2014 American Dream Conference

Sustainability vs. the American Dream

The 2014 Preserving the American Dream Conference
Embassy Suites-Stapleton
Denver Colorado
September 19-21, 2014

All over the country, regional governments are writing “sustainability plans” that will reduce mobility and single-family home ownership. A Portland, Oregon plan aims to reduce the share of people living in single-family homes by 37 percent. A Washington state plan targets reduction of per capita driving by 50 percent. These plans are expensive and infringe on property rights and personal freedom.

The 2014 Preserving the American Dream Conference will give you the tools you need to stop these plans. Learn from the successes of other activists who are facing the same problems and get the facts from our experts to counter the fiction of sustainability and regionalism.

Friday: Optional Tour of Denver

Some of the highlights of our tour will include transit-oriented developments, light rail, greenbelts, and HOT lanes. The tour begins at 8 am and returns to the hotel at 4:30 pm.

Friday Evening: Tollroad Debate

Friday night will feature a debate on the question of tollroads and public-private partnerships, which have been controversial in Colorado and elsewhere. Click on the image of any speaker to learn more about them or their topic.

Saturday Morning: Transportation

Some of the transportation experts who will speak at the 2014 conference.

Saturday Afternoon: Land Use

Some of the land-use experts who will speak at the 2014 conference.

Saturday Evening: Sustainability Debate

Saturday night will feature a banquet highlighted by a debate over sustainability planning.

Sunday Morning: Grassroots Organizing

A variety of media experts will present ideas on how you can be more effective at getting your message across.

The American Dream Coalition Conference is designed to bring a wide variety of people together to network and learn how to defend the American Dream. Elected officials and their staffs will get access to research and experts; state-based free-market think tank researchers will learn what is happening in other states; citizen activists will learn how to influence state legislation and local planning processes.

States marked yellow require communities to do “sustainability planning.” Regions marked red received federal sustainable communities grants. All these areas and more are likely planning for “pack-and-stack” housing and other boondoggles.

More information will be posted here soon. Please go to our registration page to get the early-bird discount at no risk; if you are unable to attend, you can cancel before September 4 and receive a full refund.