January 16 – Feb 28, 2013

The American Dream Communicator
The most comprehensive digest of news & commentary about urban policy in America!

** Top Reads **
In California, don’t bash the ‘burbs – Joel Kotkin, Orange County Register
World’s Most Affluent Metropolitan Areas – Wendell Cox, New Geography
Why Federal Transit Hasn’t Lived Up to Its Promises – Emily Goff, The Foundry

** New Report:
America’s Growth Corridors: The Key to National Revival – Manhattan Institute for Policy Research **

Mobility & Transportation
Washington, DC: Congestion King – Randal O’Toole, Cato @ Liberty
Washington rated the worst for traffic congestion — again – Washington Post
D.C. waging war against drivers – Washington Examiner
Does Light Rail Really Encourage People to Stop Driving? – Atlantic Cities
Fairfax officials argue over parkway’s future: Widening or mass transit? – Washington Examiner
Dulles Toll Road hike sends few looking for detours – Fairfax Times, Virginia
Reston citizens worried the Silver Line will bring gridlock – WTOP
Planning officials see buses at center of transit network serving Tysons Corner – Washington Post
Metrobus drivers get customer service training – Washington Post
Metro receives 99 harassment complaints in 2012 – Washington Examiner
In Canton, parking woes part of growing pains – Baltimore Sun

Point – Counterpoint
Detroit, the Billionaire’s Playground – Mark Binelli, New York Times
Detroit, Future City – Aaron Renn, New Geography

Housing & Land Use
Rearranging the Park Benches – Randal O’Toole, Cato @ Liberty
Gentrification and its Discontents: Cleveland Going Beyond Creatively Classed – Richey Piiparinen
America’s Oldest Cities – Wendell Cox, New Geography
Transit Legacy Cities – Wendell Cox, New Geography
Meet NYC’s first-ever “microapartments” – Salon
City of Baltimore is on a path to financial ruin, report says – US Political Newswire
Metro’s arrival in Tysons brings new set of challenges – Fairfax Times

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Freedom & Grassroots
Light-rail opponents file suit – The Columbian, Washington
Rockville sees massive jump in red-light camera tickets – WTOP
Pinellas clerk asks for red-light ticket moratorium – Tampa Bay Online
Court Overturns E.P.A.’s Biofuels Mandate – New York Times
The NY Times Discovers a New Trend: Adults with Kids Are Moving to the Suburbs – Slate
Johns Hopkins hoping to revive East Baltimore neighborhood on its border – Washington Post

The Old Dominion
A transportation funding breakthrough in Virginia – Washington Post
Virginia Takes Two Steps Backwards – The Antiplanner
Montgomery officials seek transportation funding ideas from Northern Virginia – Washington Post

Smart Growth Is Un-Sustainable
Plight of ‘second-steppers’: Families trapped in homes they’ve outgrown – Daily Mail
NYC Schools Spend $6,900 Per Student – on Bus Transportation! – Townhall
Metro-North spending cut while subsidies for new rail line and busway add up – Raising Hale
Metro says its outside lawyers were paid $7.5M in Red Line crash cases – Washington Post

High Speed Hype
Why High-Speed Rail Is a Ridiculous Fantasy – Randal O’Toole, Cato @ Liberty
Amtrak, California join to push throttle on high-speed rail – McClatchy
Massive Rail Project Haunts Merkel Campaign – Spielgel Online

Around the World
Minuscule Parisian Apartment Housed Man For 15 Years – NPR, France
Shoebox living and what you get for your rent – TV New Zealand
600,000 move out in decade of ‘white flight’ from London – Daily Mail
Stockholm enlists Ikea to ease housing crunch – The Local, Sweden

Across the Tracks
Plan would make District ‘healthiest, greenest and most livable’ city – Washington Post
What I believe about cities – The Urbanophile
Applying the Urbanophile’s Beliefs About Cities to Houston – Tory Gattis, Houston Strategies

Stating the Obvious
Starting a business is a huge pain – Matthew Yglesias, Slate

Parody or Reality?
Ray LaHood Resigns Following Mysterious Disappearance Of Country Road – The Onion
LaHood’s Legacy – The Antiplanner

Vibrant Urbanism
Beijing air pollution off the charts – CBS News
After Redskins game, a rash of armed robberies – Washington Post
Montgomery County looks to get hip – Washington Post

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