2015 Conference Videos

Here are videos of all of the presentations at the 2015 Preserving the American Dream conference. Watch presentations here or click on the link below each video to watch in the American Dream Coalition channel on YouTube.

The Federal Role in Transportation–Representative Blake Farenthold (R-TX27)

Texas Housing Costs–James Quintero, Texas Public Policy Foundation

Texas Transportation Funding–Ginger Goodin, Texas A&M Transportation Institute

Texas Tax Structure–Vance Ginn, Texas Public Policy Foundation

Texas Transportation Funding–Mike Heiligenstein, Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority

Transport Affordability–Tom Rubin, Independent Consultant

Self Driving Cars–Marc Scribner of the Competitive Enterprise Institute

Funding Research–Trey Baker: Texas A&M Transportation Institute

Future of Mass Transit–Randal O’Toole, Cato Foundation

The Bowling Green, Ohio Taxi Case–Megan Forbes, Institute for Justice

How to fix housing affordability and restore property rights–Randal O’Toole, Cato Institute

Why people can no longer afford homes–Wendell Cox, Independent Consultant

Realistic Predictions for Automated Vehicles–Baruch Feigenbaum, Reason Foundation

The Future of Transport and Affordability–Alan Pizarski, Independent Consultant

Renewable Fuel Standard: Central Planning, Corporate Welfare; What Could Possibly Go Wrong?–Marlo Lewis, Competitive Enterprise Institute

Wetlands–Ed Kildruff, Independent Consultant

Market Urbanism–Scott Beyers, Independent Journalist

Opportunity Urbanism (full presentation)–Tory Gattis, Center for Opportunity Urbanism

What makes a city successful (3-minute clip)-Tory Gattis

The Hidden Costs of Land Use Planning and Growth Management–Samuel Staley, Florida State University-

Debate on Government-funded Rail Transit Expansion in Austin–For: Dave Dobbs, Austin Rail Now; Against: Thomas Rubin, Independent Consultant

Austin Rail Extension–Jim Skaggs

How We Defeated Greenlight Pinellas Light Rail in Florida–Barbara Haselden

How We Defeated Elgin Texas Rail–Vince May

Visual Approaches for Grassroots Activism–Glen Morgan, Executive Director, Citizens Alliane for Property Rights

Stopping the San Antonio Streetcar–Jeff Judson, Executive Director, Citizens Alliance for Property Rights

Communicating with Government Officials–Alan Pizarski, Independent Consultant; Tom Rubin, Independent Consultant; Bob Pishue, Director of Transportation at Washington Policy Center

Ridesharing Services versus Taxis–Jesse Hathaway, Heartland Institute