2017 Conference Agenda

Sunday Tour: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm (please be in the lobby 15 minutes before 8 am)

Sunday Evening
5:30-6:30 pm: Social Hour—Capital View Ballroom Salon

6:30-7:30 pm: Dinner—Capital View Ballroom

7:00-9:00 pm: Session 1: Major Transportation Changes—Capital View Ballroom

Moderator: Baruch Feigenbaum
Alain Bertaud: The Transportation-Land Use Connection Is It Real
Thomas Rubin: Mileage-Based User Fees and the Future of Highway Finance
Alan Pisarski: Does Commuting Still Matter
Randal O’Toole: The Future of Railroads and Passenger Rail

Monday Morning
 8:00-9:45: Session 2: Housing and Land Use Reform—Potomac B-C

Moderator: John Charles
John Anthony: Reforming HUD
Ed Kilduff: Reforming EPA
Andrew Thomas: Reforming State Land Use Laws
Scott Beyer: Reforming Urban Planning

10:00-11:45: Session 3: Choose One of the Following

Option 1: Housing Reform—Potomac B-C Option 2: Intercity Transportation Strategy Session—Potomac D
Moderator: Benita Dodd
John Charles: Portland’s Failed Affordable Housing Approach
John Anthony: The Problems with Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing
Discussion leaders:
Mariya Frost, Reforming State Highway Finance
Randal O’Toole, Reforming Amtrak


Noon-1:00 Lunch with Keynote: Loren Smith, US DOT–Potomac Ballroom Foyer

Monday Afternoon
1:00-2:45 Session 4: Transportation Policy for the Future—Potomac B-C

Moderator: Baruch Feigenbaum
Ron Utt: Trump’s Infrastructure Plan
Tracy Miller: Funding Infrastructure
Marc Scribner: AV Platooning
Steve Polzin: The Future of Public Transit

3:00-5:00: Session 5: Choose One of the Following

Option 1: Transportation Policy—Potomac B-C Option 2: Housing & Land Use Strategy Session—Potomac D
Moderator: Chris Edwards
Greg Cohen, Reforming Federal Highway Finance
Jonathan Gifford, The Good and the Bad of P3s
Baruch Feigenbaum: Air Traffic Control Reform
Michael Sargeant: Free Market Airports
John Niles: Different Paths to Autonomous Vehicles
Discussion leaders:
John Anthony: Reforming HUD
Randal O’Toole: Reforming State Land-Use Laws


Monday Evening

5:30-6:30: Social Hour—Capital View Ballroom Salon

6:30-7:30: Dinner—Capital View Ballroom

7:15-9:00: Session 6: Debate—How Do We Make Housing Affordable?—Capital View
Wendell Cox: End urban containment policies
Emily Hamilton: Reform city zoning to allow increased densities

Tuesday Morning

8:00-9:45: Session 7: Fighting Light-Rail—Potomac Ballroom B-C

Moderator: Barbara Haselden
Kim Crockett: Minneapolis Southwest Rail Line
Panos Prevadouros: Honolulu Rail Line
Jim Roy: Maryland Purple Line
John Atkinson: Virginia Beach Light Rail

10:00-Noon: Session 8: Choose One of the Following

Option 1: Influencing the System—Potomac B-C Option 2: Urban Transport Strategy Session—Potomac D
Emily Goff: Understanding House Budgeting
TBA: Understanding Senate Budgeting
Glen Morgan: Influencing the System
Discussion leaders:
Alan Pisarski: Washington Project Focus
Randal O’Toole: Pricing People onto Roads


Noon-1:00: Lunch and closing speech by Finch Fulton, US DOT–Potomac Ballroom Foyer

1:00-2:00: Discussion of Future of American Dream Coalition—Potomac Ballroom D

Thanks to Our Conference Co-Sponsors
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