The Streetcar Hoax

Streetcars are an obsolete technology that most American cities replaced decades ago. Yet, thanks to incentives from the federal government, at least 45 American cities are building or planning new streetcar lines. Find out why streetcars are a waste of your money from the following publications and PowerPoint shows by American Dream Coalition member Randal O’Toole.

Streetcars and other forms of rail transit will be discussed in detail at the 201y Preserving the American Dream conference. Come to the conference to learn how to fight these wasteful projects in your region.

Click images to download the publications.

Broward County wants to spend $200 million on a streetcar in downtown Fort Lauderdale, but ADC’s review reveals that the county’s own environmental assessment estimates that it will bring no new people into downtown and will attract only 84 new downtown transit riders a day.

The Streetcar Conspiracy is a generic critique of streetcars published by the Cato Institute.

The Streetcar Fantasy reviews a streetcar proposal for San Antonio published by the Heartland Institute.

The Streetcar Scam reviews a streetcar proposal for Milwaukee published by the McIver Institute.

Milwaukee Streetcar PowerPoint show (18 MB, March 2013) summarizes the reasons why Milwaukee should not build a streetcar. Also available in PDF (15 MB).
San Antonio Streetcar PowerPoint show (61 MB, November, 2012) provides detailed information about the proposal to build a streetcar in San Antonio.
Boise Streetcar PowerPoint show (11 MB, December, 2011) critiques the idea of a streetcar in Boise.