July 20 – 24, 2009

The American Dream Communicator: News & commentary about urban policy in America’s cities

Mobility & Transportation
Combating the Brain-Dead Preference for Government over Private Sector – Michael Medved, Townhall
Transportation Bill Not Likely to Pass Soon – Wall Street Journal
San Francisco Light Rail Accident Results in 47 Injuries – AboutLawSuits.com
Girl, 16, reports robbery near light rail station – Baltimore Sun
Taxi Provider Receives $1.3 Million To Expand Public Transportation – Tyler Morning Telegraph
Light rail at University of Minnesota may cause problems – WCCO, Minneapolis
Seattle light rail service resumes through tunnel – Seattle Post Intelligencer
Business leaders say no to light-rail referendum – Virginia Pilot
Money woes could derail FasTracks completion – Denver Post
Why American drivers should learn to love the roundabout – Slate
Tax or ‘User Fee’? – CSP Daily News
The Biggest Obstacle to Bike Commuting – Megan McArdle, The Atlantic
County, City planners seeking updated plans for Fontaine-Sunset Connector – Charlottesville Tomorrow
Two light-rail trains crash in San Francisco, injuring 44 – L.A. Times
Light Rail Opening Day: Not Quite the Crowd Crush Some Expected – Rainier Valley Post
Highway program faced roadblocks – Topeka Capitol-Journal, Kansas
Security officer shot at San Diego light-rail platform – L.A. Times

Housing & Land Use
Elected Official Domestic Migration from San Francisco? – Wendell Cox, New Geography
The biggest U.S. metro areas in 2025 – MSNBC
U.S. housing inventory data points to stabilization – Reuters
Homes may be cheaper, but they are not more affordable – Joseph Lazzaro, Daily Finance
Small Business Owners Denounce Sotomayor’s Past Eminent Domain Decision – Epoch Times
Coney Island Property Owners Give Redevelopment Plan Mixed Reviews – Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Special tax district not a good option for North Main – The State, South Carolina
Landowners make pitch to planners on Urban Growth Boundary – Maui News
Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling fortifies eminent domain – Wisconsin Law Journal
Hold the line on development – Miami Herald
Churches need to be protected from Tulsa’s newest comprehensive plan – Tulsa Beacon
The Spectre of Eminent Domain is Haunting America – Hit & Run, Reason Online
Urban Backfill vs. Urban Infill – Richard Reep, New Geography
Fort Worth’s Trinity Uptown’s costs are rising and timeline getting longer – Ft. Worth Star-Telegram
Granny units as a way to meet affordable housing requirements – San Jose Mercury News
Metro challenges Sherwood’s plan for Brookman area – The Oregonian
Obama Weighing Homeowner Bailout Proposal – New American
Eminent domain wrong approach to solving Quincy school issue – Patriot Ledger, Massachusettes
Asbury to seek new eminent domain trials – APP.com, New Jersey
Trinity Uptown project soaks up tax money – Ft. Worth Star-Telegram
Cities team up to oppose law – Miami Herald

Freedom & Grassroots
Contrarian Randal O’Toole – Metropolis on a Hill
The Bigger the Better? – Memphis Flyer
Elmont store owners say area not ‘blighted,’ fight eminent domain – Herald Online, New York
The tiff over TIFs – The Advocate-WBRZ News, Louisiana

High Speed Pork
House Panel Approves $75.8 Billion DOT Budget – Journal of Commerce Online
Panel gives huge boost to high-speed rail projects – Associated Press
Plans outlined for high-speed Florida train – Miami Herald
High-speed train purchase first step in Madison-to-Milwaukee line – Wisconsin State Journal
Light rail boosts some businesses, hurts others – Seattle Times
High-speed rail for Ohio estimated at $1.53 billion – Columbus Dispatch
Honk if you’d pay $1,000 for high-speed rail – Miami Examiner
Kaine pushes high-speed rail for Richmond region – Richmond Times-Dispatch

Across the Trenches
Designing the Future: High Speed Rail and Federal Aid to Mass Transit – DailyKos
Environmentalists Protest Plans to Widen I-270 – Washington Post
City’s Affordable Housing/Inclusionary Zoning Plan in Jeopardy – CityWatch, Los Angeles
The 15 most sustainable U.S. cities – Grist
Smarter Cities and Flawed Rankings – World Changing
Road to the Future Interview: Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood – PBS
A fable about sprawl – Michael Lewyn, Planetizen
Americans shifting from suburbs to cities – ABC News
Next Gen Notables: Subverting Suburbia – Metropolis Magazine
Light rail shows Seattle is ‘growing up’ – Danny Westneat, Seattle Times
High-speed rail isn’t pork; it’s an organic green – San Francisco Examiner

Quote of the Year Nominees*

“There are way too many people in automobiles and there are way too many automobiles…. This administration is going to change that. Because this is the kind of change that people want.” U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood

“Light rail was meant to be fed by people taking the bus, walking or biking. It was not meant to be fed by cars.” Seattle Department of Transportation Spokesman Rick Sheridan

“It is a way to coerce people out of their cars.” Ray LaHood, on the Obama Administration’s Livability Initiative

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