August 24 – September 18, 2011

The American Dream Communicator
The most comprehensive digest of news & commentary about urban policy in America!

** In Memoriam – Christopher Walkera great friend of the ADC **

** Top Reads **
How Smart Growth and Livability Intensify Air Pollution – Wendell Cox, Heritage Foundation
Waging a Green Jihad on Suburban Homes – Ross Elliott, New Geography
The War on Automobiles – Chuck Thies, Huffington Post

Mobility & Transportation

Government Diverts Highway Trust Funds From Highways – Investor’s Business Daily
Congress creates a transportation time bomb – Baltimore Sun
Survey: Americans top concerns are road conditions & congestion – Traffic Technology Today
Study shows that vehicle-to-vehicle navigation systems really do work – PhysOrg
Ten Best Transit Cities? Not! – The Antiplanner
Battered Vermont Looks First to Its Roads – New York Times
Montgomery planners promote ‘complete streets’ – Maryland Gazette
The shocking truth about electric cars – Globe & Mail
Mileage fees: Great promise, steep hurdles – Twin Cities Daily Planet
20 Miles of Sharrows Part of Los Angeles’s Infrastructure Vision – L.A. Streetsblog
Another California City Joins Red Light Camera Revolt – Truth About Cars

Housing & Land Use
Suburbanized Core Cities – Wendell Cox, New Geography
The Ambiguous Triumph of the “Urban Age” – Robert Bruegmann, New Geography
Austin’s Not That Weird – Jason Thurlkill, New Geography
The Two-Tier Housing Market – Megan McArdle, The Atlantic
The New Fannie And Freddie: Flim And Flam – Jagadeesh Gokhale, Forbes
How Las Vegas gambled and lost – Macrobusiness
Harvard study finds housing affordability a growing issue – Pittsburgh Courier
How To Save The Housing Market: Destroy Houses – Time Magazine
Growth Management Chief Defends Changes as Former Governor Assails Them – Palm Beach Post
2005 Kelo decision a failure; Connecticut site remains a dump – Washington Times

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Freedom & Grassroots
Find reform at city hall, not in Sacramento – Steven Greenhut,
Americans Should Be Able to Sell Stuff Without a Permit – The Atlantic
The Inexplicable War on Lemonade Stands – Forbes
The Great Political Migration – Michael Medved, Daily Beast
City listens to residents, removes traffic-calming from parkway – Brooklyn Daily

Not So Sustainable
Milwaukee County Transit System running on fumes – Journal-Sentinel
Citibus is a needed public service, but tax hike wrong way to fund it – Lubbock Online

High Speed Hype
The great train robbery – The Economist
High-speed trains are no quick route to prosperity – Edmonton Journal
Rail authority ordered to involve minority-owned businesses – California Watch
Fast Track to Nowhere – Washington Post

Around the World
British PM ‘relishes’ planning war with National Trust over urban sprawl – Daily Mail UK
Great debate on Britain’s housing crisis – London Guardian
Seeking Space, Well-to-Do Londoners Dig Deep – New York Times
Brash To Lift Lid On Housing Affordability Crisis – Scoop, New Zealand
Calgary most affordable for housing in Canada – Calgary Herald
Now Beijing plans congestion fees to ease traffic – Reuters

Across the Tracks
One Path to Better Jobs: More Density in Cities – Ryan Avent, New York Times
Follow-up: Understanding Part of the Equation – Wendell Cox, New Geography
Reduced or Not, the Mortgage Interest Deduction Can – Galina Tachieva’s Posterous
Florida’s new growth law gives developers more power –
How fear of Agenda 21 infiltrated mainstream Florida politics – Florida Independent
Spurring Jobs through Infrastructure? – The Transport Politic
In bicycle friendly D.C., going car-free is increasingly common – Washington Post
Too much driving is bad for your health – Richmond Times-Dispatch

Questions No One Is Asking
Could the streetcar be the GTO of public transportation? –
Do you know how to drive on a ‘bicycle boulevard’? – Althouse Blog

Vibrant Urbanism
Woman bit by rat in rare attack while waiting for train at MTA station – New York Daily News
Will Scary Behavior Keep Riders Away from LA’s Multi-Million Dollar Light Rail Lines? – City Watch
Orange County Public Transit Gets Counter Terrorism Team –

Notable Quotables

“All they were doing was taking away lanes, blocking traffic — and they don’t care. If they got you walking, they were happy.” Allen Bortnick, on the indifference of Borough Park officials and eventual removal of traffic-calming devices.

“In London, a densely populated city, you need to find a way to go. And so down you go. John Lees, on digging down in an effort to create living space in a place that doesn’t have much.

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