February 8 – March 3, 2012

The American Dream Communicator
The most comprehensive digest of news & commentary about urban and suburban policy in America!

** Top Reads **
Insufferable Portland – Mark Hemingway, The Weekly Standard
Don’t Bet Against The (Single-Family) House – Joel Kotkin, Forbes
Electric Cars & the Freedom Thing – Edward Niedermeyer, The Truth About Cars
Fixing the House Transportation Bill – Randal O’Toole, Cato-at-Liberty

Mobility & Transportation
Depoliticizing Transportation – Randal O’Toole’s Transportation Newsletter
House Transport Bill is anti-federalist, not anti-transit – Lisa Schweitzer, Urban Ethics & Theory
How Lower Income Citizens Commute – Wendell Cox, New Geography
Debunking the ‘walkable’ Tysons Corner myth – Barbara Hollingsworth, Washington Examiner
The $3 billion transit boondoggle – Mike Collins, Hometown Annapolis
In this case, bus rapid transit would be a bad deal for taxpayers – Ed Braddy, Gainesville Sun
How the BRT system differs – Detroit Free Press
Energy Sec to Congress: We’re not interested in lowering gas prices – Hot Air
California Lawmaker Wants Rules for Robo-Cars – Autopia
Road Use by E.V. Drivers: To Tax or Not to Tax?
– New York Times
GM halts production of Chevy Volt – Detroit Free Press
The American Bus Revival – BBC News
Have bad cars gone extinct? – Slashdot
First phase of Houston’s HOT-HOV conversion completed – Traffic Technology Today
Transit plan ire rolls in – Charlotte News-Observer
Hubs of transportation: Developers bet big on transit – Boston Herald
Does Light Rail Really Alleviate Highway Congestion? – Atlantic Cities
Dulles Rail project may be in jeopardy, again – WTOP.com
Why can’t Portland repave its rutted roads? -Portland Oregonian
Portland’s Transportation Bureau to pay $250,000 for planters and lights – OregonLive.com
Portland struggles to remain a leader in public transit – Governing
Car and light rail train collide in Phoenix – AZ Central

Housing & Land Use
Housing Affordability: St. Louis’ Competitive Advantage – Wendell Cox, New Geography
Numbers show the ‘burbs are where it’s at – Jon Ferry, The Province
Why Downtowns Fail & How They Can Come Back – Richard Reep, New Geography
Local Governments Also To Blame For Housing CrisisMark Calabria, Townhall.com
Unintended Consequences of the Neo-Traditional City Planning Model – Joe Verdoorn, New Geography
San Francisco in search of affordable housing – but for whom? – San Francisco Chronicle
Everybody Inhale: How many people can Manhattan hold? – New York Times
New Urbanist developer declares huge loss, shrinks strategy – Tampa Bay Times
IKEA To Roll Out Prefab Homes For Just $80K – CBS Los Angeles
Senator who killed Florida Smart Growth law doubles down – Bradenton Herald
Florida County repeals business restraints imposed by Smart GrowthNews Leader
Raising Honolulu’s Building Height: Sustainable Density or Vertical Sprawl? – Civil Beat
County leaders question Clemson redevelopment financing – Independent Mail

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Freedom & Grassroots
If Stockton is broke, then why isn’t San Diego? – Steven Greenhut, Businessweek
Portland Area City Does Unthinkable: Adapt to Market – Sam Staley, Reason Foundation
Portland – The Mecca of Smart Growth – Ed Braddy, ADC News Blog
The only elected regional government in the U.S. – Atlantic Cities
Debate over smart growth showed there are some challenges – Langley Times
Tea partiers are prepared to throw New Jersey planners overboard – Star-Ledger
Rural Maryland legislators press for clarity on planning initiative – Washington Times
Metro backtracks on push to limit farm house size – Maple Ridge News
Why Do People Oppose Development – Megan McArdle, The Atlantic
County Turns Down $3.1M Bus ‘Livability’ Grant Deemed Too Costly – Mass Transit Mag
Navigating the waters of TIF, piracy and cash cows – Press-Citizen
Burlington citizens lauch TIF petition – Vermont Digger
San Diego tackles municipal pensions – Los Angeles Times
In Alabama, a County That Fell Off the Financial Cliff – New York Times
Virginia takes step forward in property rights battle – Southeast Farm Press
House Passes Anti-Kelo Eminent Domain Bill – NJ Today
City unwisely abuses ‘blight,’ eminent domain – Columbia Daily Tribune
Tombstone v. Unites States – Goldwater Institute

