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Mobility & Transportation
Menace to Mobility – Gabriel Roth, The American
Despite Transit’s 2008 Peak, Longer Term Market Trend is Down – Wendell Cox, New Geography
Seattle’s light rail will carry half of what Sound Transit told voters – Michael Ennis, Washington Policy Blog
Cato Institute Proposes 94% Budget Cut for Department of Transportation – CNS News
Transportation leaders encourage telecommuting – Daily Press, Virginia
Zipcar comes to downtown Baltimore – Baltimore Sun
Yearlong Effort Will Add Vans to Transit Options – New York Times
Montgomery shuts down car-sharing program – Washington Examiner
‘In-N-Out’ hometown bans new drive-through restaurants – USA Today
Urban Mass Transit Out of Suburban Sprawl – The Freeman
If You Unbuild It, They Won’t Come – Culture New York
Homes and businesses demolished to make way for Light Rail – WTKR.com,
MARC train meltdown proves hellish for stranded passengers – Washington Post
DART’s decision to halt Dallas-Fort Worth light rail blasted – WFAA-TV, Texas
A look at how businesses along the light rail are doing – AZ Family, Arizona
Residents: Light rail still not so light on noise – KOMO News, Washington
No Regulation Change for Transit Systems One Year After Fatal Metro Crash – National InfoZine
Long-range plan looks at shifting commerce to rail – NV Daily, Virginia
$200,000 in claims over 2009 Muni light rail crash – ABC-7, San Francisco
New Jersey roads are getting worse – WCBS-880, New Jersey
Lights out for red light cameras? – Tampa Bay Online
Terrafugia Transition ‘flying car’ gets go-ahead from US air authorities – Daily Telegraph

** New Report: A Line in the Land: Urban growth boundaries, Smart Growth, and Housing Affordability – Samuel Staley, Jefferson Edgens & Gerard Mildner, Reason Foundation

Housing & Land Use
In defense of the suburbs – Andrew Potter, New York Post
Urban Real Estate Gets a Boost Over ‘Burbs With New Obama Program – Housing Watch
Growth restrictions: green or mean? Joel Kotkin isn’t quite so sure – LisaSchweitzer.com
A Walker’s Guide to Home Buying – Wall Street Journal
DOT, HUD kick off “livable community” funding effort – Fleet Owner
Smart Growth Law Is Coming to New York. Now What Happens? – NYC Streetsblog
Tysons Corner Plan OK’d by Fairfax Board – News-Press, Virginia
With redevelopment plan, officials hope to give Tysons Corner a new identity – Washington Post
Harrisburg, Pa., other cities overwhelmed by economic downturn and debt – Washington Post
Study calls for restricting development in Indy area – Indianapolis Business Journal (tag LTE)
Canada’s conservative approach to mortgage finance could provide model for U.S. – Washington Post
Disney World’s New Thrill Ride: Selling Luxury Vacation Homes
– Wall Street Journal
Audit of city’s TIF program should have been done a long time ago – Kansas City Star
Tax Incentives Are a Game We Can’t Win – Show-Me Daily, Missouri
VFW loses eminent domain battle – Wisconsin Law Journal
Metropolitan Council to use eminent domain for light rail facility –  Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal
Threats of Eminent Doman Should Not Be a Bargaining Tool – Russ Harding, Mackinac Center for Public Policy

** Chart: U.S. Home Sales Poised to Plunge This Summer – Bloomberg.com

Freedom & Grassroots
Planning Student Proves Consultants Are a Waste of Money – Randal O’Toole, The Antiplanner
Green jobs hit government red tape – Steven Greenhut, North County Times
TOD’s as an excuse for Honolulu Rail does not hold water – Panos Prevedouros, Hawaii Reporter
Enough With Jane Jacobs Already – Andrew Manshel, Wall Street Journal
Bike paths in DC are more of a nuisance than a benefit – Michael Johnson, Washington Examiner
Richmond’s rail dilemma – Peter Galuszka, Washington Post
Opposition turns out for meeting on Tampa light rail plan – St. Petersburg Times
Vancouver Officials OK Petition Drive Against Light-Rail – OPB News
Kelo’s fifth anniversary: a triumph of property-rights activism – Hot Air
Maywood to hire others to run the city – L.A. Times
The Urbanist’s Guide to Kevin Rudd’s Downfall – John Muscat, New Geography

