Rick Harrison

Rick Harrison is an land planner who has designed over 900 neighborhoods in 46 States and 18 Countries contracted by over 300 developers. During the past 25 years he has been the leader in developing new methods for the design of land development, engineering, and housing. He is the author of Prefurbia: Reinventing Land Development from Disdainable to Sustainable.

Expertise: Land Development, Housing, Land Planning, Engineering, Surveying, Green Building, Environment, Open Space

Best way to reach: email to rharrison@rhsdplanning.com

Cost: Travel expenses (from Minnesota) plus $1,000 per day honorarium

Special needs: Minimum of one hour

Sample paper and presentation: Coved and Bay Home Neighborhoods (18-MB PDF)
Prius Efficiency on Hummer Streets (72 MB PowerPoint)

Web sites: Rick Harrison Site Design and Land Mentor