2010 Conference PPTs

Here are PowerPoint shows and related documents from speakers at the 2010 Preserving the American Dream conference.

Alan Pisarski on “Pressing Issues for Mobility” (1.3 MB)

Steve Polzin on “The Future of Transportation, Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie, and Livability” (4.1 MB)

Clyde Hart on “The Private Motorcoach and Bus Industry” (13.8 MB)

Cheryl Thole on “Innovations in Bus Rapid Transit” (39 MB)

Randal O’Toole on “Privatizing Transit” (3.6 MB)

Michael Ennis on “Moving the Most People for the Least Cost” (0.3 MB)

Gabriel Roth on “Liberating Road Users” (0.5 MB)

Wendell Cox on “So-Called Livability” (15 MB)

Rick Harrison on “Making the American Dream ‘Dreamier’” (9.8 MB)

Pat Michael on “Cap and Trade, Climate, and Your House” (2.9 MB)

Tom Rubin on “Are the Full Costs of Roads Paid For by Road Users?” (0.3 MB) — text file (2 MB) — spreadsheet (0.6 MB)

Carol Saviak on “A Florida Property Rights Report” (0.5 MB)

Kerry Baldwin on “Grassroots Action” (25 MB Flash file)

Ed Braddy on “Bursting the Smart-Growth Bubble” (3.6 MB)

Sharon Calvert on “Fighting Light Rail in Tampa” (4 MB)

Benita Dodd on “Useful Tools for the Limited Government Activist” (1 MB)

Sam Staley on “Opportunity Urbanism: Zoning & Planning for the 21st Century City” (11.6 MB)

Chris Walker on “Fighting Dulles Corridor Rail” (0.1 MB)


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