July 13 – 17, 2009

The American Dream Communicator: News & commentary about urban policy in America’s cities

Mobility & Transportation
Subsidies, Starbucks and Highways: A Primer – Wendell Cox, New Geography
Obama Administration’s Plan to Coerce People out of Their Cars – Ron Utt, Heritage Foundation
Why Colorado Should Not Build High Speed Rail – Randal O’Toole, Cato Institute
Phoenix Light Rail Ridership Tanks – Sam Staley, Reason Foundation
Liveability a concern with light rail line – Ed Zumwalt, Clackamas Review
DOT’s LaHood: Obama Administration Opposed To Raising Gas Tax – Nasdaq News
Mass transit users at risk for hearing loss – National Post (Canada)
Would-be light-rail riders bemoan lack of parking – Seattle Times
Not everyone loves light rail – MyNorthwest.com, Seattle
Civil rights complaint could derail Central Light Rail Transit project – Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder
Light rail cuts into pedi-cab business – KTAR.com, Phoenix
Extensive bus, light-rail cuts coming to VTA – San Jose Mercury News
Woman hit by light rail train at Mount Washington – Baltimore Sun
Potential witness to fatal light rail incident sought – Baltimore Sun
Rush Hour Is Likely to Remain Anything But – Wall Street Journal
To Improve the M.T.A., Its Leader Must Tame Albany – New York Times
Several injured in San Francisco light-rail crash – Associated Press

Housing & Land Use
Sotomayor’s property-rights red flag – Ilya Somin, Orange County Register
Dillon wary of applying ’eminent domain’ in renewal plans – Summit Daily News, Colorado
Camden City Council to consider eminent domain for Sears building – Philidelphia Inquirer
Boston, epicenter for the next housing bubble? – Boston Globe
Three counties study future housing needs – Mid-Hudson News, Newburgh, NY
Anti-Development Forcing Suing Over New State Law – WJHG, Florida
New Evidence on the Foreclosure Crisis – Stan Liebowitz, Wall Street Journal
Foray into TIF brings questions, critics – Colombia Daily Tribune
Group says Wisconsin TIF laws problematic – Fox 21 News, Wisconsin
Stayton fire officials oppose TIF urban renewal district – Statesman-Journal, Oregon
Newspaper seeks TIF incentive to stay in city – Portland Press Herald, Maine
The costs of making downtowns attractive – Chicago Tribune
Town of Lockport: Walmart hit with new lawsuit from Smart Growth – Union-Sun & Journal, New York

Freedom & Grassroots
“The American Dream – being free to make choices that best suit you.” – Radio talkshow host Tammy Bruce
A Son of Portland, Ore., Tries to Puncture the Myth of ‘Smart Growth’ – New York Times
Declarations of Independence – Steven Greenhut, Orange County Register
Residents against townhome rezoning – Gwinnett Daily Post

High Speed Pork
US gets 278 applications for high-speed rail – Google News
N.C. seeks $6B for high-speed rail – BizJournals
New England joins competition for high-speed rail, $8 billion – Finance & Commerce
Reps. announce $4.5 million for high-speed rail upstate – CBS 6 Albany
Oregon seeks $2.1 billion for high-speed rail – Oregon Live
Pennsylvania Identifies Potential High-Speed Rail Projects for $8 Billion in Recovery Funding – PR Newswire
Texas asks feds for high-speed rail money – $1.7B – Dallas Morning News

Across the Trenches
A New Vision for Urban and Metropolitan Policy – President Obama, The White House
Could Recession Lead to Death of Sprawl? – Ted Smalley Bowen, Architectural Record
Vancouver Requires Electric Car Inclusionary Zoning – CBA News (Canada)
Light rail vision finally becomes reality – Seattle News Tribune
A Fourth Urbanism, Part 4: More on the “Why” of Cityism – Huffington Post
Oberstar collides with Obama in Transportation Soap Box Derby – Minnesota Star Tribune
Puh-leaze: Governments Trying to Reel in ‘Ocean Sprawl’ – Ocean Leadership

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