Oct 21 – Nov 27, 2011

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** Top Reads **
Major Metropolitan Commuting Trends: 2000-2010 – Wendell Cox, New Geography
The Best Cities for Technology Jobs – Joel Kotkin, Forbes
Eminent Domain Reform Is a Bipartisan Opportunity – A. Barton Hinkle, Richmond Times-Dispatch

Mobility & Transportation
Cars emit less CO₂per passenger kilometer than buses – Association of British Drivers
Drivers rejoice as ICC toll road halves travel time – Baltimore Sun
Georgia HOT lane averaging 10,000 trips daily – Gwinnett Daily Post
The Cost of Auto Accidents – The Antiplanner
Thinking Outside the Bus – New York Times
Proposed D.C. speed limit of 15 mph provokes debate – Washington Examiner

Caltrans Accused Of Falsifying Bridge Safety Reports – CBS Los Angeles
Why American Roads Are So Bad – Gizmodo.com
Are Road Use Fees Just Too Creepy to Work? – Atlantic Cities
A hard road for the poor in need of cars – Los Angeles Times
In transit-first San Francisco, cars still rule the road – San Francisco Examiner
Public transportation can leave Tysons workers in a bind – Washington Post
Bus transit in study baffles Cobb County Commissioner – Marietta Daily Journal

Metrobuses in poorer NW neighborhoods ‘unsanitary,’ – Washington Examiner
The Runaway Bridge Budget – Willamette Weekly, Oregon
Boulder May Put Brakes On Speeding Cyclists – CBS Denver
The Pedestrian Loses the Way – New York Times

** Report: The Missing Reform: Regulatory Tax Credits – Goldwater Institute **

Not So Sustainable
Creative Transit Financing Deals May Cost San Francisco $68 Million – New York Times
Norfolk needs an investigation of Hampton Roads Transit – Virginia-Pilot
Feds grant $2.9 million to ‘Reinvent Phoenix’ near light rail – KTAR.com
Public transit to cost more in 2012 – Montreal CTV
UW students don’t have option for transit pass refund – q13Fox, Seattle
14,000 abandoned wind turbines – Daily Mail
Mass Transit: Could Raising Fares Increase Ridership? – Steve Lafleur, New Geography

Housing & Land Use
PlanMaryland: Governor tries to tell us where to live – Marta Mossburg, Baltimore Sun
PlanMaryland criticized, discussed at Commissioners’ forum – CityBiz List, Baltimore
Housing hypocrisy – Washington Post
D.C.’s tiny, expensive homes – Washington Post
D.C. has tiny homes, NYC has origami apartments – Washington Post
Montgomery flailing in job creation – Gazette.net, Maryland
St. Paul businesses: Stop rail work! – Minneapolis Star-Tribune
Animal McMansion: Students Trade Dorm for Suburban Luxury – CNBC.com
Older, Suburban and Struggling, ‘Near Poor’ Startle the Census – New York Times
The Good Old American Middle Class Neighborhood Is Disappearing – Business Insider
Rural officials criticize state’s anti-sprawl plan – Baltimore Sun
Wal-Mart plans to open six stores in the District – Washington Post
Canton proposes a twist on TIF – pjStar.com

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Freedom & Grassroots
California — toxic for business – Wendell Cox & Steven Malanga, Los Angeles Times
PlanMaryland will ruin suburban lifestyle – Eric Tong, Baltimore Sun
New city manager to hold New Urbanism at arm’s length – Mercury News
For a city in Montgomery, staying debt-free is the norm – Washington Post
Judge Rejects Harrisburg’s Bankruptcy – New York Times
Men with long commutes are happiest, study says – WTOP.com
Voters in Seven Cities Reject Photo Enforcement – theNewspaper.com, Ohio
L.A. Mayor Wants To Drop Taxes To Lure Back Car Dealers – CBS-Los Angeles
A neighborhood’s uneasy shift from black haven to Hispanic destination – Washington Post
Tree cutting along water leads to $11,500 fine – Baltimore Sun

Meeting with a regional planner – The Antiplanner

High Speed Hype
Congress kills HSR but advocates vow to keep fighting for funds – Baruch Feigenbaum, Out of Control
California’s Bullet Train in the Court of Public Opinion – Ken Orski, New Geography
California high-speed rail gets US$ 928 million boost – KHL.com
Bullet train cost estimates rise to $98.5 billion – Los Angeles Times
$150m awarded to Michigan to expand high speed rail in the Midwest – Rail.co
Hawaii Officials Merrily Celebrate Rail in D.C.
– Honolulu Civil Beat
High-speed rail in Missouri is snapshot of government delusions – Southeast Missourian
Another financial (high speed) train wreck – North County Times
Judge rejects Las Vegas Monorail bankruptcy plan – Las Vegas Review-Journal
Hefty price tag will derail high speed rail plan in southern Ontario, Quebec – Daily Commercial News

Around the World
Urbanizing India: The 2011 Census Shows Slowing Growth – Wendell Cox, New Geography
Britain ‘to become nation of renters’ – The Telegraph
Homes ‘unaffordable’ for Aucklanders – Auckland Now, New Zealand
Electricity cost to rise due to government policies – BBC News
Ottawa transit head wants drivers protected – CBC News

Around the Bend
How Vehicle Automation Will Cut Fuel Consumption – Technology Review
A gear shift for tomorrow’s drivers
– Business Spectator
Volkswagen R cars’ future is diesel, AWD; light weight trumps hybrids – Autoblog Green
By Contrast Obama’s new fuel standards to add $2,000 to car prices – Daily Caller

Across the Tracks
The Death of the Fringe Suburb – Christopher Leinberger, New York Times
Single-family home not everyone’s dream house – Lancaster Online
Controlling sprawl requires strong state plan – myCentralJersey.com
Sprawl’s spread speeds up – Sacramento Bee
To rethink sprawl, start with offices – New York Times
San Jose’s updated general plan emphasizes ‘smart growth,’ healthier communities – Mercury News
How to destroy your city in 3 easy steps – New Urbanism Blog
Does government regulation really kill jobs? Not much – Washington Post
America needs more powerful bureaucrats – Salon
Main Street making a comeback at the expense of the shopping mall – Washington Post
D.C. Planning Chief Urges New York City to Scrap Parking Minimums – Streetsblog.org
One more sign of light rail strength – Virginia-Pilot

Headlines You Don’t See Everyday
Wandering goat causes high-speed train delay – Taiwan News

When Transit Attacks!
San Fran light rail service resumes after pedestrian struck in tunnel – Mercury News
Woman hit by RTD light rail, in critical condition – 9News, Colorado
Bicyclist trapped beneath RTS bus – Gainesville Sun

Vibrant Urbanism

In McPherson Square, Occupy D.C. creates a vibrant brand of urbanism – Washington Post
Video shows man being punched at Red Line stop amid laughs and taunts – Chicago Tribune
Criminals using subway to make quick getaway – L.A. Daily News

Notable Quotables

“This is a transportation miracle. You can’t believe it until you drive it.”Lon Anderson, on the Intercounty Connector toll road that has halved commute times between Gaithersburg and Laurel, Maryland.

“People urinate on the bus every day. It’s very unsanitary.” Gerry Garnett, of the the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 689 assistant business agent on the conditions of public transportation in the D.C. area.

We believe the suspects are coming from other parts of the city using the Red Line and coming into North Hollywood, doing their crimes and getting right back on the subway and going to wherever they live.” LAPD Detective Timothy Kirkpatrick, on the increase in transit-oriented crime in North Hollywood.

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