Un-Sustainable Smart Growth
City ponders purchase at The Round at Beaverton Central – Portland Tribune
Affordable housing coming to Orenco Station in $13.5 million project – Portland Oregonian
Honolulu official suspended debt guidelines for rail borrowing – Pacific Business News
Chicago-area gas tax hike proposed to fund mass transit – Chicago Tribune
Rail and buses all in one sales tax plan – Chapel Hill News

High Speed Hype
Obama’s high-speed rail plans hit traffic in Congress – Miami Herald
LaHood: High-speed rail remains a ‘major priority’ for Obama administration – Progressive Railroading
High-speed rail construction likely delayed until 2013 – Orange County Register
Landowners on HSR line learn about eminent domain – Hanford Sentinel

Around the World
The Evolving Urban Form: Moscow’s Auto-Oriented Expansion – Wendell Cox, New Geography
2011 Canada Census: Strong Growth & Suburbanization Continues – Wendell Cox, New Geography
NZ cannot afford big home dream – Nelson-Mail, New Zealand
Vancouver builder faces push-back over affordability – Globe & Mail
Housing sprawl continues despite recession – Irish Times
Italian PM says high-speed rail project on despite protests – AFP
China’s Expanding Motorways – Wendell Cox, New Geography

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Across the Tracks
How 2012 TED Prize, City 2.0, Aims to Crowdsource the Future – Atlantic Cities
The End of Ownership: Why Aren’t Young People Buying More Houses? – The Atlantic
For Women, Is Home Really So Sweet? – Kate Bolick, Wall Street Journal
Pomp & Paternalism: Suburban Design – The Economist
Should Building Taller Be Much, Much Easier – Atlantic Cities
The over-supply of single-family housing – New Urbanism Blog
Pasco Commission’s urban designation decision spoils smart growth plan – Tampa Bay Times
The answer to challenges of growth? No growth – Edmonton Journal
Noise, Traffic, and Congestion – Mother Jones
St. Louis Takes the First Step Toward Highway-cide – Streetsblog Network
Ride The Tide of light rail, Virginia Beach – Greater, Greater Washington
Light rail leads to new housing in downtown Mesa – Arizona Daily Sun
Portland-Milwaukie light rail praised as jobs creator – Portland Business Journal
It’s Time to Love the Bus – Salon
The gridlock over transportation spending – Baltimore Sun

Around the Bend
Self-Driving Cars Get First Green Light As Nevada Approves Requirements – Huffington Post
Bruegmann: Driverless cars could defy the rules of sprawl – Stowe Boyd

Vibrant Urbanism
How Cities Stress Us Out – Discovery News
Why Transit Riders Don’t Report Unwanted Sexual Behavior – Bay Citizen
Man Convicted in Light Rail Station Rape, Robbery – Denver Channel
Vigilante jams noisy cell phones on public transportation – Daily Caller
Rats or Not, Transit Chief Opposes Ban on Eating in the Subways – New York Times

How To Boost Transit Ridership (Satire)
Charlize Theron Hired To Ride Struggling Cleveland Light Rail System – The Onion

Notable Quotables

“How much of my time do I really need to take out of my life to think about unwelcome penises?” Muni transit rider, on her unwillingness to report unwanted sexual behavior including groping and public masturbation.

You just see yourself doing things that your mother would be ashamed of. Your scooter is taking too long — outta my way, lady!Cleo Stiller-Farrell, on some less-than-honorable behavior resulting from living in crowded Manhattan.

We have made it a national priority to make vehicles more fuel efficient, and reducing gas tax revenue is one effect of that.” Brian Wynne, on the trade-off for public policy that comes with the increase in electric vehicles on the road.

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