American Dreamer

In 2006, the American Dream Coalition began publishing a newsletter called the American Dreamer. For a time, this was supplanted by the Weekly Communicator. The American Dreamer resumed in 2013. The Weekly Communicator has been replaced by a newsletter titled “Energy, Funding, Highways, Transit, Zoning,” edited by ADC member Dale Evans. You can read issues on line and/or email Dale Evans to subscribe.

Spring, 2014 Newsletter: Federal transit inequities, the great suburbanization, and ADC’s Rail Toolkit.
Fall, 2014 Newsletter: Rail skeptics score victories in San Antonio, St. Petersburg, Austin, and Arlington, Virginia; what will Republicans do now that they have taken Congress? and debates over toll roads.
Summer, 2014 Newsletter: Fighting unsustainable sustainability planning; transportation reauthorization and the false dilemma between deficit spending and raising taxes; new research.
Winter, 2014 Newsletter: Fighting boondoggles; how “sustainability planning” threatens the American dream.
Fall, 2013 Newsletter: Obama’s war on the suburbs; making cities prosperous; Portland the next Detroit; and a debate over New Starts are covered in this issue of the American Dreamer.
Summer, 2013 Newsletter: Sustainability planning; federal transit funding; and the state of American highways and bridges are covered in this issue of the American Dreamer.
The Summer 2007 issue of ADC’s newsletter, The American Dreamer, comments on the Minneapolis bridge collapse, shows that cities can build their way out of congestion, and shows why California has the least affordable housing in America. Also available: the Winter 2007, Fall 2006 and Summer 2006 editions of the newsletter.