2017 Conference Presentations and Papers

Session 1: Major Transportation Changes

Metropolitan Spatial Organization by Alain Bertaud

The Transportation-Land Use Connection by Alain Bertaud (PowerPoint show)

The Road to VMT Road User Charges by Thomas Rubin (PowerPoint show)

The Future of Commuting by Alan Pisarski (PowerPoint show)

The Transit Apocalypse by Randal O’Toole

Session 2: Housing & Land-Use Reform

How HUD’s AFFH Affects Property Rights by John Anthony (PowerPoint)

Legal Challenges to Exclusionary Zoning by Andrew Thomas (PowerPoint)

Portland TOD: Vision vs. Reality by John Charles (PowerPoint)

Obama’s Last-Minute Regulations That Devastate Your Property Rights by John Anthony

Session 3: Housing Reform

HUD’s Planned Future for American Communities by John Anthony (PowerPoint)

Session 3b: Intercity Transportation

The Road Usage Charge: to Impose a Tax on Every Mile You Drive by Mariya Frost

Session 4: Transportation Policy for the Future

Improving the Funding of Highways by Tracy Miller (PowerPoint)

Legal Barriers to Automated Vehicle Platooning by Marc Scribner (PowerPoint)

How New Technologies and Autonomous Vehicles Will Change Public Transportation by Steven Polzin (PowerPoint)

Different Paths to Automated Vehicles by John Niles (PDF of PowerPoint show)

Improving Funding and Management of Surface Transportation Infrastructure by Veronique de Rugy and Tracy Miller

Session 5a: Transportation Policy

Air Traffic Control Corporatization by Baruch Feigenbaum (PowerPoint)

Unshackling U.S. Airports:
Driving Investment Through Free-Market Reforms
by Michael Sargent (PowerPoint)

The Good and the Bad of P3s by Jonathan Gifford (PowerPoint)

Managing HUD and Protecting Local Control by John Anthony (PowerPoint)

The New Feudalism by Randal O’Toole

Session 6: Making Housing Affordable

Regulation and Housing Affordability by Emily Hamilton (PowerPoint)

Urban Containment: Housing Affordability’s “Killer App” by Wendell Cox (PowerPoint)

Restrictive Land-Use Regulation: Strategies, Effects & Solutions by Wendell Cox

How Land-Use Regulation Undermines Affordable Housing by Sanford Ikeda and Emily Washington

Session 7: Fighting Light Rail

Fighting the Twin Cities Metropolitan Council by Kim Crockett (PowerPoint)

Information about Southwest light rail

Saying No to Virginia Beach Light Rail by John Atkinson (PowerPoint)

Information about Virginia Beach light trail

The Honolulu Boondoggle by Panos Prevedouros (PowerPoint)

Information about the Honolulu rail project

Information about the Purple Line

Session 8: Influencing the System

Influencing the System by Glen Morgan (PowerPoint)