Not So Sustainable
Your Prius Is Killing Public Transportation – True/Slant
More Reductions Proposed in Subway and Bus Service – New York Times
Fairfax to challenge McDonnell on Metro funding – Washington Examiner
Declining revenues slow West Valley light-rail lines – Arizona Republic
Sacramento Regional Transit service cuts begin – Sacramento Bee, California

High Speed Rail
High-Speed Rail Would Save Oil, Create Jobs, Study Claims – Government Technology
We Can’t Afford This Affair With High-Speed Rail – Nancy Smith, Sunshine State News
Doubt over ‘noiseless’ high-speed rail under Primrose Hill – Camden New Journal
Why CSX doesn’t want high-speed passenger trains on its tracks – Albany Times Union
Low Expectations for High-Speed Rail at NYU Conference – Streetsblog NYC
U.S. High-Speed Rail Plan Faces Tension Over Tracks – Bloomberg Businessweek
Planners bring high-speed rail pitch to Tualatin – Portland Oregonian
Court tosses out Peninsula lawsuit against Caltrain, high-speed rail – Oakland Tribune
Taiwanese HSR firm promises to handle ‘fat cat’ issue – China Post

Growth Management Globally
China’s housing boom spells trouble for boyfriends – L.A. Times
NZ housing ‘still way overpriced’ says English – New Zealand Herald
Homeowners ‘living on rice’ to pay mortgage – ABC News, Australia

Across the Tracks
Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is charging ahead in his political career – Washington Post
Housing expert predicts: ‘The suburban century is over’ – MinnPost.com
Urban Sprawl Could Make Cities Hotter – Bloomberg Businessweek
Cut suburban sprawl, save energy, study urges – San Francisco Chronicle
Out With Old Suburbia and in With ‘New Urbanism’ – Utah People’s Post
Sprawl-Style Development Has Hurt Cities, Too – Hartford Courant, Connecticut
Evaluating the Economic Impact of TODs in California – The City Fix
Smart growth packs in the savings, study finds – San Francisco Chronicle
Urban planning takes more than vision casting – Columbian Missourian
The Effect of Place on Energy Use and Climate Change – The Dirt
Charlotte does light rail right – Grist.com
Can Houston move beyond its car-first ways? – Culture Map
The United States of Transportation Inequity – Huffington Post
Are Electric Vehicles Leaving Mass Transit in the Shadows? – Solve Climate

Vibrant Urbanism
Subway Grime on Rise – Wall Street Journal
Oh, the people you’ll meet on the bus – Baltic Reports
Student photographer captures lives of Light Rail passengers – State Press, Arizona
Passengers stranded for hour on light rail train – KOMO News, Seattle

Memory Lane
June 29, 1956: Ike Signs Interstate Highway Act – This Day In Tech

Notable Quotables

“What if cities outlawed private cars for leisure purposes? What if money otherwise spent on plug-in infrastructure went toward feasibility studies for car-free downtown centers? Anyone who thinks that level of change is beyond us should remember that we once ripped up public transportation infrastructure and built highways through our downtowns. It is no more outlandish to think that we could reverse those changes today.” Next American City Editor Diana Lind, advocating for government regulations to restrict or ban personal mobility.

“With Zipcar and car-sharing, we are able to address two key priorities at once.  We offer our citizens a new way to save money without sacrificing mobility.” Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, on the expansion of Zipcar service.

“I will admit, people have changed their driving habits since these cameras have been implemented, but I feel like now it’s more about generating revenue and that we’ve already become reliant on them.” Brooksville Vice Mayor Richard Lewis, on the city’s decision to remove red light cameras.

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