Friday, September 01, 2006

Reason Foundation Introduces Mobility Project 

In twenty-five years, says the Reason Foundation, commuters in Denver, Portland, Seattle, and eight other urban areas will face congestion worse than is found in Los Angeles, the nation's most congested region, today. To prevent this, the Foundation's Mobility Project estimates that 104,000 new lane-miles of roads will be needed.

The full report details just where new roads will be needed, how much they will cost, and how they can be financed. A state-by-state analysis is included in an appendix.

The Mobility Project was covered in a USA Today story. Several contributors to the project will be speaking at the Preserving the American Dream conference in Atlanta on September 16.

>>>> To relieve this severe congestion the nation's freeways will need 104,000 additional lane-miles of capacity (about 6 percent of current lane-miles) at a cost of $533 billion over 25 years.<<<<

We need to spend 533 billion dollars in 25 years?? Are they out of their minds??

In case they did not notice, we just passed a highway bill that was a fraction of that amount and the pork put on top of that bill was incredible. We are NOT going to spend 533 billion because there is NO money and the government is running record deficits with the war!

Your money for new roads went to Iraq so you better get used to longer commutes. Those of us using lightrail and commuter rail lines will NOT have to worry at all because our lanes are traffic free now and forever.
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