the future – Denver Post
Car Is Still King at Alt-Car Expo – L.A. StreetsBlog
Dedicated bus lanes could solve traffic issues – Spartan Daily, San Jose
Dreaming of Bicycle Boulevards in Miami Beach – Slow Bike Miami

Quote of the Year Nominees*

“He [President Obama] has ridden on the bus and on the El and he knows urbanism.” John Norquist, former mayor of Milwaukee and president of the Congress for the New Urbanism.

“Our nation runs the risk of damaging the environment in the name of saving the environment.” U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander (TN), on energy sprawl.

“Ed Begley Jr. is still the reigning Rock Star of the Green Revolution and there were two booths proudly displaying a life-sized cutout of Ed, demonstrating that there are two kinds of green products on the market – those that enrich Ed and those that don’t.” Stephen Box, commenting on displays at the Alt-Car Expo.

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