June 1 – 30, 2012

The American Dream Communicator
The most comprehensive digest of news & commentary about urban and suburban policy in America!

** Top Reads **
Questioning the Messianic Conception of Smart Growth – Wendell Cox, New Geography
Cities Growing Faster Than Suburbs–Not! – The Antiplanner
The Folly of Energy Independence – Anne Korin & Gal Luft, The American Interest

** New Report: The Great Streetcar Conspiracy – Randal O’Toole, Cato Institute **

Mobility & Transportation
The Atlanta Transportation Tax: Too Much for Too Little – Wendell Cox, New Geography
Incentives for Drivers Who Avoid Traffic Jams – New York Times
I Can’t Drive 85 – Slate
Red-light cameras: Cash cow in the fast lane – Philadelphia Inquirer
D.C. collects record $55.1 million from camera enforcement – WTOP.com
Environmental objections in path of bullet train – Los Angeles Times
Highway Congestion Linked To Adult Asthma – Greener Ideas
Century-Old Electric Car Technology Still Doesn’t Sell – Paul Chesser, National League & Policy Center
Detroit bus drivers seek bedbug relief – Detroit News
Metro riders bewildered by planned, unplanned disruptions – Washington Post
Scottsdale sticking to buses over light rail – Arizona Republic
Arlington trolley project facing serious pushback – Washington Post
Bellevue narrows options on light rail – Bellevue Reporter, Washington
D.C. tries to entice private sector to jump into streetcar project – Washington Post
Marion Barry tries to halt D.C. streetcar work – Washington Post

** Survey: What do Americans think about federal tax options to support public transit, highways, and local streets and roads? **

Housing & Land Use
Are small towns weirder than cities? – Matt Lewis, Daily Caller
Portland mixed-use condo converts to rentals, mixed use nixed – Wendell Cox, New Geography
Will servants’ quarters come back, too? – Richard Reep, New Geography
Homeownership & Suburban Sprawl – Freakonomics.com
Affordability a relative concept in Vancouver – Vancouver Sun
Six-figure income qualifies for housing aid in Tysons – Washington Times
More than 40 percent of city employees live outside Baltimore – Baltimore Sun
Hollywood population density at issue in development fight – Los Angeles Times
Blacks Miss Out as Jobs Rebound in New York City – New York Times
Big Homes Are Back in Business – Yahoo Finance
The key to successful TODs lies in taller buildings – Seattle Daily Journal
Don’t waste public money to woo Bloomingdale’s – Greater Greater Washington
City’s TIF district idea draws county critics – Columbia Daily Tribune

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Freedom & Grassroots
Religion and the City – Aaron Renn, New Geography
Smart Growth is definitely categorized as being liberal – Randy Bright, Tulsa Beacon
Cities, Cars, People: Is Changing Car Use a Function of New Urbanism? – Phil McDermott, New Geography
Does sprawl make teenagers fat and lazy? No, quite the opposite – Crikey
Environmental justice: A new movement to restrict your movement – Times247
Stockton, CA, Filing For Bankruptcy; Citizens Cry Foul – CBS Sacramento

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Un-Sustainable Smart Growth
The mayor’s sudden and unreasonable demand on TriMet for $2 million – Portland Oregonian
TriMet board kills Portland’s Free Rail Zone, raises fares, cuts bus service – Portland Oregonian
Company Lobbies for More Federal Funds While Over-billing Amtrak – The Foundry

High Speed Hype
Thoughts on HSR and buses – Tory Gattis, Houston Strategies
The death knell for high-speed rail in America? – The Economist
Environmental objections in path of bullet train – Los Angeles Times
A high-speed rail dream unrealized – Crosscut, Seattle
House votes to strip California’s high-speed rail money – SC Public Radio
Illinois commits $8.6M for Springfield rail route – Bloomberg Businessweek
Is high-speed rail really feasible for Georgia? – Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Around the World
China’s Top Growth Centers – Wendell Cox, New Geography
Housing crisis solution will ‘get people out of cars’ – The Press, New Zealand
Man spends £11,000 turning double-decker bus into home after being priced out of housing – Daily Mail
Suburban youth walk and bike more than city peers – CBC News

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Across the Tracks
Race, Gender, and the Creative Class – Richard Florida, Atlantic Cities
The Secret Conservative War on Zoning – Atlantic Cities
How the growth machine ate Florida – Counter Punch
The blue cost of our green lawns – Gainesville Sun
Tea partiers and Occupiers make strange bedfellows opposing sprawl control – SF Public Press
DDOT ponders contracting out streetcar and local bus routes – Greater Greater Washington

Around the Bend
Georgia Tech’s Automated Road Repair System Fills in Pesky Cracks – PC World
Cities Bet They Can Curb Traffic With Games of Chance – National Geographic
Driving a hydrogen car on a hot day? Drink the exhaust for refreshment – Autoblog Green

Vibrant Urbanism
Crime wave below; why subway felonies are rising – Nicole Gelinas, New York Post
Sex offender accused of attacking boy in Portland – Associated Press
Portland police shorten park hours after teen mob attacks others – Portland Oregonian
Portland Woman Hides In Suitcase To Visit Boyfriend – Your Tango

Do As We Say, Not As We Do

Blast From the Past
Greek subway dig uncovers ancient Roman road – NY Daily News
Workers assemble first Corvette in Flint, Michigan, 1953 – History.com

Notable Quotables

When you have a high density of people and you have a high density of people living in multiunit housing, their ability to spread is great, the chance of them [bedbugs] spreading is high unless … the infestations are being treated.” Erik Foster, medical entomologist on the bedbug outbreak on Detroit buses.

“We were desperate to move in together but house prices were just way too high and we did not want to waste our money renting someone else’s property.” Daniel Bond, on his decision to convert a double-decker bus into a rolling private residence.

I support the county subsidizing housing for the mentally and physically disabled and those truly in need, but the county should not be requiring subsidies for persons making up to $120,000 per year that have housing options in Fairfax County.”
Pat Herrity, Fairfax County (VA) supervisor, on the affordable housing set-asides for “low income” households.

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