Sept 7 – Oct 31, 2012

The American Dream Communicator
The most comprehensive digest of news & commentary about urban and suburban policy in America!

** Top Reads **
The Road Less Understood – Wendell Cox, New Geography
America’s Last Politically Contested Territory: The Suburbs  – Joel Kotkin, Daily Beast

Mobility & Transportation
Obama Fuel Economy Rules Trump Smart Growth – Wendell Cox, New Geography
Contracting Transportation Services – Baruch Feigenbaum, Reason Foundation
A world without cars: The internal-combustion engine has freed mankind – Washington Times
85 mph! Texas to open toll highway with fastest speed limit in nation – US News
Taking the ‘Cheap’ Out of the Small Car – New York Times
GM’s Volt: The ugly math of low sales, high costs – Reuters
App finds D.C. one of the toughest for speed enforcement
Light Rail Construction Has Popular Restaurant Facing Foreclosure – CBS Minnesota
One Woman’s Terrifying Tale Of Harassment On Metro – LAist
Why You Hate Cyclists? Partly because of jerks like me – Slate

Housing & Land Use
Can city life be exported to the suburbs? – Washington Post
Protest planned against L.A. Metro TODs for displacing working class residents – 89.3 KPCC
Northern Virginia beats Maryland when it comes to jobs – WTOP
Downtown Springfield prepares for life without TIF – Illinois Times
Huntley plans to pump $40M into downtown – Northwest Herald, Illinois
Sprawl Watch: County’s proposed sustainability plan calls for increased vigilance –

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Freedom & Grassroots
The Creative Destruction of Creative Class-ification – Richey Piiparinen, New Geography
Doubts as Portland Weighs Fluoride and Its Civic Values – New York Times
Eminent domain ballot issue flies under radar in Virginia – Washington Examiner
Petition drive fights Dulles Toll Road hike – WTOP
Local governments try to cut costs via efficiency – Gainesville Sun
Design charette or charade? – Brantford Expositor

Un-Sustainable Smart Growth
Lakewood set to spend $2.8 million on light rail stations
– Denver Post
Audit: MARTA spends $50M too much, should privatize some functions – Atlanta Journal-Constitution

High Speed Hype
Would funds for HSR be better spent improving existing intercity rail service? – Wall Street Journal
One Proposal For Amtrak Bullet Train Route: Under Long Island Sound – Hartford Courant
California high speed rail segment receives federal approval – Reuters

Around the World
Honduras Sets Stage for 3 Privately Run Cities – ABC News
Building Battle: Fees drive up prices – New Zealand Herald
Jerusalem Light Rail: More Trains for Rising Ridership – Israeli National News

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Across the Tracks
Cars: Weapons of Mass Urban Destruction – Peter Calthorpe, Foreign Affairs
What Happens When We Reach ‘Peak Car’? – Time
Building walkable cities cuts emissions more than fuel taxes, study says – Smart Planet
Urban sprawl could doom some biodiversity hotspots by 2030 – Monga Bay

Around the Bend
Kiss Your Bus Goodbye – Traffic Technology International
Who’s Behind the Wheel? Nobody – Wall Street Journal

Two Wasteful Projects in One!
Riding Sunlight: Solar Power for Public Transportation –

Vibrant Urbanism
MARC commuters turn trip into ‘high-speed happy hour’ – Washington Post
Several stabbed at subway station in Queens – CBS New York
Women Share Their Stories of Sexual Harassment (And Worse) on Transit – LAist
Lawmakers, Victims Want ‘Subway Grinders’ Labeled As Sex Offenders – CBS New York

Notable Quotables

Portland has better teeth. Kim Kaminski of Clean Water Portland, on the city’s effort to put fluoride in the water supply.

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