2013 Conference PPTs

Here are most of the PowerPoint shows that were given at the 2013 Preserving the American Dream conference. Unless otherwise noted, files are smaller than 5 megabytes. You may also be interested in reading background papers written by the various speakers along with important transportation and housing data.

Session 1–Debate: Should Congress Abolish the New Starts Program That Funds New Rail Transit Projects?

Randal O’Toole (Cato Institute)–Yes (14.5 MB)
Art Guzzetti (American Public Transportation Association)–No

Session 2–Transportation Issues

Dale Moser (CEO, CoachUSA)–How Megabus Revolutionized the Intercity Bus Industry
Cliff Slater (Honolulu Traffic)–Stopping a Rail Transit Boondoggle (15.6 MB)
Robert Poole (Reason Foundation)–Interstate 2.0—Modernizing the Interstate Highway System
Ron Utt (Maryland Public Policy Institute)–The Debate over Public-Private Partnerships

Session 2a–Transportation & Technology

Bruce Lambert (Institute for Trade and Transportation Studies)–Urban planning & trucking (15 MB)
Rick Harrison (Harrison Site Design Studio)–Prius Efficiency on Hummer Streets (72 MB)
Marc Scribner (Competitive Enterprise Institute)–The Danger of Re-regulating the Railroads
Pat Zilliacus (transportation engineer)–Measuring Congestion Relief from Transit

Session 2b–Transportation Funding

Ryan Bowley (Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association)–Reforming Federal Transportation (5.5 MB)
Alan Pisarski (author of Commuting in America)–The Future of Driving
Baruch Feigenbaum (Reason Foundation)–Free-Market Transportation

Session 2c–Fighting Boondoggles

Joseph Warren–The Arlington Streetcar

Session 3–Land-Use Issues

Tom Rubin (ADC)–Sustainability Planning in the San Francisco Bay Area
Wendell Cox (Demographia.com)–Toward More Prosperous Cities (12 MB)
Rick Harrison (Harrison Site Design Studio)–Building Sustainable Suburbs (67 MB)

Session 3a–Dealing with Local Government

Sam Staley (Reason Foundation)–The Tea Party and Florida’s Growth-Management Law

Session 3b–The Portland Model Breaks Down

John Charles (Cascade Policy Institute)–The Myth of Transit-Oriented Development (100 MB)
John Glennon (Cascade Policy Institute)–The Disappearance of Large Lots (11 MB)

Session 4a–The Politics of Transportation

Randal O’Toole (Cato Institute)–A Political Strategy for Federal Transportation Funding (7 MB)
Emily Ekins (Reason Foundation)–Packaging Your Message

Session 4b–The Politics of Land Use

Mimi Steel (Citizens Alliance for Property Rights)–Opposing a Sustainability Plan
Hadley Heath (Independent Women’s Forum)–Economic Concepts in Plain Language
Erica Smith (Institute for Justice)–Bringing Legal Cases on Property Rights (132-MB; contains several video files)