July 1 – 31, 2011

The American Dream Communicator
The most comprehensive digest of news & commentary on urban policy in America!

Top Reads
The Next Boom Towns in the U.S. – Joel Kotkin, New Geography
America 2050: Forget the Forgotten Mode – Randal O’Toole, Cato@Liberty
The Cost of Smart Growth: A 40-Year Perspective – Wendell Cox, New Geography

** Census Findings:
The Evolving Urban Form: Seattle & Chicago – Wendell Cox, New Geography **

Mobility & Transportation
The Bicycle Overlords – Ed Braddy, American Thinker
Major Texas City Metro Areas Are Confirming Failures in Rail Transit – Jim Skaggs, C.O.S.T.

TriMet’s New Transit Bridge to the Last Century – John Charles, Cascade Business News
Los Angeles Metro Bus System Compares Favorably With its Peer Group – Tom Rubin, New Geography
Carmakers Back Strict New Rules for Gas Mileage – New York Times
Rail-wary Florida Governor threw caution to the wind in supporting SunRail – D.C. Streetsblog
It’s official: Downtown Bellevue will get a light rail tunnel – Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Boston’s Big Dig: The Deadly Engineering Gift That Keeps On Giving – Gizmodo.com
Fire departments and new urbanism’s village design at odds – USA Today
LaHood can’t fill Dulles Rail’s ‘bottomless pit’ – Washington Examiner
A good idea (streetcars) at the wrong time (austerity) – Washington Post
Broward bus ridership drops despite higher gas prices – Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel
Metro urged to buy fewer new rail cars for Dulles line
– Washington Post
The Driver License: Is It Necessary? – National Motorists Association
Man, 65, hit, injured by light rail train in Portland – The Republic

Housing & Land Use
California Wages War On Single-Family Homes – Joel Kotkin, Forbes
Local Land-Use Regulation Adds 16 Percent to Cost of New Home – Sam Staley, Out of Control Policy Blog
House committee votes to eliminate EPA Smart Growth funding – New Urban Network
Chart: The Housing Market Is Worse Than You Think – The Atlantic
In bad times, big-ticket amenities in Dallas are booming – Dallas Morning News
Revitalization in Northern Virginia could crowd out affordable house – Washington Post
Problems with our New Urbanism – Austin Statesman
Neighbor vs. neighbor as homeowner fights get ugly – Associated Press, Florida
Charrettes change communities with a steamroller – The Advertiser, Louisiana
Rethinking urban planning – Macro Business

Freedom & Grassroot
Classic Hollywood on Wheels: I Drive Therefore I am … Free – Robert J. Avrech, Big Hollywood
Why America’s Young And Restless Will Abandon Cities For Suburbs – Joel Kotkin, Forbes
Carroll officials take stand on growth, transit, immigration – Baltimore Sun
Houston Mayor Defies Voters, Restarts Red Light Cameras – TheNewspaper.com
Palo Alto council to decide fate of controversial traffic-calming project – Silicon Valley Mercury News
The Compensation Monster Devouring Cities – Steve Malanga, City Journal

Not So Sustainable
Phoenix transit misreported administrative costs to the federal government – AZ Central
Facing shortfall, NY Metro Transit finds its inner Suze Orman – New York Times
In Los Angeles, Cuts Will Make Long Bus Commute Longer – New York Times
Saving money on mass transit funding has become very expensive – Baltimore Sun
Tax revenue plunges as British drivers cut back on petrol at the pumps – London Guardian

High Speed Hype
Chinese bullet train derails, killing 35 and injuring 200 – China Daily
The politics of China’s high-speed train wreck – Washington Post
China Imposes Blackout on Train Wreck Coverage – New York Times
CSX CEO fighting high-speed rail – Tampa Bay Online

Around the World
Is the Great Australian Dream To Own A Home Still Possible? – International Business Times
Bollard impales two more cars in two days – Burton News, UK
Doorstep lectures on travelling without your car coming to you! – Daily Mail, UK

Questions No One is Asking
Would you trade your car for a lifetime pass on public transit? – Gas 2.0

Across the Tracks
A beginning agenda for making smart growth legal – Kaid Benfield, NRDC Switchboard
A Home Is a Lousy Investment – Robert Bridges, Wall Street Journal
How the Great Reset Has Already Changed America – Richard Florida, The Atlantic
Vancouver can teach us a lot – Fast Forward Weekly
Low-income housing concerns raised as Vancouver passes 10-year strategy – Straight.com
New urbanism drives real estate recovery – NOLA.com
Full speed ahead for light rail, streetcars – San Antonio Express
The Dutch Way: Bicycles and Fresh Bread – New York Times
Hail rail: Cities ride trains to rebound – NJBiz.com
If Dallas Can Do It, Why Can’t Detroit? – Metro Mode

The Lighter Side
Al-Qaeda: U.S. transportation infrastructure must drastically improve before any terrorist attacks – The Onion

Notable Quotables

The hardest part is when we have to transfer — you stand there waiting, and it can feel like forever.  Will I arrive at 8:30 or 9:30 in the morning? I never really know now, but changing will make it worse.” Transit-dependent rider Silvia Canjura, on the impact of cuts to L.A.’s transit service.

What prevents you from cycling?” One of the questions asked by ‘sustainable travel’ minders advisers as they go door-to-door in the UK.

“This decision has completed the governor’s transformation from businessman to political insider.State Senator Paula Dockery, on Florida Governor Rick Scott’s decision to support commuter rail after previously cancelling a wasteful high speed rail project.

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