Sept 19 – Oct 20, 2011

The American Dream Communicator
The most comprehensive digest of news & commentary about urban policy in America!

** Top Reads **
Why Herman Cain (and Almost Everyone Else) Missed the Housing Bubble – Ed Braddy, American Thinker
The Density Fallacy – The Antiplanner
Smart Growth (Livability), Air Pollution and Public Health – Wendell Cox, New Geography
Rubber-Tire Contempt: TriMet’s $1.5 Billion Plan to Deliver Inferior Transit Service – John Charles, Cascade Policy Institute

Mobility & Transportation
Traffic congestion: bigger & badder than ever – Sam Staley, Out of Control Policy Blog
Gargantuan large’ investment in infrastructure needed, experts say – Washington Post
The president’s road to nowhere – Gabriel Roth, Daily Caller
The Bus to Nowhere – Brian Buldoc, National Review
Analysis puts light rail, bus times side by side – The Columbian
Maryland transit spending: No bang for the buck – Wendell Cox, Baltimore Sun
Don’t forget the combustion engine – Washington Post
Navigating Baltimore by public transit and on foot – Baltimore Sun
Idle in Manhattan – City Journal
Census: Yes, your commute is awful – Washington Post
Oklahoma City mayor sees cost stalling transit changes – News OK
Another Anemic-Yet-Successful Rail Story – Ed Braddy, ADC News Blog
Honolulu Heavy Rail Is an Energy Black Hole – Fix Oahu
Bike Lane Backlash, Even in Portland – Atlantic Cities
Carmakers Unveil New Types of Hybrids – Technology Review
New 75 mph limit puts Maine in the fast lane – CBS News
On ‘World Car-Free Day,’ Let’s Be Guilt-Free for a Change – Competitive Enterprise Institute

** Report: Climate Change, Density & Development: Better Understanding the Effects of Our ChoicesNAHB **

Florida Repeals Smart Growth Law – Wendell Cox, New Geography
With DCA gone, residents are now vital watchdogs for growth – Eve Samples, Treasure Coast Palm

Housing & Land Use
Suburban “End-Times” Reality Check – Wendell Cox, New Geography
The Demise of the Luxury City – Joel Kotkin, Forbes
Are TODs Really PODs? – Sam Staley, Planetizen
What Boomers Are Choosing – Joe Verdoorn, New Geography
2011 Best Cities for Families – MSN
Top Ten Angriest Cities – Daily Beast
How A Policy Change In The 1990s Moved Millions Of Poor Into America’s Suburbs – Business Insider
U.S. Can Rent Its Way Toward a Housing Recovery – Bloomberg
Rising rents, stagnants rights have renters crying foul – Maryland Gazette
Lennar unveils its ”NextGen” home design in Gilbert – AZ Central
San Jose’s Santana Row: The Future of Shopping? – PJ Lifestyle
Debunking the Cul-de-Sac – Atlantic Cities

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Freedom & Grassroots
The Future Is Machine-Readable – Slate
Gallup: Americans feel very positive about local government –
City Fines Family for Reading Bible without Permit
– Tim Cavanaugh, Reason Hit & Run
Virginia Homeowner’s Treehouse Found To Be in Violation of County’s Zoning Laws – MyFox DC
Scottsdale man could face jail time over tree that violates city code – ABC-15, Arizona
The gas tax blues – Bearing Drift

Not So Sustainable
The Broken Planet Fallacy – Jacob Sullum, Reason Foundation
Metro line to Dulles could run $150 million over budget – Washington Post

High Speed Hype
For High-Speed Rail It Looks Like the End of the Line – Ken Orski, New Geography
Private Investors Shun Brazil High Speed Rail Bid – Wendell Cox, New Geography

Around the World
Dense Urban Thinking Down Under – Joel Kotkin, Forbes
Americans have some of the quickest commutes in the developed world – Washington Post
Behind the Wheel in India, Moving Up – New York Times
Why Japanese Suddenly Hate Cars – Truth About Cars
Paris launches ‘bubble car’ sharing program – Los Angeles Times
France’s Islamic suburbs are becoming ‘separate communities in a divided nation’ – Mail Online
UK moves to reform planning disaster – New Geography
Auckland embraces unaffordable housing – Macro Business
How Cities Grow: Dispersion, not Densification – New Geography

Across the Tracks
A Complete Guide To The Ponzi Scheme That Is Suburban America – Business Insider
Maryland Governor’s Smart Growth power grab – Baltimore Sun
Apple Builds a Suburban Lemon – New Urban Network
Debunking the Cul-de-Sac – Atlantic Cities
Report: Public transportation reduces delays – American City & County
Top federal urban programs face ax – New Urban Network

Headlines You Don’t See Everyday
Two charged with stealing Lawrence County bridge – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Meet the Urban Chicken Consultant – Atlantic Cities

Vibrant Urbanism
3 killed, 17 injured in overnight shootings – Chicago Tribune
Philadelphia Mayor Sends Curfew Plan To City Council – CBS Philly

Notable Quotables

“I’ve seen dozens, perhaps hundreds of studies, and I’ve never seen one where the travel time goes up, let alone more than doubles. Transit expert Tom Rubin, on the planners’ preference for a light rail option for the Columbia River Crossing that yields longer commute times than the less expensive alternatives.

“It’s rare to find a community that will tax itself for public transit before they have gridlock on their streets. As long as our traffic is free flowing and gas isn’t more expensive, I don’t think the paradigm is going to change much.” Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett, revealing that the key to making transit attractive is to make driving conditions worse.

“It’s terribly unstable [for renters] in the worst kind of way. It makes it hard to know where you’ll be living from one year to the next. Matt Losak, director of the Montgomery County Renters Alliance, on seeking rent control.

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