Sunday, September 10, 2006

Clearing the Air in Atlanta 

Some timely reading for those of us going to the PAD Conference in Atlanta next weekend. Courtesy of Robert Poole of the Reason Foundation, through his Surface Transportation Innovations newsletter (issue 33, August 2006), a link to this 2003 study of transportation and land use in the Atlanta region. The author, Alain Bertaud, concludes that the region’s strategy for addressing congestion and pollution problems through the typical smart-growth strategies of increasing densities and the supply of transit cannot succeed. Even if draconian land use measures were successfully implemented, “it is a geometrical impossibility for Atlanta to increase its density to reach the threshold level which would allow an effective operation of transit.” He concludes that, “Only after we abandon the illusion that new transit and innovative land use planning will decrease pollution and congestion, is it possible to look at more realistic solutions. We should look for solutions in areas that have a proven track record: technology and traditional economics, i.e. pricing.” While Atlanta may be at the low end of the density scale, these conclusions would also apply to most other U.S. cities.

He offers no real solutions at all. LOL.

The article was more about how transit won't decrease polution which is folly. Atlanta is in a mess because they planned the city around the automobole and they are stuck with polution with no solution in sight.

The author wants to errect tolls to keep the poor and lower middle class off the roads. Insanity. How are these folks going to get around in Atlanta? By bus? ooops.. I forgot, the author doesn't want to increase buses either.

None of his solutions are going to pass so the motorist in Atlanta will have to sit in polluted highways. Pretty simple
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