2013 American Dream Conference

Our transportation system is broken. Cities that can’t afford to repair potholed streets are spending tens of millions of dollars on 8-mph streetcars. Federal funds needed to maintain highways and bridges are diverted instead to “livability” programs aimed at changing American lifestyles. Congressional efforts to reform federal transportation policy meet the same kind of resistance as people trying to drive Los Angeles or Washington freeways at rush hour.

A summary of the conference agenda is below. Click here for the complete agenda (subject to minor changes). Click here for information on registration.

Sunday: Optional Tour of the DC Area

Our optional tour will visit the Silver Line Metrorail that is now under construction; the controversial but successful InterCounty Connector; planned and under-construction streetcar lines; Arlington County’s million-dollar bus stop; Tyson’s Corner; and Montgomery County Agricultural Reserves.

Sunday Evening, October 27: Dinner & Debate

Two leading transportation experts will debate whether the “New Starts” fund, which provides federal support for new rail transit lines, should be replaced with a fund distributed by each transit agency’s ridership or fare revenues.

Monday Morning, October 28: Transportation Speakers

At the same time as some people want to make multi-billion dollar investments in new high-speed rail lines and urban rail transit, private parties are offering an alternative future. Megabus has pioneered a new, low-cost intercity transport model that has intercity bus travel growing twice as fast as Amtrak. Google, Volkswagen, and others are developing self-driving cars that may be on the market before the end of this decade.

Monday Afternoon, October 28: Land-Use Speakers

In 2014, Congress is scheduled to revisit federal transportation policy. Streetcars, light rail, toll roads, and the gas tax will all be up for debate. This is your opportunity to not only learn about these issues but to meet with your representatives in Congress to tell them how you feel about federal transportation policies and programs.

Keynote Speaker: Monday Banquet Dinner

House Transportation Committee member and Kentucky Represenative Thomas Massie will describe the problems facing Congress in reauthorizing federal transportation programs.

Tuesday Morning, October 29: Building Your Grassroots Coalition

Several speakers will help you craft your message and promote it to the media, to legislators, and to the public.

Doubletree Hotel, Washington DC, October 27-29, 2013

The Washington Doubletree Hotel at 1515 Rhode Island Avenue NW is offering American Dream conference goers a special rate of $139 per night any nights from October 24 through October 29. To get this rate, reservations must be made by October 7. Go to Doubletree reservations; click “add special rate code” and enter “adc” under “group code.”

Sunday, October 27 will feature an optional tour of recent transportation, housing, and commercial investments in the Washington, DC area. That evening we will have a debate over the future of American transportation policy.

Monday, October 28 will be dedicated to presentations about federal, state, and local transportation and land-use policies. Members of Congress as well as representatives of Google and Megabus have been invited to present ideas about the future of transportation. Experts from Reason Foundation, Cato Institute, and other groups will discuss the latest research, legal actions, and legislative proposals.

Tuesday, October 29 the conference will focus on how people can influence federal, state, and local policies and programs. Conference participants will be encouraged to visit their Congressional representatives on Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday.


The conference registration fee is $299, which covers all meals. A special low-income/student fee is just $199. The optional tour is $50. People can also register for just part of the conference such as sessions on Sunday evening, Monday, or Tuesday.

Space at the conference is limited to 125 people. Reserve your place at the conference by registering today. Click here if you would like to pay by credit card/PayPal, or here if you would like to pay by check.

In addition to the American Dream Coalition, the conference is co-sponsored by the Cascade Policy Institute, Center of the American Experiment, Competitive Enterprise Institute, Home Builders Association of Central Arizona, and Reason Foundation.

If you have any questions, would like to co-sponsor the conference, or would like to make a presentation at the conference, please contact Eileen Bruskewitz.