January 1 – 15, 2013

The American Dream Communicator
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** Top Reads **
Land-Use Manifesto 2013 – The Antiplanner
Governor McDonnell’s Seppuku Transportation Plan – Ron Utt, Bearing Drift

Mobility & Transportation
Our Cars’ Weight Problem – Robert E. Norton, National Review
Zipcar competes with public transportation, rides from friends in college towns – USA Today
What Does Zipcar’s Purchase Portend for the Future of Car-Sharing?
– Planetizen
The Drive-It-Yourself Taxi:  A Smooth Ride? – Scott Le Vine, New Geography
End Gas Tax? Yes! Pay for Roads with Sales Tax? No! – The Antiplanner
What Really Matters for Increasing Transit Ridership – Atlantic Cities
Silicon Valley Can’t Get Transit Right – Atlantic Cities
Fiscal Cliff Deal Will Make it Cheaper to Use Transit in 2013 – Transportation Issues Daily
Snelling Avenue getting ‘rapid bus’ route to connect light-rail lines – Minneapolis Pioneer-Press
Public transportation use dips on red air days – Fox 13, Salt Lake City
Light rail collides with vehicle in Cockeysville, Maryland – WTOP
Driver dies day after crash with light-rail train in Sacramento – KCRA.com, Sacramento

Point – Counterpoint
Cars OR People – Ron Cunningham, Gainesville Sun
Ron’s Dumb Smart Growth Utopia Ed Braddy, Gainesville Sun

Housing & Land Use
The Dispersion of Financial Sector Jobs – Wendell Cox, New Geography
America’s 5 Most-Affordable Housing Markets – The Street
America’s 5 Least Affordable Housing Markets – AOL Real Estate
States of Foreclosure – Wall Street Journal
Crime Migrates to Suburbs – Wall Street Journal
Affordable housing plan provokes objection – Orange County Register
Oklahoma County seeks downtown tax increment financing for projects – News OK

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Freedom & Grassroots
Could Occupiers and Tea Partiers join to fight growth controls? – Wayne Lusvardi, Cal Watchdog
Stockton’s Moral Deficit – Steven Greenhut, CJ California
Light-rail petition ruled unsuccessful – The Columbian, Washington
How LA Regulated A Burger Stand Out of Existence – Reason TV
Eminent domain amendment passes; land seizure battles continue – Hampton Roads Business Journal, Virginia
Eminent domain change could cost local governments – Virginia Gazette
City unwisely abuses ‘blight,’ eminent domain – Columbia Daily Tribune, Missouri

Smart Growth Is Un-Sustainable
Transit chief to announce $135 million for light rail – Sacramento Bee
Feds to inject $25 million into Detroit light rail project – Michigan Radio
Norfolk light rail: Pay to ride or face a fine – WSLS-10
Maryland Governor proposes $25 million for affordable housing in capital budget – Baltimore Sun

High Speed Hype
Getting to Vegas, baby – Wendell Cox, Orange County Register
Amtrak: High-speed rail could cost taxpayers $151B and take 30 years to complete – Business Review
China’s new high-speed trains run at 186 mph – San Francisco Chronicle
High Speed Train Too Expensive – CRIEnglish

Around the World
China Freeways: Continuing Expansion – Wendell Cox, New Geography
Rocketing Rents Become Election Issue in Germany
– Spiegel Online
Malls Blossom in Russia, With a Middle Class – New York Times
Hong Kong real estate investors pursue parking spaces – Los Angeles Times

Across the Tracks
Has your favorite phrase jumped the shark? The vocabulary of community-building – Kaid Benfield, NRDC
With tax break, a big carbon footprint – Edward Glaeser, Boston Globe
$450 Billion in Federal Subsidies Tilt U.S. Real Estate Market Toward Sprawl – DC Streetsblog
Sprawl Could Kill Off 34 Million Acres of American Forest by 2060 – Atlantic Cities
Report calls for better growth planning in Oregon – Statesman Journal
Time to talk about sustainable development – Stockhouse
Inside the Radical Plan to Fight Foreclosures With Eminent Domain – Mother Jones
The charrette is the ticket for those problematic development sites – MSU Extension

Unintentionally Hilarious Headline
Happy 25th birthday of light rail, VTA: Now let’s make it work – Silicon Valley Mercury News

Vibrant Urbanism
‘No Pants Light Rail Ride’ kicks off in Seattle 
– Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Riders Plan to go Pants-less on Light Rail – Fox Charlotte, NC
D.C. No-Pants Metro Ride: When Nudity on Transit is Considered Normal – In The Capital

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