March 16 – April 8, 2011

The American Dream Communicator
The most comprehensive digest of news & commentary about urban policy in America!

Top Reads
Cities and the Census – Joel Kotkin & Wendell Cox, City Journal
President Busts the Budget for Pie-in-the-Sky Amtrak and “Livability” Proposals – Ronald Utt, Heritage Foundation
Why Rail? – Austin Chronicle

** Book Review:
Edward Glaeser’s Triumph of the City – The Antiplanner **

Mobility & Transportation
Do Roads Pay for Themselves? – Bob Poole, Bacon’s Rebellion
D.C. Council Takes Aim at Taxi Entrepreneurs – Sam Staley, Out of Control Policy Blog
CBO Sees Benefits in Taxing Motorists Based on Miles Driven – CNS News
Puncturing the myth of more roads mean more congestion – Washington Examiner
Communities work to unclog congested roads – USA Today
U.S. Traffic Fatalities Decline Despite a Rise in Congestion – City Fix
How Smartphones Can Improve Public Transit – Autopia
Public transit expects more riders as gas prices soar – Washington Examiner
Austin’s unusual plan to make trains and car share travel lanes
– Austin Statesman
Light-Rail Lesson: Portland’s MAX system leads to increased crime
– Vancouver Columbian
Losers in the new transit plan? Finch bus riders – Toronto Star
Ridership slumps in Denver for bus and light-rail – Daily Camera
L.A. Metro cuts bus service to sustain rail transit – Los Angeles Times
What Washington Metro really needs is some competition – Washington Examiner
Metro pays consultant to make ‘business case’ for agency
– Washington Examiner
Access to new Metro stations still a big question
– Washington Post
3 hurt in crash with light rail train
– ABC-15, Phoenix

Housing & Land Use

What kind of Cities do we Want, Sustainable, Liveable or Resilient?
– Owen McShane, New Geography
Census 2010 offers portrait of America in transition
– Aaron Renn, New Geography
The Best Cities for Minority Entrepreneurs – Joel Kotkin,
Democrats, enviros pushing blacks out of their neighborhoods – Thomas Sowell, Washington Examiner
Without influxes of Hispanics & Asians, some U.S. cities would be smaller – Washington Post
The accelerating suburbanization of New York – Wendell Cox, New Geography
Bonus: Final Census Results: Core Cities Do Worse in the 2000’s than the 1990’s
Growth management laws face “streamlining” by Tallahassee lawmakers – Miami Herald
Maryland transplants seen as helping drive growth of York County, Pennsylvania – Baltimore Sun
Montgomery officials want to move forward on Smart Growth –, Maryland
2010 census: Downtown sees exodus as city’s population shifts to the south side – Santa Fe New Mexican
Evansville refutes land grab claim –, Illinois
Suburban growth in Twin Cities loses steam, could be gone for good – Pioneer Press
Keller forced to subsidize Town Center tax zone
– Ft. Worth Star-Telegram
Wal-Mart planned for Tysons Corner
– Washington Post

Freedom & Grassroot
Virginia Governor’s RINO moment on Dulles Rail – Christopher Walker, Washington Examiner
Budget battle a bad movie we’ve seen before – Steve Greenhut, Orange County Register
In St. Louis, a protest sign meets government arrogance – Washington Post
Where to grow, what to protect? Battle lines drawn in Washington County – OPB News, Oregon
Growth management do-over passes
– Tampa Tribune
Let’s hope city planners don’t miss the bus – Calgary Sun
Four Big Answers on the Mayor’s Pension Plan – Voice of San Diego

Not So Sustainable
L.A. Metro cuts bus service to sustain rail transit – Los Angeles Times
Rail backers say cities need to push for funds – Kold-13 News, Arizona
Cuts to public transportation called ‘draconian’ – Minuteman News Center, Connecticut
Bills to gut public transit would mean job losses, sky-high fares – Workday Minnesota

High Speed Hype
End of the Line: Ambitious HSR program hits the buffer of fiscal reality – Ken Orski, New Geography
California high-speed rail: The next stop is bankruptcy – Adam Summers, San Diego Union-Tribune
CSX CEO Ward rejects high-speed rail – Jacksonville Business Journal
N.C. House debates economic impact of federal rail grants –
Amtrak applies for $1.3 billion in funds Fla. rejected – Daily Record
State wants high-speed rail money Florida rejected – San Francisco Chronicle
Missouri seeks $1 billion in high-speed rail money Florida passed up – Daily Reporter
Virginia NOT applying for federal funds for high-speed rail
– WSLS-10
Northeast must not let inertia doom hopes of high-speed rail – Boston Globe
High speed rail? Britain’s first link hasn’t worked as planned say critics – London Daily Telegraph
China’s Long, Bumpy Road to High-Speed Rail – The Atlantic

Point-Counter Point
Greenlight high-speed rail in dense corridors – USA Today
Fast train to nowhere – Robert Poole, USA Today

Around the World
United States: Less Congestion than Europe – Wendell Cox, New Geography
EU to ban cars from cities by 2050– London Telegraph
A survey about speed humps asks if I’m straight, gay or bisexual – Daily Mail, London

Wind storm wipes out Stockholm train service – The Local, Sweden
Affordable includes $540k homes – Sunshine Coast Daily, Australia

Across the Tracks

Mr. Smart Growth – Parris Glendening – The Hill
City Council must keep plans moving for light rail – Detroit Free Press
L.A. Stadium Battle, a New Front in Auto-Driven Sprawl and Transit Oriented Density – L.A. Streetsblog
All Transportation is Public – San Jose Online
Lowlights from the Transportation Hearing: A Tea Partier Tries to De-Fund Transit – D.C. Streetsblog
Municipalities urged to encourage denser, mixed-use neighborhoods –
NAR Study Finds Americans Prefer Smart-Growth Communities – RIS Media
As big-box grocers move downtown, is this the end of the suburban dream? – Mother Nature Network
New ‘Tactical Urbanism’ guide for aspiring guerrilla urbanists –

Sympathy for the Devil
Rolling Stones Keyboardist Pushes Smart Growth Policies – U.S. News

Notable Quotables

“Building a subway on Sheppard for people who aren’t there instead of delivering service for people who are loyal transit users isn’t fair.Jamie Kirkpatrick, on Toronto’s plan to shift resources from an existing bus service in a low-income district to build a suburban-to-downtown light rail line.

I’m a corporation. I exist to make money, OK? You can’t make money hauling passengers, so why would I want to do that? That wouldn’t be fair to my shareholders.” CSX CEO Michael Ward, President & Chairman of the nation’s third largest railroad, on his decision to not to join President Obama’s push for high speed rail.

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